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  1. Understood. For full disclosure @FoCUSS and me drive the same car. We'll have a set each though (2 total). SO him or me first and I'm golden
  2. @mcoppola, ANY chance they could get a set for Mid March? we have a race in Nola on the 28th !! For me its somewhat less about cost (obviously that's somewhat relative) and more about timing and availability. Appreciate the contact by the way I was worried the forum had gone quiet.
  3. Mike per your Ford Hubs post. Desperately looking for hubs for a race at the end of next month. Any info you may have that might help me achieve that would be appreciated. Came across your post last week and we are well aware of this issue. Any help massively appreciated. 

  4. I have a 04 SVT and am looking to do Lemons in March Nola. Having been bitten by broken hubs (twice!) It's basically new Hubs or Bust for us. Anyone still got a spare set (desperate Plee) or @mcoppola if you're out of the game any chance you could serve the community and give us the machine shop that is manufacturing these. Massively appreciate you sharing any details, we're all kinda beholdant to the next batch or the secret sauce. Looks like @FoCUSS is holding out for a set. Failing that anyone else on the forum found other solutions to this issue asside from @mcoppola magic formula? Yours Desperate Hub failing Wanna be racer. Feel free for anyone to DM me with a solution.
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