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  1. One or two seats available in a quick and well sorted BMW 330. Full arrive and drive with data, telemetry and a motorhome. Message me or call for details. Matt 610-392-7020.
  2. For Sale is a 2003 BMW 330xi, sedan, Auto, clean title. Body has been painted but is in good shape and was a nice paint job. Interior is in good shape as well and all options worked including AC. The car was parked almost 2 years ago after the oil turned milky. Mileage currently unknown as the battery is gone and I can't find my jumper cables. Also included for the $1000 is a 2003 BMW 330ci with 150k miles on it. The car was being kept for the engine as a replacement for the XI. No title or keys,lots of body parts missing but drivetrain is complete. Send me a PM with a phone number and I can text pictures of both. $1000 gets both. Located in Memphis TN.
  3. Welcome to the biography of the John Allen Special USFail1 Chumpcar team! We are a TWO-TIME Optima Batteries ChumpCar World Series "Spirit of ChumpCar" award recipient. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK - John Allen Special Based in Atlanta, GA the team has been campaigning BMW E30s since its inception in December 2011. What started out as daydreaming and "what-ifs" during local car meets has evolved in to a full-blown 2 car effort. The team is currently comprised of 6 full-team team members, all of which have various backgrounds. Halston Pitman - Team Owner/Photographer Richard Sainato - Team Manager/Photographer Andrew Sides - Head Mechanic Thomas Bae - Mechanic Chris Nelson - Mechanic Justin Lipson - Lead Engineer Let's go back to the humble beginnings of Team JAS.... December 2011, Team JAS takes delivery of a humble and neglected BMW 325e Before the build, some fun was had... 2012 - Car #66 2013 - #80 is born We even made the cover of a magazine!! 2014 - A new year, a new livery, same old #80 2015 brings the start of Team JAS expanding to a 2-car effort, through a generous donation, the team receives a 2nd BMW E30 #80, reimagined.. #80 shares the track for the first time with her little sibling, #46 Unfortunately, at Sebring, the original #80 meets an untimely end 2016 - Another year, another build, the new #80, to carry on the legacy And from the ashes, like a phoenix, #80 rises
  4. https://tinyurl.com/45bss26w Some team is going to get a great car! Car is in Avon Park, FL $9K
  5. Race car ready and in good racing condition. Car just finished two events in the last few months. Have spare parts available.
  6. We got rid of our e30 chump car 6-7 years ago. I kept some of the spares thinking I would need to build another e30 . Not going to happen, have an e36 now.. E30 325i engine cylinder head complete, head/cam/rockers/valve cover/ the thought was to get a 2.7 E engine and place the complete head on it. To go along with the head there is the complete engine wiring harness and engine ECU. The only thing else would be an instrument tach that goes up to 7k instead of 5K Prefer to sell cylinder head/harness/ECU as a package. 300.00 In the stack of transmissions there should be a used e30 5 speed, 100.00 once confirmed that I still have. Need to dig in the diff pile for an used e30 rear diff, will confirm having it and ratio and LS before listing. OE stock used oil cooler, lines and oil filter adapter to install, 50.00. Might even have 2 set ups. Can supply pix for any parts if interested. Located Florida Panhandle near Defuniak Springs, FL. Plan on going to ChampCar Road America event end of October. Could deliver to event. Alpine Auto Racing Program Update: I do have have a transmission. Trans came out of a parts car that had a broken timing belt. Previous owner claimed trans was good. Enginerd it's yours if you want it. Looked for E30 diff, none to be found, only E36 diffs, sorry. Have pictures of cylinder head, ECU and harness if anyone is interested in those.
  7. I have a 95 M3 shell. What you see is what you get. The longer it sits here the more parts might get stripped off it. I do have a front bumper support and radiator support. Harness is complete with the exception of the trunk wiring. Pretty solid shell with the exception of some surface rust in the driver floorboard. Located 30 minutes south of Memphis Tennessee. No title. Car has Salvage history from airbag deployment. Driver door is white. Car is Cosmo Schwartz black. SOLD!
  8. Pit Maneuver Experts Racing Team is based out of the NW metro Atlanta area. Team members, all equal shareholders, Drew Huseby, William McCourt, Chris Porter and Mike McCourt. We are hoping to debut at the 2020 season opener at Road Atlanta and wherever else our budget allows us afterwards. The car is a 1987 Nissan 200sx/S12 coupe, powered by a BMW M50B25TU.
  9. Fastest car at Thompson. EC in Champs, Class 2 winner in AER. https://www.racingjunk.com/Road-Racing-Cars/184020415/BMW-E30-.html?category_id=&search=e30&quickSearch=1&np_offset=0&from=search#2
  10. Fiberglass e30 m3 front Evo II splitter. Bought and never installed. Will sell with wheel flares as a package for KA Motors wheel flares. Standard 1.25" front and 2" rear. Will sell with Evo Lip for $500 shipped as a package Parts are split between Knoxville and Memphis TN. Willing to work with buyer to have parts at an east coast race. Can PM or text me directly at 865-806-5540
  11. FOR SALE: 1999 BMW 328is, 2 door, 5 spd. Car is located in the people's republic of New Jersey, it has 218,000 miles (original clutch). I have enjoyed driving it for the past 10months, yet I only expected to drive for around 6months until I got my C4 Corvette on the road. Well, due to other projects, I didn't get to finish the C4 in time so I bought a 2001 Z06 as my daily. So, now I have this BMW which I would love to turn into a track car but I already have two other cars that i'm planning builds for (C4 and C10). So I am putting this BMW up for sale. The Good: It has maintenance and repair records going back to 2001. It runs really well, starts right up every time and I've put about 6000 miles on it and i've added only about half a quart of oil during that time. The motor internals seem to still be very strong. I do not see much rust at all, It's got bilsteins and lowering springs from the previous owner, I replaced thermostat housing and fan clutch and the heat is AMAZING. I had replaced a cam sensor a couple of months ago which did solve a slight drop in power, the new cam sensor brought it back to its rev happy self. It is still fun to drive and really feels good for its age. I think it's a solid platform to build a track car or as a daily. The Bad: It will probably need a new power steering pump soon, as well as a VANOS rebuild or its just a sticking VANOS. I have not had time to diagnose but intermittently the CEL appears with a code which indicates it could be related to VANOS. However, I have not noticed any drivability issues. The steering wheel makes the typical occasional whine at idle, it could just be a leak but then again probably needs a new pump. I have not had time to look thoroughly. It had a slight water leak at the windshield, around the area of the rear view mirror. I removed the headliner (which has fabric separation) to find the leak which I haven't put back yet. It would drip on occasion in heavy rain but never bothered me too much. I have stopped it for the most part with a black windshield sealant. The ABS light and traction control lights are on...this could be from the brake pedal switch which sometimes would cause the warning center to say that the brake lights aren't working...but the brake lights did work. Anyway, the switch needs to be replaced regardless, I think I have the replacement in my sack of stuff. Or it could be a wheel sensor etc. I haven't had time to really investigate. And lastly, since I hated slipping and sliding on the leather seats I cut out sections of the leather in order to make a cloth cover fit in a grippy fashion and every leather seat should grip this well...frack leather...lol. As I said I have some extra parts (water pump, coolant reservoir, BMW coolant, misc) I could slowly repair these issues and would love to keep the car to see if the engine and clutch make it to 250,000 miles but I have like 6 other vehicles....in that I also have a 2000 Ford Van which could be a great race hauler. I've thought about making this a track car, as an E36 is the standard for ChampCar but I just think the C4 as a track car would be a more interesting project. So, i've posted the BMW for sale here first, hoping some team out there is looking for a good E36 to start turning into a track car. Half of the issues are daily-driver type problems which would not matter for a race build. So, here it is, for sale $1500. I will post some more pics later.
  12. Top Garage Racing is looking for drivers for Sebring on September 21st. The Class C 2001 BMW 323i has a new engine and some performance upgrades but no penalty laps. Professionally prepared and supported by Hendricks Motorsports. Arrive & Drive included: full crew support, Cool Shirt Box, Radio Communication, Drink Bottle (holder) or we can supply bottles, Live feed, fuel, tires, drinks, food, etc. You will take care of your Lodging and transportation (to/from the track). You get 2 stints, each estimate 1.5hrs drive time, We give you an estimated driver line up before the race. You bend it, you mend it policy. Rental fee is $2250 plus returnable damage deposit $1000 (put on credit hold, like rental car company).
  13. I was racing at VIR this weekend, first of all what a great event and well done to everyone involved. There was one occasion where I completely outbraked myself while trying to defend three other cars going into the first corner. It was stupid and I shouldn't have done it, but hey that's racing. There was no contact and I managed to keep it on the black top so let's just move on without people calling me the idiot I already know I am. Anyway, I was hoping one of the cars behind me caught it on their in car video. I was in a white Nissan 240sx (#248 - Two Forties Racing) Behind me was an Orange BMW e36, one of the Porsches (I think green) and maybe an e30 It was on Sunday morning at about 10am
  14. As the title suggests, I am looking to get into ChampCar and we're looking for a Race Ready (or mostly Race Ready) car to buy. I would also prefer that it be in Florida so I can take a look at the car before buying. Please send any and all cars... Thanks for the help!!!
  15. Do you want to win Chump car (Champcar) races? Championships? Right now? Our multi race winning E30 Chumpcar is FOR SALE. Our 1987 325is with M52 engine swap has had multiple overall victories, podiums and 2x championship wins over the last 2 years. 2016 Results Chump Road Atlanta Running 3rd until 30min penalty at 11 hr mark! AER NJMP 1st in Class Chump Laguna Seca Double 6th, 2nd, 1st, 1st Chump Mosport 1st - Canadian Chumpion Chump Calabogie 3rd 2017 Results AER Road Atlanta 2nd in Class Chump Watkins Glen 4th + 2nd Chump VIR 24hrs 12th with lots of time in the pits Chump Mosport 3rd + 1st Chump Calabogie 1st - Canadian Chumpion A few lap times for reference: Watkins Glen 2:16.305 Road Atlanta 1:43.053 Laguna Seca 1:46.215 VIR 2:15.192 The car is for sale as it finished its last race this year. The benefit of this particular car to you is the 3 years of prep and testing to fine tune the suspension setup on this E30 to perfection. Everyone asks us how it corners so well. Our secret. Now yours. Yes the body work has some crinkles and dents. We will be installing new front fenders and hood prior to sale. Other car details: ATL Fuel cell (can fill 18 gallons in under 1 minute) 8x wheels (15x9 with used 245 RS4s) Racing Electronics complete radio system (car and pit with headset) Bimmerworld race shifter (tunnel mount) OMP HTE R Halo Seat Schroth Belts Side and rear windows are lexan Fire suppression No rust anywhere Former SpecE30 car 2017 AER and 2017 Chumpcar tech stickered Spares included with sale of car: 1x spare M52 motor (0 race hours) 1x spare G260 transmission 1x spare LSD differential 1x spare flywheel 1x spare clutch plate and pressure plate $12,500 USD Buy it and go win races. Fast drivers not included. Car is in Ottawa, Canada. I do have a past US title for the car. I don’t know anything about transferring the car into the US.
  16. $700 for a 4 door with a very solid body with very minimal rust. We've been keeping this as a spare just in case we wrecked another car. Well, now it is just taking up space and it is time for it to go. We do have a few sets of stock wheels if interested. We also have a motor that can go with the car if you are interested. Motor would not be installed! Side and rear windows still installed. No windshield. I will get a few pictures next time I am where the car is stored. We've had the car for the last 5 years and it has always been kept indoors. When we bought it, it was already a roller and part of a 3 car deal. it was being kept inside by the previous owner as well. This would be great for parts or to make a new track-only car out of. This car has no current title and will be sold on a bill of sale only. Thanks for your time, Joe
  17. Very competitive car and team. Message me for details. Matt
  18. No motor or trans most of interior is gone located in Statesville, NC Email if interested: dnag91@gmail.com
  19. Wasn't planning on doing Indy but a group of drivers contacted me for the whole car. I last ran Indy as crew chief for Jordan Taylor in the Stevenson Grand-Am Rolex Camaro. Would love to return with my own team, but the event is sold out and the wait list is probably too long as well. If there's a team that has entered but can't make it, I can buy the entry or offer seat time in the race in my car for the entry. Call or text Matt Connolly, 610-392-7020. Thanks
  20. SOLD SOLD SOLD Alas I am reluctantly putting my 1987 BMW E30 "Stoic" up for sale. It's been a fantastic car for me and my team who have run it in 2 Lemons events this past season. We ran it for 3 days at CMP in April and then just last week for 3 days at Road Atlanta. It has been incredibly reliable and a tonne of fun. We finished both races and it's an E30...so an absolute blast to drive. Throughout the 2 weekends we lost only 1hr at CMP with a broken 31yr old engine mount. - Running the ETA engine which is much more lively than you might think with the Turner Motorsport chipped DME. The TMS DME took 6 seconds of our best lap at CMP in my not-so-capable hands. We were able to run with the B25 E30s no problem. - LSD - I forget the ratio. Torque tested to 70ft/lbs fine and had fresh LSD Diff Oil put in before the Road Atlanta race. - 6pt G-Force Harness - Stamp dated July 2018 (bought in March this year...+ 2yrs from stamp date for life). - Tidy 6PT Roll Cage - 1 3/4 tubing with pinned sliding back support. Never a question asked during Tech. - Starter is on a sprung toggle switch - no keys. - Stock M20 B27 engine is very healthy. Doesn't use oil or water. A very slow oil leak (like 3-4 drops per week on the garage floor). I have brand new Oil Pan and Valve Cover Gaskets to go on it. - One race on the Clutch Friction and Pressure Plates....also replaced the rear Main Oil Seal while I had it apart (wasn't leaking...just may as well do it while the box is out). - Gearbox is very healthy also. No grinds, noises or refusal to into gear - fresh gear oil again before Road Atlanta. - One race on new engine mounts and gearbox mounts. - 4 full sets of wheels and tires...I forget the brands other than the TR Motorsports....they're all 15" and I'm running mostly Direzza 205s...a couple of Maxxis and a set of Toyo Proxes. Rubber is used but there's life still in most of them. - Battery relo to passenger side of engine bay (up against the bulkhead). - All under-hood fuel lines and vacuum lines replaced last March. - Dash is ratty looking but still in the car! All gauges work fine. Added an aftermarket Oil Pressure idiot light. - Driver's floor and pedals are covered in skate tape - my god this helped at Road Atlanta monsoon! - Headlights, tail lights and running lights work (can't say the same for the rest of the field at RA - thanks for the visibility guys). Wipers work - fresh blades. - What else....hmm, all spares I have come with it. I know I have brand new timing, steering pump and alternator belts...OEM DME but I'm forgetting stuff I'm sure... - It'll need fire suppression for Champ and Lemons for 2019. - Body is solid and straight, barely a dent on it...I do not believe this car has ever seen a road accident, a tire wall or a barrier. - Please see pics. I'm keeping the Kirkey seat pictured...but I have a brand new OMP TRS-E that'll come with it. I have the title...it's a Florida title with the name of guy 4 previous owners-ago. To summarise, it's a very tidy, simple race car that gave 4 guys ranging from 5' 9" to 6' 4" a hell of a lot of fun. We're starting a new project and if I had room I'd keep Stoic, but I don't so... Check and replace consumables as necessary and go racing, have fun...it starts every time. VPI...haven't checked the 2019 index, I think it would have come in at ~350pts for 2018 - that's a lot of go faster growing room. $6300. Contact me at: Email: darrenreed27@gmail.com Mob: Seven1Six 7TwoZero 8Three9Nine
  21. Seat open in winning E46. Complete arrive and drive, car has full crew, race telemetry and communications. Insurance available as well. Call Matt for details 610-392-7020
  22. E36 rust free shell. Perfect start for your race car build. I’ve had it in storage for several years in case I crashed my race car (SCCA). I’ve decided that I’ll be moving to a different chassis for my next build so I won’t be needing this backup any longer. I’m willing to deliver the car for a reasonable additional fee. It’s currently on my trailer and ready to go. Everything attached or inside included. Car has title. $750 Located in Kalamazoo, Michigan chris(dot)itterly(at)gmail(dot)com Send me an email and I'll share my phone number. Thanks
  23. One, possibly two seats for the 12 hour race including the test sessions Friday afternoon. Insurance is available, and this will be the least expensive race since it’s close to our shop and the entry fee is low. Call for details Matt 610-392-7020
  24. Used E36 Autopower roll cage. Good condition but you will want to repaint it. Includes sleeves and hardware to reinstall. Added seat-back bar. Ran it in Chumpcar several years ago, should still be legal as far as I know. Located in Medina, MN. No, I won't ship it. Craig Lovold (612) 418-6302 craigl@lovolds.com
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