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Found 3 results

  1. Have a 96 miata that we are selling as a spare car of ours. If you are in the Richmond area (or even if you arent) take a look at the cragslist post linked below and let me know if you have any questions. https://richmond.craigslist.org/cto/6221485498.html
  2. I'm trying to put something together and I don't have a 2009-2011 rulebook and I only became aware of ChumpCar in mid-2012. For me to finish what I'm working on, it would be helpful to understand the full history of how swaps were valued from the beginning. Thanks.
  3. Here is how to AIV pretty much automatically. While you're setting up the search, keep in mind it is going to be VERY easy to comb through ads that you're not interested in, so you might as well go a bit vague on the parameters and maybe catch one that is too high value for your AIV but interesting for other reasons. Disclaimer: I have never gone through tech/AIV judgement. That doesn't really matter as this is just a method and ends up with the same results I would imagine anyone would have. 1. Go to searchtempest.com 2. Put in your ZIP. 3. Select Within ANY distance and check CAN & MEX. 4. Enter your search terms. Searchtempest/CL supports doing advanced searches. Here is what I search for: (1984|1985|1986|1987|1988|84|85|86|87|88) bmw (535|535i|535is) In my example, I'm looking for e28 535i's. They were made from 1984-1988. Each of the |'s is a 'or'. I search for the full year and abbreviated. Next I add BMW as a static. If it doesn't have BMW in the ad, I don't see it. If your car is a multi-make you would want to make this a multiple choice also, like (Chevy|Chevrolet|Pontiac|GM|Geo|Isuzu). This is a good place to include any common mispellings, which sometimes have lower value because they can't sell them as easily. Next I add in my model and any way it might also be listed. Keep in mind each term is an exact match, so if someone lists a 535is as a '535si' or '5 series' I will not catch it. For some cars, it's worth it to include some fuzzy stuff (like '5') and get more hits from bad advertisers, and some it's better to be exact because you have plenty to pick from. Make sure All/Advanced is checked. 5. Select Sale/Wanted, Cars & Trucks - by owner. 6. Select Title Only (this has nothing to do with car titles, it means only check the Title of the advertisement.) You can uncheck this but so many sellers list unrelated 'keywords' in their ads to try and get you to look at their other model car. 7. Set a minimum price!. No one is going to realistically sell their car for 5$. $101 should be good. Set a maximum price at whatever your highest current AIV value is (maybe 1000$ if you're just starting?) 8. Click Search 9. Check through the results to make sure your search worked. Depending on how tight your price range is, you may not have any. 10. At the top right of the page, click 'Feeds for this Search' 11. On the next page, give the search a name (AIV for the uncreatives) and click Get RSS Feeds! 12. You will now download a .opml file. 13. If you already use a RSS reader, import this as per that reader's instructions. You may stop reading and start harvesting sweet effortless AIVs. If not, read on for instructions on setting this up in Google Reader. 14. Log in to Google Reader at http://www.google.com/reader/. It uses your gmail or other google account. You can sign up for such an account if you do not have one. 15. Click on the gear in the upper right hand corner, and Reader Settings 16. Click on the Import/Export tab 17. Click Choose File next to Select an OPML File 18. Browse to wherever you downloaded your .opml file and Open it 19. Click Upload. Now whenever you log in to Google Reader you will have a list of Ads from all over the continent for your car in your price range. You can view the text of the ad in Google Reader, and open the ads up if they are still listed. If you don't check as frequently, the ads might be gone. I don't see any issue with printing the google reader cached version of the ad. I recommend printing to PDF if you use a browser that supports it (or get CutePDF and do it from any browser). Here's an example of my google reader page: Notice the price is very easy to determine at a glance. Once I expand the ad, I can see the text and determine if it's a runner, if it has the correct equipment, and any other text from the ad. If I click the little northeast arrow circled in green, it takes me to the original ad, which is still listed and has pictures (where I find out it has an automatic.) Check it as frequently as you like, but if you wait too long you won't be able to view the original ad with pictures, and I don't know if printing the text only blurbs from GR would fly at inspection.
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