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Found 21 results

  1. I am 16 years old and I currently do go karting in my region. I have tons of sim experience. I have finished first in a 2 hour kart race at NJMP. I want to start a career path to IMSA GT4 and was looking at Spec Miata, then I stumbled apon ChamCar and it seemed interesting. I always love endurance racing so this really caught my attention. Email me at: ethanoring@gmail.com
  2. Capable driver looking for seats with established teams, location not important. I race a well-sorted E36 in Lemons, but my team doesn’t have the ability to race as much as I would like. I also race a vintage Fiat 124 in time attack occasionally. Please feel free to reach out with any openings. Thanks! -Pat
  3. I am a 16 year old looking for any ability to get in a race car for a stint, or be involved with a champcar team. I have extensive sim racing experience in Iracing, Assetto Corsa and Project Cars, and while I am aware that the gap from a game to a car is quite severe I am confident in saying that I would most likely stay more composed than an average newbie. I am also planning on doing the SCCA Track Night in America, at Nelson so by the race I would have some on-Track experience. Thanks for reading and I look to hearing from you
  4. We are looking for a driver to add to the team. We are located in Cave Creek area of Phoenix Arizona. If you live in the greater Phoenix Arizona area and are looking for a team give us a shout. The car is a 1984 BMW 318i with the original M10 four cylinder. It is slow on the straights but there are very few cars who can beat it in the corners. at the date of this posting January 2020, we are looking to add a new team member. we have run at the following tracks, Portland International Raceway, Auto-club Speedway Fontana, Utah Motorsports Campus, Laguna Seca and Inde Motorsports Wilcox AZ. our next race is Harris Hill San Marcos TX March 14-15, 2020. we typically run about four races a year. we are looking for a new teammate and driver, no experience needed, but you must be able to drive a manual transmission and fit in the seat. The only other thing of concern is the size of the driver, if the driver is a larger person, that person may or may not fit the race seat. One of my drivers is 6’1” and has a 44 waistline and he is snug in the seat. for more info drop me a line or find me on Facebook/Messenger JD Joseph Wyczalek or #AlchemyRacers see you on the track.
  5. Experienced driver looking for a seat for Thompson in September. I've done 3 Champcar races, Bondurant racing school, and TrackTime racing school. No wrecks so far . I'm not a great mechanic but happy to pick up a wrench to help out. I live in New Hampshire about 1.5 hrs from the speedway. If you are an out of town team and need a place to store the car before the race I have some space. Thanks, Mike
  6. Hey, thanks for taking the time to read this. I understand that many teams and companies won’t want to trust their assets to an inexperienced driver, but I have the willingness to learn and lots of time. I am 19 years old but I have a passion for speed. The car that initially got me interested in driving fast was a 1994 Chevy cavalier (weak I know). That was my first car, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better to learn how to drive a manual transmission on. It is with this car I learned that it isn’t always the speed of the car, but the driver, that wins races. I now drive a 2012 mustang and I have learned that speed surely helps! But I would greatly appreciate someone giving me a chance. You can email me at dakotawade2@icloud.com or text or call me at (417) 217-5130 Best regards, Dakota A. Wade
  7. Hello everyone hope you're having a good evening! My name is Jakob Prater I'm a young driver trying to get some more seat time on a moderate budget. I've run champ with my team a couple of times as well as Lemons whenever we started out. Working on getting a competition racing license and getting myself on the track more often! I'm on a modest budget (college student) but I'm scraping together every penny to my name to work higher in the league. If anyone has helpful links or advice on how to work your way into higher racing as a starving college student I'd love to hear it. Below is a list of races that I've been involved in with equal stints pretty much throughout! Thanks, Jakob Prater Let's Rock Racing (formerly APB Racing) - History 1. Lemons - MSR Houston - APB Racing - 12-13 Nov 2016 Drivers: Wes Prater; Jakob Prater; Lionel Bseiso 8+8 Enduro = 16 hours 2. Lemons - MSR Houston - Lets Rock Racing - 6-7 May 2017 Drivers: Wes Prater; Jakob Prater; Lionel Bseiso 8+8 Enduro = 16 hours 3. Lemons - MSR Houston - Lets Rock Racing - 11-12 Nov 2017 Drivers: Wes Prater; Jakob Prater; Lionel Bseiso; Fran Baker 8+8 Enduro = 16 hours 4. Champ - Harris Hill - Lets Rock Racing - 17-18 March 2018 Drivers: Wes Prater; Jakob Prater; Lionel Bseiso; Fran Baker 8+8 Enduro = 16 hours 5. Champ - Harris Hill - Lets Rock Racing - 29-30 Sept 2018 Drivers: Wes Prater; Jakob Prater; Lionel Bseiso; Fran Baker 8+8 Enduro = 16 hours 6. Lemons - MSR Houston - Lets Rock Racing - 10-11 Nov 2018 Drivers: Wes Prater; Jakob Prater; Lionel Bseiso; Fran Baker 24 hour Enduro = 24 hours Total Race time: 104 hours -as of 10 January 2019
  8. Looking to form a new team based in Dallas TX area, and participate in a couple races yearly, travelling further out depends on the car reliability and support from within the team to make the events. Need to fill a driver roster and pit crew. Already have a decent start for the car, Mazda Miata, pro roll-cage, a couple boxes of good parts, and a top-notch workshop. I'm bringing that, and experience wrenching and driving Miata. Now need to form a team, get more parts, and build it up. Goals: Enjoy racing events as participants Building a competitive car and improving performance Practice and demonstrate driving skills and skill advancement Work with people that also have an interest in the above Requirements: Driver seat fees Putting in time working on the car, team build weekends every 4-6 weeks Couple years of competitive driving experience, and an interest in advancing driving skill Ability to support/contribute/attend a couple of Champ races a year Ideas on direction of the build Send message with your info and a response regarding the above items, or arrange a call/meeting and discuss. Wingnut ChampCar stage: 0 - Origin
  9. Hey there, I'm looking to join a team at Fontana in November. I have never raced wheel to wheel but I should have a Lemons race under my belt by then. I run in open passing at track days and I have quite a bit of autocross experience including a couple visits to Nationals. I would consider myself a decently quick driver but more importantly I am not too hard on equipment and I try to keep a good awareness of what's going on around me, I really don't want to bend things. I am a decent wrench and I should be able to help out with anything short of an engine rebuild or equivalent. I am based in the SF Bay Area and am open to helping out beforehand or for the trip to the track. I also have all my own driver gear. I definitely like competition but I am really just looking for good track time at this point and to begin club racing soon. Neil - 650-391-3082 - NeilWMarvin@gmail.com
  10. Experience driver coach and Thunderhill racer who is the Current 2017 SFRSCCA, NORPAC and Rookie of the year is looking for a seat for the Thunderhill (or any race). I'm very interested in being part of a team that I can help out in the shop and at the track. Resume' attached ConnorSolisBio1 FINAL (1)pdf.pdf
  11. Metro Detroit location startup team, looking for team members / drivers for an endurance racing series in 2018. Proposed schedule for 2018 would include Nelson Ledges, Gingerman, Pittsburgh for the car based out of the Metro Detroit area. Proven Honda Fit SCCA race car with driver and hauler. The car holds track records for SCCA B-SPEC at Buttonwillow. Having recently moved to the Midwest, I’ve lost all of my close racing buddies. Shoot me a message here and we can start discussing details. First race is Jun, so time is critical already. Cheers, Chris
  12. Hi All, I am a recent college grad with racing experience (listed below) looking for California and AMP teams to join/rent for the event. I am competent and educated in what it takes to be fast and love to help out with whatever is needed, whether it be wrenching or assisting drivers (I understand how to read and teach/learn from track data.) I know I would be an asset to any team. Reach out and lets put something together for AMP, Auto Club, and/or Laguna Seca! Feel free to respond by thread or email for track video - cmengelage@hotmail.com iRacing Series Champion Skip Barber Indy Car Shootout - 5th/30 Overall @ AMP Two Champ Races @ Laguna Seca w/ team fast lap and no incidents. Thanks!
  13. Looking at getting into ChumpCar and looking for any teams looking for additional members. I am in NoVA have track and autox experience can also turn a wrench and have access to a good selection of tools. Do not currently hold a racing license but I am eligible for SCCA racing license just need to apply. Once again I am in the northern Virginia area and work in the greater DMV area so looking for a group in the area.
  14. Racing and instructing for over 45 years (yeah, I'm old), many race wins, 8 season championships, not too many busted cars. Experienced in all kinds of racecars, love to drive, easy on cars & teammates, can do semi-decent wrench work when necessary. Also "World's Fastest Novelist" (I wrote "THE LAST OPEN ROAD" book series & write a column, features & race reports for Vintage Motorsport magazine). Have a little experience at Laguna but not much. Looks like I'll be in the area around then & thought I'd sniff around.
  15. New driver and young wrench trying to find a team to drive and learn with. Few HPDE's and many AutoX events under my belt and as a plus I know my way around a toolbox well enough. Looking to gain experience. Eager to learn and wiling to commit the time.
  16. Need one driver for the double 7 @ Pitt race. Please email jcmmotorsport997@gmail.com, message, or text (seven one seven 300 0163) for more info. We run the E36 shown below. It has proven to be a reliable car and will only get faster.
  17. Anyone interested in starting a team in SE Minnesota? I live in Rochester MN, and have noticed a distinct lack of teams in the general surrounding area. I think it's time to fix that. Who's interested in helping me fix such a tradgedy? Looking forward to hearing from you guys, Joseph B.
  18. Folks it is simple. I want a seat for the race at COTA. I have raced cars, karts and motorcycles for well over thirty years. Lots of experience. I can send references. I would like to drive COTA as it is the one track I have not driven on in the entire country. Was there for the Moto GP and thought it was a technically very challenging track, particularly the esses. Please PM or email me and we can talk about all the critical stuff. ASFDDS@iCloud.com THANK YOU. Flatinfifth
  19. MMR has limited seats available for VIR & Daytona Our car is an 84 Camaro. We also have seats available for our MR2 (A class) at VIR. If we have enough interest we will take it to Daytona a well. Please message for details, included benefits, and costs. You can also email eric@ericmcclure.com.
  20. Hello! I'm Ted Hough, ex-pro driver currently taking a few gap years from racing to go get an education, however, I would love to be involved in a series like Chump-Car to stay sharp and have some fun! Attached to the topic will be a copy of my current racing resume if you're interested in more details or seeing how much experience I have at which tracks. I should also note that all my licenses are current and I have personal equipment ready for racing at a moments notice. (Current and approved Safety gear, HANS device, current spec Suit/Helmet/Gloves/Underwear etc.) I would love to do any races, especially in the mid-west (I am located in southern Minnesota, so I am available for races such as BIR and Road America.) BIR would be a particularly good choice for me, since I earned my competition license at BIR and have more experience there than at any other circuit. Circuit experience list (Also in PDF): Road America, BIR, VIR, COTA, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Homestead Miami Speedway (Road course), DCTC PDX course. Also experienced on nearly two dozen various Dirt and Asphalt ovals. (More details in available documents) I hope you have a good day, and look forward to meeting/racing with anybody interested! 2016 Ted Hough race resume April.pdf 2017 Ted Hough non-race resume v2Jan (1).pdf Edit Note: Video Reals are being edited and posted up now, I have poor internet so they will take a while, but there should be demo reals hosted on my Youtube page within the next 48 hours. Mostly On-board helmet cams from a B-Spec race at Road America, I hope they're too your liking once they're up.
  21. I am a local instructor for every HPDE that uses COTA.. I have nearly 50 Days (24hr days) of seat time at COTA and nearly equal in right hand side. I live in austin and can provide housing 40 minutes from the track and a personal chef ( wife is a professional chef) for our food needs... I race SCCA from 1973 to 1980 in the southern circuit and Mexico out of Houston. I left cars for racing sailboat competively until COTA was built in my town, I have been at COTA on average of 2 times a month. I am happy to buy a seat and i twist a mean wrench.. I have a Harris Hill membership also and lots of hours there 1:30 in a NA miata w/ 124 HP... 1:24 in a stock C6.. COTA times miata 2:40 and C6... ( hum have to look) TWS miata 2:00 and c6 1:55..
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