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Found 2 results

  1. Good Sirs who are the "Powers that be" Can you please give us an update on how the Assigned weights are coming? We are approaching the end of the year, and the first "2017 Rules" race is only a few weeks away. I have put my swap chassis on HOLD pending the weight assignment. I would love to get back to work and bring it to a race in 2017. Thanks!
  2. Hello all, Troy Truglio here. If you do not know me I am the team owner and driver for the McKibbin's Biohazard Racing MR2 swapped V6. I put that up right away so we can all be on the same page. Yes, I did not say a word throughout 50+ pages of people coming after me as I was told to have faith and stay out of it, so I did. Now all hell as broken loose with the new rules, some of it better and some not. I have put forth 14 petitions to the board over the years, not a single one accepted and not a single one put forth to benefit me or my team. I did them under two rules to myself and one is for the safety of all people and the other is to make CC better for Everyone. Now if you comment on this thread below please do so thinking about everyone and not just yourself and some advantage you might have. Please think about the racing and how we can all benefit and what the outcome will be. As it is now the new swap formula basically bans me with my VPI at 1094 points. I am sure it will be hurting a lot of others also. I have seen in the past years how we have had great races, but I think it can be better so a change is warranted, but we should not oust teams. I have said for years I think I should have some laps, as long with others. From reading the threads I have seen many people quote my ideas on how to even the field and give certain cars or car combos laps and I am expanding on that thought here. I sent a specific letter to the board already, right before the rules came out, on what I am explaining here so it should be no surprise to them to see it. What we all have to remember is that they work for us and represent us, not themselves. If we all hate their ideas on rules they need to change them. They need to listen to us and what we want. If the rules I purpose here make sense to you please comment and stay constructive. Please do not try to just derail the topic, try to put some dumb picture or meme up for no reason, etc. Let us stay focused on topic to make a real rules change here, please. I want to keep the rules as simple as possible. 1-Now I am going to give you all some secrets here. There are things in the rule book that give points for things that really do not matter, actually a lot of the points are really just points for no reason at all and we all know it. Items that do not really make us faster at our level or racing, sure at some level they might in a lap per lap comparison, but if it does not have to do with HP or keeping the car weight down it really does not matter so why bother pointing for it. Please be realistic and think about it. Adding a larger front roll bar will not make you win or lose a race in reality. Also, stiffer springs negates the advantages of them anyway and almost every team runs springs, has cut springs, acid dipped and painted non oe springs, etc. We all know it so why worry about it. Now if just about every team has springs why are we pointing for springs? Just say zero points for springs and we are all the same page. Now this will make a lot more sense later so stay with me here please. It is not about free stuff, it is about simple rules and stay on the same page. You will see in the end how it matters. We need to go over the rules and take out items that do not really matter for points. I also say areo, assuming no CF should be zero points. The reason is it is a give and take. The aero will help in corners and such, but hurt with drag down the straights so it can be a wash. I know personally that my car is faster without it, but not as stable so I keep ti on for my drivers to be safe. It will also keep us keeping the rules simple in the end. Here is what I say should be zero points (camber plates, cv's/ axles, diff covers, driveshafts, heim joints, ignition coils, mounts, springs, bushings, aero, sway bars, wheel spacers) 2- Longevity and safety items need to be promoted and zero points! These items include accumulators, alum radiators, no stock radiators, trans coolers and oil coolers. This is the one that really upsets me on the you have got to be kidding me scale and you can not be serious. We are all racers and want to race to have fun. We want to keep it cheap and simple and race and race. We want to finish races. We want to be safe. The idea that an accumulator should be a pointed and therefore penalized item might be the dumbest thing ever heard. Other series are like you better get one. If you blow and engine and put oil down on my track you are in trouble and endangering other drivers and my ems crew. You are also taking away from driving of others and how dare you do that. An accumulator is cheaper than an engine. An accumulator will save and engine and cause a team to finish a race. A team that finishes a race is happy and wants to come back, if they do not that might cause them to quit racing altogether. Also, alum radiator that is $100 vs $400 from OEM. Really, they do the same thing and why point for something that is cheaper and make sense. I do not want water or a blown up car. Again, see the points above. Also, other series racers look at the rules and will not race with CC because of this as they will get points and I know of a specific person and team that will not. He said specifically to me, I can not take off the coolers as I am worried I might blow up and I do have money for another engine and time to do it with his new baby he has to help with. I understood and felt sad as he has raced CC for 5 years and now does AER. We are losing racers to other series because of bad ideas and thoughts. 3- HP items need to be addressed two ways. 1 is overall points for the combo and that will come below and points for specific items. These points would go above the base car point system, or VPI or whatever acronym they are using this day. Examples would be camshafts and valve train 50 points, carb/tb or intake 50 points, cyl head swap 100 points, dry sump 100 points, header 25 points, transmission non stock 25 points, diff 25 points) These are items that add hp and should have points. 4- Swaps- OH yes, the dreaded and hated swaps. This I will call fast cars and fast car combos, or swaps. We all know what cars are fast and what swap combos do well and are fast. Simply put these cars and combos should get laps, we all know that and agree to that but how is the question. We have tried multiple formulas and they all have failed and continue to fail. We have just seen that and after 60+ pages in the swap formula thread everyone with half a brain can see it not going to work for everyone. Sure, some car combos might be OK, but not all and we have to make rules for everyone to be fair. The VPI formula can be used by tech behind the scenes to get a general idea of what laps a car should get. We can all make a master list of the cars and how many laps they can get with starting with the E36 as a base and not 500 points, but everyone will get some laps with fast cars. A side benefit it will give stock cars that are slower a real fighting chance to do well so it will promote racing for all. I did this before called the TCVmin with two numbers, but figured out that I wanted to keep it simple so just eliminate points for items that do not matter. We need to make a list of all fast cars and combos. I know some, but the alphabet soup for BMW's with motors and Hondas with the same. We all need to look at the last and add to it what we know is right. I am not a BMW guy, but the BMW guys can make a quick list for sure and know what cars are fast and what car combos are fast. Let us say the base is the E36 as that has been used before and that car will be 530 points. Now everything we think is faster should get more and slow should get less. Cars below 500 on the mpv table should all be adjusted up some as there are not points for so many items now. I suspect that most teams will have zero points now. The mpv table will have a list of swaps that are done and known so a new team will know what it is. Also, all items will be included in swaps and no pointed. Who the hell cares if swap A takes 2 new motor mounts and swap B takes none. If both give the same performance then they get the same final laps. Please, let us use our brains and keep this simple. There, that is my rules idea and keeping is simple. There are a lot of benefits and I can not find a downside except two. 1- people with an advantage will not be happy and complain and such as is to keep it fair. 2- People that really want swaps or simply me out of the series will not be happy. I know there are some that do and that is fine, but I think when you see me getting more laps than others as being fair about it you might change your mind. Here is the list I came up with. NOW this is a start and nothing final. This is what we all need to work on get right to be fair. I put in some BMW, Honda and other numbers to start from and those need to be tweaked. I would hope the people with those cars can take a section and adjust it as needed and can be agreed upon. Honda I just put w swap as I am not sure what engines do what or combos so that should be done by the honda guys. I was specific in the MR2 section as I know those cars and compared it to the E36 with 520 or two laps. make model swap VPI BMW 2002 W/ 4cyl swap 510 2002 W/ 6cyl swap 530 e28 w/ 6 cyl swap 540 E30 W/ 6cyl swap 540 E34 W/ 6cyl swap 540 E36 530 Plymoth/dodge Neon W/ Swap 520 Ford Mustang w/V8 530 Probe 2.5L V6 520 Taurus SHO SHO 540 Thunderbird v8 540 Honda Accord W/ Swap 520 Civic W/ Swap 520 CRX W/ Swap 520 integra W/ Swap 520 prelude W/ Swap 520 Acura Integra Swap or not ? 520 RSX Swap or not ? 520 Lexus SC300/400 3.0 or 4.0 550 Mazda Miata W/ 6cyl swap 560 Miata W/ 8cyl swap 570 MX3 w/swap 520 RX7 W/ 6cyl swap 540 RX7 W/ 8cyl swap 560 Mercury cougar v8 540 Mitsubishi 3000gt v6 540 Nissan 240sx W/ 6cyl swap 550 240sx W/ 8cyl swap 560 Z31 W/ 6cyl swap 520 z32 550 Porsche 944 W/swap 540 Saab 9 3 520 9 5 520 Subaru impreza w/swap 530 Toyota MR2 S1 W/1mz swap 510 MR2 S1 w/ 3mz swap 520 MR2 S1 w/ 3sgte swap 530 MR2 S1 W/ 2gr swap 560 Mr2 S1 W/ 2rg swap 550 MR2 S2 W/ 1mz swap 520 MR2 S2 w/ 3mz swap 550 MR2 S2 W/ 2gr swap 580
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