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  1. What safety film do most people use when retaining the rear glass in their race car? Rule 9.1.2 says "Rear glass may remain in the car provided it is covered by a clear safety window film (not tape, not tint). Example: 3M Scotchshield." I'm building a 2002 (NB) Miata race car using an OEM hard top, which has concave rear glass, which we want to keep. Has anybody successfully put safety/security film on their rear glass? I'm getting a quote of $500(!) from a local tint business to put film on that one piece of glass, and most security film I've been able to find online seems to be for flat windows (building windows) only. Also, I don't know if security film can be heat formed onto glass like a vinyl wrap. If not, a DIY installation could turn out horribly. Any advice or insights would be appreciated. -Marc
  2. Thanks again for the replies. At least we're not the only ones! Also, it had occurred to me that having to lower the seat could easily require the harness bar to be moved too. We'll just have to see, and I am also concerned about how difficult it would be to put in a drop floor with the cage already welded in. Since this issue could keep us from passing tech, I submitted a Tech Desk ticket asking how the measurement works. So I guess we'll see what happens. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks, and I appreciate the suggestions about lowering the seat. But can anybody answer my first question, which is how exactly the clearance is measured to determine if you meet the ChampCar rules (especially when the center and side bars are higher than the main hoop)? Thanks again.
  4. Hi all, I'm building a ChampCar legal race car with a Miata (NB chassis), and Rule 3.2.14 requires that "when the driver is securely belted in-place, the top of the driver’s helmet does not extend above the centerline of the main hoop." Our cage was built by a very experienced cage builder who's done lots of spec miata cages, and the main hoop is very close to the inside of the hardtop, but our helmets are very close to the main hoop centerline even though we are both under 6 feet and we both have lots of room between our helmets and the hard top. In addition, the bars above both windows are bent/arched (see photos, although the driver is not belted in and therefore a little higher than when secured), and there is a center bar between the main hoop and the center of the windshield that is also bent/arched to conform to the hard top, so that our helmets don't extend past the planes formed by the bars of the cage. Even though I'm very comfortable with the safety of the cage, I don't want show up for a race and not be able to pass tech inspection. So my questions are: (1) exactly how is the measurement done? Is it a "broomstick test" measurement from the main hoop to the halo hoop above the windshield, or is it a horizontal plane extending forward from the centerline of the main hoop, even if the halo hoop, and center bar are all significantly higher? (2) The same rule also says "Any driver found in violation of this rule will be black-flagged and the car withdrawn from competition until repairs or modifications have been made and the car completes a re-tech inspection." If all drivers except one would fit, can that driver just not race, and can the car race as-is with the other (shorter) drivers? Thanks for any insight you can share.
  5. Thanks - that's what I thought (10 points per corner for the springs/adjustable perches), but as I read the rules, the shocks could cost additional points if they're over the 2x rule. Am I wrong about that?
  6. re: why not the spec Miata penskes - I already have the vmaxx's and it's not a spec Miata. I'm just trying to determine how many points the coilovers will be if I race in ChampCar.
  7. Brand new member, so forgive me if this has been covered, but I searched and couldn't find an answer on the boards or the tech desk. Can anybody speak to the VPI point value for Flyin' Miata V-Maxx Extreme Track Pack Coilovers? https://www.flyinmiata.com/review/product/list/id/4643/category/81/ I think the adjustable spring perches with aftermarket springs would be 10 pts x 4 corners = 40 points, but I can't tell if the dampers that come with the coilovers would exceed the 2x rule (because I can't find the dampers for sale by themselves). The complete set of 4 coilovers is $939.00. The dampers are single-adjustable (no damping adjustment). Thanks in advance!
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