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Found 64 results

  1. Edit: WE ARE FULL. Thanks everyone, we'll see you there! Looking for qualified driver to fill two stints in the VIR 24 hour race plus Friday practice. We race an NB Miata to the best of our ability. The strategy is competitive, the lap times are not. PM for further details.
  2. Hi Guys, Miata is in need of a new engine. We are looking to buy a junkyard motor, but it got me thinking about a winter project to freshen up a motor. My question is this. I don't believe you can change valve springs, and certainly not cams. Can you change other parts on the 2x rule. For instance can you go to a forged piston? Can you use ARP head studs. They are cheaper than the stock Miata head bolts. Not looking for max power, but I am looking for max durability. This is my first Miata rebuild. I'm reading the forums, but any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Brad
  3. CHUMPCAR World Series seats available for 14 hours at Sebring International Raceway on September 24th! All seat rentals are "arrive and drive", we provide the crew and all equipment/supplies, and also include each driver's name on the car, a professional photo package, custom t-shirts and more! Call, email or message for details!
  4. Background: The 1999 and later "NB" Miata is classed at 700 points by Chumpcar. This represents an insurmountable 20 lap handicap conceded to any 500 point car. The 1996-97 "NA" Miata, with the same 1.8L engine and nearly identical platform is classed at 450 points. I think the NA Miata is fairly classed. Series-wide results will speak for themselves, and I am not trying to tackle the rest of the rules. My intent is for the NB Miata to be similarly competitive within the existing rules and to help show that the NB Miata would be more fairly valued at 500 points. I seek any input while I prepare that petition. Significant Differences between the NB and NA: NB: Slightly more power from engine Wheels, tires and brakes were significantly upgraded - brakes fall under the 2X rule, tires and wheels are open NA: Pop up headlights - clearly an advantage in the looks department 300 lbs lower curb weight "But what about the 6 speed Anniversary edition? The Torsen diff or Sport suspension?" Chumpcar rules are based on the standard model and trim. In 2001 additional motor changes added 6 HP, BUT this motor can be shown as a cost reducing swap for the NA platform. With points available, the NA can take advantage of all of the power available to the NB. Or worse, take on a 3 liter Ford motor, while the NB starts 20 laps behind (as seen last weekend at WGI). As such, there is little incentive to run the NB over 500 points. With the existing swap valuations in consideration, even the 2001-2006 model could be permitted at the value of its engine. Cars classes at 500 points and higher are effectively permitted zero modification, as the time differential for anything beyond 1 lap is nearly insurmountable within the top running cars. See the highly touted close gaps between winning cars. Even 50 points represents up to 5 penalty laps, more in longer races. It takes a large performance differential to overcome even 5 laps. The NB is simply not 5 laps faster than a similar NA. If Chumpcar does not want to be defined by engine swaps designed in spite of the rules, it must allow for more vehicles to be closely competitive in stock or near-stock form. 500 point cars do exactly that. The NA and NB Miata share more in common than not, the differences in platform do not represent such a significant performance advantage, and the current structure of Chumpcar incentivizes significant gains through motor-swaps which apply equally to both generations. Therefore, the NB would be more equitably valued and encourage low-cost racing as a 500 point car rather than the 700 points we suffer today.
  5. I am helping my dad get into chump, and he will be running his first race this summer. He bought a Spec Miata, and therefore is pretty much race ready. The problem is that I don't know exactly what to expect when we tech and value the car. It conforms to spec Miata, so I am thinking that means it must be pretty stock. It does have the adjustable coils with bilsteins. Anyone with a former spec Miata that can tell me what else to look for? The engine must be stock for Spec, and the Exhaust must be fine too. He is going to take the 75 point hit to keep his aftermarket hard top on (why is the Mazda version so expensive anyways?!) - for safety and since he doesn't expect to be on the podium - so why bother removing it. It clearly has had the suspension modified (Camber is noticeable!), but the plates are not adjustable. What will the value come out as? What do spec Miatas get valued at?
  6. New for 2016! Introducing the SCR2500 DOT Radial -Available in P205/50R15 -Treadwear Rating: 200 -Traction: A -Temperature: A -Tread Depth: 6/32" -Designed for Auto-X, PDX, HPDE, Road Racing, etc. Ask for Ray Cook and tell him Mike Donohue sent you . 601 Lake Way Place Tullahoma, TN PH: 828-360-5353 Toll Free: 1-844-768-8427 Email: americanracersouth@frontier.com
  7. I've got a 90 Miata in my backyard...bought it not running. Got it running and my son bought a used turbo set-up for it and got it running pretty good. Asking $4000 for it but offers are welcome. Will not sell the hardtop unless the car sells without it. Please see DFW craigslist. 1990 Mazda Miata Turbo w/ Hardtophttp://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/cto/5557598901.html
  8. Fellow Chumps, We run a 94 Miata that has been really good to us, treat it right and it will keep on going and going right up to the podium. A real pleasure to drive, great handling, awesome brakes, and a great family of a team behind it. We'd like to welcome you to join us for a weekend or a season if you're interested. New and experienced drivers are welcomed but everyone is expected to mind the ride like it was your own with the you break it you buy it mentality (never had any issues). We usually place in the top third of the field and easily finish top ten with a smooth crew behind the wheel. We also run a cool shirt and fresh air helmet blower for the Divas out there : ) Check out our website, and take a peek at the schedule tab for pricing and availability as some races are full already. We run in an ~8 hour circle around our home in Southern Indiana from the brand new Corvette Museum, VIR, to Road America, Mid-Ohio and Pittsburgh. If you see something you like, shoot over an email here or on the contact us tab from the website. http://thing3racing.wix.com/thing3racing Let me know if you have any questions, Justin
  9. 5th place at MPH Hastings this spring, 4th place at the attrition-filled 2014 Gateway Chumpionship. 1.6 miata, ebay header, Chump 2015 log book. Currently configured with a 1.8 diff (for reliability), so either back to a 1.6 diff or will take off the coilovers to remove the penalty laps. (Have blown several 1.6 VLSD diffs in this car.) Located in Kansas City, MO. Delivery options negotiable. Race rental options available. $5000 for just the car, race ready. $9000 for car + another 1991 very nice tub, many 1.6 engine blocks/heads/parts etc. Enough parts for two cars once a cage is put in the 91 tub. I want to upgrade to a newer Miata or E30. (Get rid of all the 1.6 stuff!!!) Chump references available upon request. Very adjustable seating - 17" Kirkey seat on sliders. We've had drivers of many different sizes. 816- three oh four - 7217
  10. 2000 Miata 1.8 for sale, I'd rather not part out, runs & drives, top is about 2 years old, has a bolt in roll bar, K&N CAI, Carbo tech brakes. Car was in a front end collision when I got it, I fab'd up a nose, installed a new radiator, and used this for DE events, airbags are gone. 4 good rims, worn Hoosier A6's. Engine has good power, no smoke, but after it gets hot-- there is a knock from engine, (I'm assuming it's failing) Good clutch & drivetrain. I can send photo's on request, thanks, **make a reasonable offer** jgorman@cmdautorepair.com Car is located in Charlotte NC.
  11. Located in Southern California (Huntington Beach) Great platform for a good chump car! Buy it and Ill send you a FREE GranStand!!!! http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/cto/5066593061.html
  12. POST VALENTINES BUMP ----- price dropped to $20K ITS NOW OFFICIALLY TRACK SEASON Not Eligible for Chump ….. but I figure that most other people are involved in other forms of racing …. so worth posting for free on Chump boards 302 hp Turbo Miata Race Car This high quality, professional build started off as a full caged 1990 SPEC MIATA and finished with a 302 rwHP Monster with 275 hoosiers and front / rear aero. This car was quicker that a new Porsche Turbo around Pocono and killed most porsches in the red run instructor group at the mighty Watkins Glen - see 2 videos below Check out new WATKINS GLEN video here: >https://vimeo.com/102491832 Check out POCONO video here: >https://vimeo.com/99497249 I am using CAR CONNECTIONS USA to sell the car for me on consignment so check out their FOR SALE link here: http://www.carconnectionsusa.com/1990-Mazda-MX-5-Miata-TURBO-RACECAR-Pennsylvania-19380/5221372 Details: 1990 Spec Miata chassis with full roll cage 1994 1.8 engine - rebuilt with the best of everything - capable of handling 400 hp but tuned to 302 hp for reliability Mazdaspeed 6 speed transmission 949 racing twin disc racing clutch Torsen 4.1 LSD Wiseco pistons with Eagle H-beam connecting rods Mazdaspeed crankshaft with ACL racing bearing Supertec valve springs/retainers/keepers Stock valves GT2871RS turbo 750cc Injector Dynamic injectors Deatschwerks 300lph intank pump Turbos-smart Comp-gate 40mm waste gate Mocal 235 matrix 25 row oil cooler AEM EMS v1 (30-1710 box) AEM EBC solenoid Monster mad max front splitter Supermiata GTC 200 wing repainted gloss black #302 TrackSpeed BBK 11.75 with DTC60s Prothane complete bushing kit Flyin' Miata AFCO suspension - 750/450 15 x 9" Konig Dial In wheels 275 Hoosier R6 with -3 degrees camber 2450 lbs inc driver and full tank o' gas Tuned by Evans Tuning to 302 rear wheel hp / 230 tq at 11 psi on 93 octane For sale for LESS THAN 50% of what I have into the car - $22,995 I am using CAR CONNECTIONS USA to sell the car for me on consignment so check out their FOR SALE link here: http://www.carconnectionsusa.com/1990-Mazda-MX-5-Miata-TURBO-RACECAR-Pennsylvania-19380/5221372 3 photos attached below - many more on Car Connections USA website
  13. So.. we may be the proud owners of a 91 Miata soon to race.. From everything we have read, it's a little disadvantaged to the 94's+ on fuel tank size and engine HP, but it should be a good car for a little while, we will do what we can with the allowances to make it handle/etc. It's a must to be able to run 2 hours in my opinion, or you loose 5 mins of your life due to the extra fuel stop... Depending on tuning, it seems running hard is 1:40 with this stock configuration.. (8.3 Gallons Per Hour) so 2 extra gallons should give about 15 more minutes going hard, which would put us right into that 2 hour window.. or super close.. Surge tank makes it work.. So it seems we need a fuel cell to hit that 2 hour mark.. Anyway, Edmonds says the 91 came with a 11.9 gas tank.. Looking around (all the usual fuel cell companies) I don't see any fuel cell's that are 13.9/14 Gallons. they are 12 gallons ( no point in switching) or 15 gallons (which exceeds the rule.. kinda funny other larger tanks get a 4 gallon boost, anyway.. a different topic :-)) What Cell size do you miata guys run with this 90-93 generation car ? Ideally I would like to run larger, and put some type of space taker in, so we can run the car in other series where we may need more than 2 hours.. thoughts ? thank you !
  14. Fellow Chumps, Check out our SCHEDULE for available seats, next race being on October 19th in Bowling Green, KY at the brand spanking new National Corvette Museum race track!!! T3R Chief Chump, Justin
  15. 95 Miata 1.8 for sale $5,500 - Just passed Chump Tech Last Weekend New Motor with 1 race on it built by Built Right Engines (with 1 race on it) Oil Accumulator Rebuilt trans with all new syncro's Very Beefy Cage built to accommodate up to 6'4" person Pull handle fire suppression by Stroud Wired for cool Box New harnesses with cam lock Very competitive, always a top 10 finisher even with my crappy driving Full clean title (is street legal in Kansas) Kirkey Seat Complete working cluster including New Roof Net and aluminum top Extra Wheels and misc parts Located in Kansas City Call or text 816-674-9168 if interested Ready for the track today or email me at philvitz@gmail.com pictures on request
  16. #23 miata WRL/CHUMP/LEMONS car for sale Strong Motor Fresh Tranny Bilstein shocks Mandrel bend exhaust Ed Gilfus set up and dyno time Cool Shirt Cooler set up Factory limited slip This car is a front runner with a good team, we have several podium finishes including a 1ST , a 2nd and several 3RD’s Call Bob at 512-423-6520 Or Danny at 512-563-7909 5600.00 obo
  17. Fellow Chumps, For the 14hours at Gateway Motorsport Park we are NOW FULL! in our 1994 Miata. Seems like a fun track and one of the best Roval races around! This would be a great way to get a taste for ChumpCar, the track and/or the team. Check out our website for pricing and details: SCHEDULE Best, Justin
  18. We just built a miata and was wondering what others ran for cold tire psi's. We are racing Daytona for our first race.
  19. Hey guys, you all jumped right on those suits, so I thought id see if any of you were looking for a new race car. I have a 1990 Miata scca ITA class race car. The front portion of the roll cage has been removed, and it doesn't have a hardtop anymore, but everything else is still there. It will also need some switches wired in, like the starter, ignition, wipers, etc.. It does not run right now because the wiring isn't done and it does not have a battery, but it does have good compression and everything work. It has the stock engine with fresh gaskets. I did one track day after we put the engine back in before I took the roll cage out. I thought I would go in and replace the forward bars to give me some more room around my feet, but I never got around to it and so it sits. It has eibach springs, koni shocks, aftermarket sway bars, spec stage 1 clutch, a fuel cell, kirkey race seat, koyo radiator, and a brand new racing beat header and muffler that have never been used once. the body is a little rough, the previous owner raced it for about 5 years before I bought it. It has a few dings and dents, and it has been spray painted about 4 times. The windshield is cracked. It does not have any significant rust and has been kept inside my garage. I am not going to be racing it anytime soon, and id rather sell it to someone who will. It could be fixed up a bit and raced in scca/nasa or you could take some parts off, sell them and make it a chump car. I also have a box of spare parts, with an extra water pump, spare springs, a spare throttle body, etc. that I will throw in. It will come with the factory 14" wheels. $2500 obo. send your offers to Kyle.Robertson.Racing@gmail.com. It is located in Ft. Myers, FL. Thanks! Kyle
  20. Sorted, masochistic 1992 Miata ChumpCar seeking ham fisted, lead footed, aggressive driver(s) to beat the piss outta her at the upcoming Autobahn double 7 enduro. For the modest fee of $750 you too can experience the thrill of wheeling the greatest sports car ever made around a club track for almost 2 hours straight where her nimble handling will make the BMW's cry--not once but TWICE in one weekend. Live the heart pumping thrill of the pit as you skillfully aim a loaded fire bottle at a can of flammable liquid as it is poured by some Chump into a fuel port directly over a screaming hot brake--maybe even be the Chump doin' the pourin' if you're big and strong (and nuts). Or, help yank the exiting driver from the car as you jump in to take your stint. Listen to the pounding of your heart in your helmet as you pull up to pit-out and get waved onto the track and right into the jaws of the beast. Mix it up wheel to wheel against the best budget racers in the biz. Then, after the racin' is over, come celebrate with us at the awards ceremony (no need to be worried about your camera shyness...we won't be gettin' pictures taken on the podium). Ooooo and Ahhh over the super cool donkey trophies and high five the podium teams who worked their donkey off to get them. But WAIT! There's more! Stick around after the racin' is done on Saturday night and mix it up off the track with other Chumps. Check out the cars, lend a hand by holding his/her beer while they are swinging a BFH at the fender you squashed (you should probably apologize too). Heck, grab a couple cold ones for em' while you're standin' there (one for you, one for him/her of course! Yeah, out of his/her cooler...sheesh). Then, pass out from exhaustion somewhere around OhDarkThirty and get ready to do it all over again on Sunday! Hold on....you can't afford $750. Well then, no problem! Go find a buddy who wants to drive too and ain't got the cash. Each of you can take one stint (one of ya on Saturday, one of ya on Sunday) for the low cost of $400 each. Holy crap! Can it possibly get any better???? Heck yeah it can! Your seat fee pays for ALL OF THE RACE EXPENSES! You heard it Chump--all you have to do is get your butt to the race, bring your tech ready safety equipment and drive. No fuel to split up, no tires to split....nadda. Yes, you have to feed yourself (we have a grill if you have some grub) and figure out where ya gonna sleep (we have a chumptastic trailer you can throw a cot into if ya wanna. Smells like fuel and tires...a bonus!). Sound like your kinda weekend?? Send your race resume to gfdsuracing@gmail.com for consideration (cuz we were just kidding about the ham fist, lead foot thing. Although, beatin' the piss outta her is A-Otay. Jenny likes it rough.) Act fast! Offer limited to two acceptable, cash havin' suckers nuts idiots drivers Chumps.
  21. http://www.rollcagecomponents.com/spec-mazda-miata-roll-cage-kit-1-1-2-x-120-dom/ Thats the cage but with modified rear backstays to be legal for Lemons too. itll be in Torrance, CA this weekend. If you want it, let me know and you can come have it. Monday morning it goes off the the scrap yard. did I mention its FREE!!!! The car kissed the wall with the right front so the shell is toast but the cage is perfect.
  22. Hello, I am looking for some aiv for a 1994 1.8 Miata that i am racing in tomorrow's chump race. I have five that i can share, do you have any to share or trade? All the work in building and prepping the car meant this task was at the bottom of the list until today. Oh, man, we are going to make it. Sigh, i need some sleep... Thanks a bunch Wilson
  23. I'm having a difficult time collecting AIV for a 1991 mazda miata. Our 944 broke during the last race and our back up car is a 91 miata. Our team would greatly appreciate any help!
  24. I'm gonna change this up from previous ad.... Up for sale is my 1992 Miata. Current SCCA racer, built down to ChumpCar specs SCCA Logbook. 1992 1.6L car. Built from a straight-tub street car by Schaut Speed Motorsports in 2008-2009. Have campaigned the car in Spec Miata at Regional and National events over previous 4 years. Excellent cage work by Angry Sheep Motorsports (~$2500 cage). Strong, safe and done to increase chassis stiffness. $5000 Includes: Stock motor Viscous limited slip diff Stock radiator stock intake Stock exhaust manifold down to a straight-through style exhaust up-to-date window net and belts (window net provides ChumpCar-level coverage) Sparco REV seat, hard-mounted Momo steering wheel Older koni non-adjustable dampers with unknown springs (came on the car when purchased, supposedly matched to dampers) Stock sway bars newer bearings all around (right rear brand new) long quick-nose wheel studs 6 D-force wheels with used Hoosier SM6 tires recently rebuilt calipers Hand-held fire extinguisher 5-panel wink mirror Fresh alignment Comes with fresh Cobalt Friction brakes front and rear and a few spare sets. Amsoil engine oil, Redline MTL and LSD fluids. wired to pull RPM for data acq. Spares include various suspension components, rear subframe, rebuildable trans, and whatever other Miata bits I have not listed below. - To be fully compliant, you'll need to install a fire suppression system (or add $500 for me to install) Car is currently in SM form. Can be Chump ready by end of the year. Until it sells, I'll have rental seats available for Chump next year.... Car weighs approximately 2000 lbs without driver/fuel. Has some minor body damage from last outing. which makes it a fine candidate for ChumpCar since it would need to be fixed before next SCCA event (noted in logbook, damage to rr quarter panel) and has had some scuffs through the years racing. Still solid chassis. Additional items for sale: MazdaSpeed Spec competition dampers, springs and swaybars Turnbuckle adjustable swaybar end links '99 top hats with Fatcat bumpstops Mazdacomp LSD - clutch type, only 3 races on refresh Rossini motor with 1 season (strong motor, 120 WHP prior to installing adjustable FPR) Springfield Dyno Exhaust, Springfield Dyno intake Springfield Dyno radiator Innovate Wideband O2 sensor and gauge added for AFR tuning Adjustable fuel pressure regulator Adjusted AFM (matched to motor) Fresh cleaned/flow-matched injectors Hard-top/brackets MazdaComp FR lip Extra wheels/tires - D-force / 5zigen wheels - 1 set with Hosier used SM6, 1 set of unused Hoosier H20, Contact me to discuss options / prices. Of if you wanted to go full on STL/STU/PTE, I can build the car to those specs as well.
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