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Found 8 results

  1. This car is extremely fast. The car runs in Champ Car with no penalty points. We raced in it two races at Sebring and one at Daytona about 4 years ago. We put the car up while we were having the engine rebuilt and getting it back out there now. The cage and the car were built by a reputable fabricator in Pinellas Park, Florida. Dan Partelo Race Cars. Dan has been building circle track cars and Trans Am cars for about 20 years. He has maintained and stored the car for me since we built it. He is downsizing his shop and I am moving up into a Trans Am car. That motivates the sale of this car. Text or call to Five-Seven4-529-Four Six 33. Engine: Rebuilt LT Gen 2 engine 5.7 Liter. The engine was rebuilt by George Pills of Southern Style Racing Engines, also in Pinellas Park, FL. No hours on new engine except for break in and street Testing. The engine has been converted to a carburetor set up with a 600 CFM Carb. The original EFI and Optispark ignition was just not reliable in a racing setting. So we switched. Transmission and Drive train: T56 6 speed transmission. Rebuild history is not know but it works well. The drive-line features a Quartermaster 7.25” triple disk clutch and hydraulic throw out bearing. This clutch setup greatly reduces the rotational inertia of the assembly and makes the car accelerate great out of corners. You can burn the tires off the car in almost every gear. Rear is stock 3.55:1 ratio out of a later model 2004 Camaro which means torsion differential. Brakes: Car has antilock brakes. The rear end, spindles and brakes on this car came from a later model 2004 Camaro. These brakes are much larger than the original brake package. Car stops on a dime. Brake package is Stainless Steel Brakes pads and rotors. Suspension: The car is equipped with BMR Racing lower springs and sway bars. You can look it up on the web. So car handles very well. Other: Car includes VHF radio and track transponder. Have the original rear and some other spare parts. Great fast car that can take the lead in SCCA, ChampCar or track day racing.
  2. 1987 Camaro, race ready, set up to run and has run 24 Hours of Lemons, ChampCar, and AER races. Two 2nd place finishes in ChampCar Class D at Watkins Glenn 2018. have Log Book Engine: 350cid about 330 HP , 1 piece rear, rebuilt with 1 race on the rebuild Lunati Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshaft , Promax heads roller rockers Intake Manifold: Edelbrock Carb Holly 600 cfm, vacumm secondary Transmission: Saginaw 4-speed Rear diff: Stock 3.42 with positraction Brakes: Disc brakes all 4 wheels. Bear 13” front upgrade/ stock rear, Proportioning valve Exhaust: Shorty Headers / single muffler Ignition: MSD HEI Cooling Bigger aluminum radaitor, flex fan Suspension: Stock with aftermarket springs. All suspension bushings were replaced with aftermarket performance items. The torque arm was replaced with aftermarket that connects to transmission tunnel rather than the transmission. Radio Wiring Completely wired for Icon radio system, including push to talk button on steering wheel Wheels and tires Steel wheels: 17" x 9" Nitto NT05 275/40 R17 Safety Full roll cage FireSense brand Fire system. The system has 2 pull handles and will spray the driver's feet and legs and engine compartment Plus a stand-alone extinguisher in the car. Race Quip 5 point harness Window and right side driver nets Kirkey seat Steering wheel Stock tilt wheel Additioal Features Active rear spoiler that responds to g loading Full electronic engine monitoring system that warns of impending problems and will shutdown engine on over temperature or loss of oil. Rev light and limiter. Extras Spare 350 4-bolt engine(Runs), clutch, presure plate, new and partially used brake pads, used rear end, radiator and 2 extra wheels Price $6,000 Reason for selling. I also have and am racing a1991Corvette. Building, maintaining and improving two race cars has taken it's toll, so one must go. More photos at http://http:egc247.com/camaro
  3. We're booking seats for Daytona! We are currently set to bring two cars, our Miata and our Camaro. We are a full service, "arrive and drive" team, you just show up and strap in! Message or call for more information! info@dpracecars.com 727-563-4932
  4. Camaro 2nd gen, well sorted, very competitive car, seat open for Road Atlanta 2/3/18. Team is experienced, been running in the series since 2010. 3rd overall Homestead Miami 24hour 2015, has run well every where it has raced, Daytona, Road Atlanta, Sebring, Charlotte, Homestead Miami email me : vhandley95@gmail.com
  5. CHUMPCAR World Series seats available for 14 hours at Sebring International Raceway on September 24th! All seat rentals are "arrive and drive", we provide the crew and all equipment/supplies, and also include each driver's name on the car, a professional photo package, custom t-shirts and more! Call, email or message for details!
  6. I'm getting ready to build my first chump car. I initially was going to run a neon but I already have an 83 trans am just sitting there and an engine and transmission from a truck taking up space in my garage. I realize the trans am is not the best candidate for an endurance racer and to make it worse it has to be an automatic. My youngest brother can't drive a stick and has been dealing with MS for a few years now and loves racing. He wants to do this so bad that I decided I'd foot the bill to build a car. My first question would be the engine that was in the trans am originally was a crossfire injected small block and a 700r4. The truck the engine came from is a 98 k1500 gmc with a vortec 350 and 4l80e. I've tried to figure out the swap math on it but the original engine is hard to find in the required conditions for the formula. Can anyone give me an idea if it will come with penalties and if so what would a suitable engine transmission replacement be for the car. The crossfire harness has been chopped up by the previous owner who put a carb on it. Next question is can a wheel wells be clearanced for a larger, wider tire? Thanks for any help and I wouldn't mind hearing advice from others who have run automatics as this I feel might be our biggest hurdle.
  7. Campaigning from the World Center of Racing, Lead Sled Racing started as a mediocre idea (it's all Mike's fault) and has blossomed into mediocre race results all while having a ton of fun, consuming too much alcohol, not properly saving for retirement, but most importantly meeting a lot of really great people along the way. Originally the brainchild of Mike, who posts as "Lead Sled", his intention was to get a bunch of old friends together to build and race a car. The original group had various levels of racing experience, some with quite a bit, some with zero. At the time, 2010, we had only heard of the citrus series, so our goal was to have a car complete for a 24 hour endurance race at PBIR. We needed a car... after mulling around some options, we determined that most of us have owned reasonably serious street cars and have ADD, so we need to be entertained - the car must be a V8. The only logical choice was a Lincoln Town Car. Why? Because it was free.... but it needed a motor.... Long before 50 page discussions on swap rules, long before "cheaty" was hip with the kids, back from an era when swaps were pure....... We knew the Lincoln MUST have a Vortec truck engine. Why? Because it was free. The original studly line up was: Mike Smith David Castello Tim Goeman Joe Pirtle Somewhere along the way our buddy Geoff Thompson joined the madness, and we also have a couple of "regulars" that drive with us as well, all of whom are friends or we met through Chump. Fast forward and here we are... 5 years and a lot of races later, we somehow have managed to not kill the Lincoln yet, oh but how we have tried - but she's a tough ol' girl and has served us well. Once some of the growing pains of the build and learning the nuances of endurance racing have come to pass, we have actually had reasonable results at some of the bigger field count races. Now there is a new addition to the Lead Sled stable, the Cage Gage Camaro. Technically it is a solo build, but I consider it part of the Lead Sled banner. Personally, I was extremely burnt out on racing, but this "silly" endurance racing has really grown on me and made me realize that I love racing for the sake of racing. Next thing you know, another car is in the works..... See everyone at the track!
  8. I am thinking about Building and Running a Chump car.. I am a old school guy and a Z28 Camaro sounds Right..4 players needed if you are interested gimme a shout. Thanks, Julian Jrice65@yahoo.com
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