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Found 12 results

  1. Hi everyone! (Hope this is an OK place to put this). I've been floating around asking some questions and finally got around to building our first Car! We're starting with a 1992 Suzuki Swift GT. I've been a Geo Metro fanboy for years and this is the Mecca for all Metro owners. I was able to score this one dirt cheap locally and decided to use it as the foundation for our first ChampCar! It's in pretty good shape overall. Great compression and only one rust spot (rare for Central Alabama). We finally had our first "Team Day" and started stripping it down last night and accomplished what we set out to do! Planning on pressure washing the entire car today and then will start working on suspension! Our goal race is Barber in December. Hope to see y'all on track! Starting with BEFORE: And AFTER!
  2. Thanks to @MoparBoyy for this idea for the 24hr at VIR. I decided to see if there was any interest for the 24hr at Utah. Bear in mind that you can only get alcohol (above a certain percentage) at state liquor stores in Utah. Here is the link to locate those stores: https://abc.utah.gov/stores/index.html and the closest one to the track is in Tooele, UT Address: 433 North Main Street, Tooele, UT 84074 Phone: (435) 882-3036 Store Hours: Monday - Saturday, 11:00 am to 7:00 pm Closed: All stores and most package agencies are closed Sundays and Holidays.(Please call for hours) Since I know I still have shopping to do, I am happy to put together a local SoCal sampler six-pack for anybody willing to share their local beer with us (Roto-Plooker Racing). Special requests will be considered; no guarantees.
  3. Anyone going to The Mitty at Road Atlanta this weekend? I'm planning to be at the top of the hill on the outside of 10a in the hauler/RV. Look for the 40' white Freightliner with a sleeper cab.. I believe we will have a simulator and the weather is looking good. I'm excited. If I get stuck an extra day in California for work this week and end up being late for the Mitty, I will be unhappy.
  4. BMW E36 Race Car - Sold! Please help us keep the divorce lawyers at bay! This race car is too fast for our team. We’ve won so many races, including a championship, that our houses are overflowing with trophies. Stop the madness! We’ve decided to move on to a slower more unreliable car. We need your help. This car, in its current configuration, raced three times in 2016 getting one First Place and two Second Place finishes. This car has lived on the podium since it was built back in 2010. We’re tired of the success and the waiting around in impound while all the other racers packup their gear and get an early start home. Adding insult to injury, we then have to wait around for the awards ceremony and collect our trophy. What began as a celebration is now a chore, prompting us to pick a victim to attend the podium ceremony while we pack up. This BMW is a 1993 chassis with an M50 single vanos engine. This engine has a fresh top end on a used bottom end. It ran flawlessly and is ready for more podium action. This car has seven seasons of development on it with a perfect height and responsiveness. It’s running nearly new Sachs shocks (stock) and cut stock springs. The seat is a Cobra and we loved it. The belts are Schroth and are good for two more seasons. The car has a fire suppression system and a radio harness complete with push to talk on the steering wheel (Momo quick disconnect steering wheel). The transmission is rebuilt and has one season on it. Rebuilt by Drivegear Racing, it’s our gift to you. The bushings in this car (and engine mounts) have all been replaced over the last couple of seasons. The rear subframe chassis mounting locations are reinforced. The RTABS are upgraded to Powerflex bushings. Car is ready to roll off the trailer and onto a racetrack. We were going to go to Road America with it and got the car prepped for the race. This car has won races both in ChumpCar and WRL. In addition to a championship, it won 3rd in the one and only national ChumpCar Chumpionship in Iowa. It’s had twenty race weekends to date with over 20 podium finishes. We’ve got so many Alien and Predator trophies that neighbors look at us funny. Car is turn key and ready for a team that is looking for a win and all the trappings. Be prepared for race groupies to start hanging around your paddock area, attractive women angling for some quality time and sheer hatred from the mid pack and back markers (you know who you are). If you are tired of defending your masculinity driving a Miata, trying to explain that you don’t live in trailer even though you field a Camaro, or bored driving a back marker Subaru/VW/Datsun, this car is for you. This is a turn key race car with a dialed in suspension and alignment perfected over the last six seasons. Save $$$ and get a car ready to go. Buy, race, win. It’s really that simple. $9000 and PM me if you are interested. Car is located in Minnesota and is gorgeous! It’s been in Grassroots motorsports several times. Time for driving backyard junk is past! Step up to the big leagues, ghost that embarrassing Mustang into the woods and make sure you’re ready for the wins and the onslaught of press. Bottom line, make your racing great again.
  5. Just like Kenny Powers-we're coming back hard. Attrition Autosport, Byrne's Pub and Chump Car will be having a Central Ohio Chumpanzee Meet and Drink: 12.15.15 Byrnes Pub Columbus, Ohio www.byrnespub.com Five PM-? Free beer (seriously!), bacon, door prizes (CHUMP CHANGE!!!) . We did this last year and we had a great turnout. Now with Mid-Ohio having been added to the schedule, let's unite the clans, bolster our ranks and set fire to Pat's dumpster.
  6. So...We have an E30E model that we swapped for an I motor and harness so the stock instrument panel is pretty much worthless. The only gauge that works is the one we don't need (fuel level). We have a nice (and WAY overpriced IMHO) Cartek sequential shift light to hook up so we bought a cheap Sun tach to set it. How hard can it be to install a tach, right? We can't figure out how to get either to work. We've been over the instructions on both, with AND without beer, and have checked out our wiring on multimeter and nothing seems to work regardless of any number of changes. We even tried setting the shift light with the tach feature on the multimeter to no avail. One of our drivers is an electrical engineer so he pretty much understands resistance, impedance, voltage, with the added bonus that he can read AND follow directions in most cases. What are we missing???
  7. Can anybody offer advice on how to apply Chumpcar number plates? I'm not exactly a graphic artist, and the number plates I stuck on the car last season looked like a wrinkled old man.
  8. Well the time is upon us....2015 is right around the corner. I'm in Florida right now as I type this enjoying a couple of beers and the 80 degree weather as I prep for the Homestead race in a couple of days. We are looking for some drivers for next year as we will be running two cars. The first is the known Subaru with a SVX swap....this car is being rebuilt during the winter.....should be a rocket.....enough said. I did purchse the e30 Bruce Transporters used to run in the series. I made some modifications and it will be fully ready for the 2015 season. We are running the e30 at the Homestead race, so more to come. Below is an email I sent out to team members and people who were interested in driving. Also this includes all hotel/camping/anything else besides alochol and food. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ To All Future Crank Yankers Racers, Thanks for showing an interest in racing with Crank Yankers Racing in 2015. I can’t believe in 2014 we did 9 races. We still have one more race at Homestead at the end of this month with the BMW. I look back on 2014 and I think this was a transition year. We had some transition in the team and brought on new members. We are figuring out the Subaru and it is going through an overhaul this winter and will be reliable in 2015. We also purchased a BMW late in 2014 and will be implementing this in our 2015 schedule. Both cars will be valued at 504 points, so there will be zero laps on the cars for 2015. Why should you race with CYR? Last year we had three “arrive and drives†and they all were able to get sufficient track time in the two events they came with us. We also know how to have a good time on the track and off the track. We will treat you like our own and include you as a part of the team; there is usually a free meal somewhere during the weekend as well. Please ask around the ChumpCar community and find out more about our team if you have any hesitations. Also feel free to ask us any questions about our cars or just team atmosphere. Below you will find the schedule for 2015 and what events we are taking both cars to. There is a tiered based monetary system based on the experience you have with CYR. The cost includes the following: registration, hotel, tires, towing fuel, racing fuel, and maintenance costs formatted in the usual spreadsheet. You just have to pay for food and alcohol to run with CYR. Also there is a new payment structure for the CYR team in 2015. There is a $100 deposit due when you want to secure a seat. There is another $150 due 90 days before the event and then the remainder of the amount is due 60 days before the event. If you do not make any payments after the $100 and the 60 days has passed, then your $100 deposit is forfeited to the team. We accept cash, check or PayPal. Also if you do not have another $150 days after the 90 days, then your fee will increase due to a $200 late registration payment the team would incur. Track Date Travel Miles Travel Time Event Type Region # of Drivers Car Road America 4/18-4/19 628 12 hours D-7 Central 4 BMW Watkins Glen 5/22-5/24 1000 16 hours 4+8+8 East 4 BMW NCM 6/5 - 6/6 704 11 hours D7 East 4 BMW MIS 6/20 - 216 4 hours 14 Central 4 Subaru MIS 6/20 - 216 4 hours 14 Central 4 BMW VIR 8/7-8/9 1166 20 hours 24 East 6 Subaru Gingerman 8/22-8/23 328 6 hours D-8 Central 4 Subaru Gingerman 8/22-8/23 328 6 hours D-8 Central 4 BMW PIRC 10/3-10/4 580 9 hours Chumpionship East 4 Subaru PIRC 10/3-10/4 580 9 hours Chumpionship East 4 BMW Road America 10/17-10/18 628 12 hours Chumpionship Central 4 Subaru Road America 10/17-10/18 628 12 hours Chumpionship Central 4 BMW Homestead 12/28 - 12/31 2666 20 hours 38 East 9 BMW
  9. Guys, I received this stick welder yesterday for free. I asked a buddy if he knew how to weld as I spent Saturday "teaching" myself after some youtube videos, and using a $150 flux core "spark box" to horrific results. Let's just say, 30 min grinding for 2 min welding. Oh well, I've always been a dive in the deep end then figure it out, kind of guy. He said that he's got a welder that I could have as he can't weld anymore. Here it is: It cleaned up nicely and came with a ton of 1/8 and 3/32 rod. Is this think 10X for doing some body panels? Thanks all for your input, Clueless in ChumpCar
  10. Hey guys so I've got bail on my glorious chump plans, so I've got a ZX2 torn down that I've got to get rid of. Ready to be chumpified!! I'll post some pics tonight, but here's the list of stuff that is probably of value to any ZX2 teams: Shell, completely stripped down, sound deadening and rust is all out as well...we just started patching in the rust holes... Front suspension Zetec engine, strong runner, hasn't been apart yet Manual transmission stock wheels doors (passenger side is skinned) truck lid front fenders hood radiator and fan ECU used set of BFG Rivals I can probably be paid for most of this stuff in beer, and would love to have someone swing in with a trailer and pick up a good chunk of it all at once. I don't have much into this stuff, so I don't need to get much out of it. Just make me an offer and we'll work something out. Beers of choice: Pretty much anything from New Belgium, New Glarious Spotted Cow, Wisconsin Brew Co Amber Lagger....just sayin...
  11. At least 44 cars teched, and I got pictures of most of them (I know I missed the KH Mustang and the Green Piece of Crap at least). Album on Facebook here (should be public): https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10100868772140517.1073741825.5609978 Nice meeting our guest official from the PNW (hope you can survive the weather) and Dr Chump from the Hoon Platoon.
  12. Team Failcar is looking for new members! We've spent the past year with two core team members and an assortment of rental drivers, and would like to add a couple more people who are able to commit to more than just one race weekend at a time. We are located in Chicago, IL, and are racing a 1985 Saab 900 Turbo. We expect to participate mainly in races around the Midwest during the 2013 season, and might consider some farther away races if things are going well. Currently, we are building a new Saab 900 Turbo race car which we hope to have ready for Road America in April. We would like to expand to multiple race cars in the future as well. You would be expected to pay your share of entry fees, parts, and supplies – most likely $600-$1,000 per race, depending on broken parts, etc. We also ask that you be able to commit some time to working on the building/upkeep of the car and preparations for each race. You don’t have to be made of time (bonus points if you are), but it’s proved to be a lot of work for two people. Anyone who wants to just engineer/wrench is welcome too. Reply, PM or email teamfailcar@gmail.com if you’re interested or have questions!
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