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  1. I actually have one of these at home right now. I'm sending it back. Seems a bit narrow, and it's a large. Also squishes my trapezius muscles. I'm thinking about getting a Stand21 to look at. The way the body of it is curved, it seems like it would rest on the traps instead of squishing them. Different body types and all that. BTW, they are $250.00 delivered from HMS Motorsports right now! https://www.hmsmotorsport.com/item/shr-evo/devices
  2. Would we be able to practice both ways on Friday?
  3. My sincere thanks for all the replies and responses to the poll. This information will help us make a decision that's right for our team and will hopefully help others in the future. I am also glad that those of you who have tested these are here to write about it. Risk acceptance and mitigation are a part of this sport and should not be taken lightly. Thanks again and Send IT!!
  4. Thanks for the info and glad to hear it worked...sorry you had to test it.
  5. Agreed, but just trying to get ideas of what folks are running. We're currently using the older style Zamp with the arm that come down on your chest like a HANS, but are looking to upgrade. This is what we have now:
  6. Thanks for the info. Good to know the large works. Our team varies from 5'7" to 6'2" ish, so same boat size wise seems like. How do you like it? How's getting in and out of the car?
  7. Just looking to get an idea of what ya'll are using. Comfort vs safety vs cost, etc.
  8. Have they actually done the repaving? Somebody posted that it was still not done on the bookface.
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