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  1. Cam Benty, much appreciated for the information. This sounds fun to do. But which explorer engine? 5.0 or 4.6? And I'm guessing the swap is, like stated, with a few modifications to the explorer engine it will be basically a cobra motor? Why not just take the GT40 heads on install on mustang 5.0?
  2. Thanks for all the responses. I know I asked this question in the 24hrs of Lemons fourm. Good information all. We know Ford V8s because that's what we drive for fun. I'm open minded though. Being a new team with no door to door racing experience I want to do budget as much as possible. Would like to be able to "compete" yet still keep a budget. I've never worked on any BMWs or Miatas. Know Ford and Mazad were partners at one point so some of the 4 cylinder engines are the same. Where is the easiest place to look for prebuilt cars? I've seen a few on the forums but way past the cost I want to spend.
  3. Hello all, My friends and I are starting a team this summer and are looking for ideas for our first car to build. I have been watching videos and reading up on rules. I see a lot of BMWs and Miatas. We were thinking of running a 96-98 Mustang GT but were wondering about V8 fuel stints and tire wear. Would a Zx3 focus be better? What car would you all suggest for a first timer team? Was hoping to get out to the race at Road America, since I only 20 minutes away, to talk to people and see the cars. But that doesnt look like it's going to happen. Suggestions and information welcome. Thanks
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