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Found 2 results

  1. I am helping a lemons team run a few chump races this year. For my consulting i get a seat in return, although it seems to be costing me almost as much as renting. If anyone else wants some top level tech advice in exchange for seat time let me know. Anyway the car is a 98 mercedes slk 230. The ecu is a nightmare. Throttle by wire, electronically clutched supercharger with electronic bypass valve and traction\stability control "vectoring" which tries to stop all skidding. They have welded the diff shut (it was open) and i have almost got them to give up on the idea of the abs ever working, because it has been hell trying to divorce the throttle cut stability crap out. The car literally turns off for 1-2 secs when the wheels slip. I have pulled a wheel speed sensor to disable abs\stability\tc and the car is actually a decent natural driving car, so it might just stay that way. Their biggest nightmare is the ecu going into limp mode and opening the recirc valve all the time (no boost). This happens regularly and we have only been able to fix it with full bootstrapping of the pcm (full reset). This works for about an hour and a half, then something gets hot and upset turning on limp mode. We get a maf code (airflow fault) but can never really trace it to a sensor. I have locked the supercharger pulley solid and wired the clutch in to look like it is there (in testing the clutch didn't last long....) This is also a 500 point vpi car with zero mods....add that to the pile.... I am leaning towards a stand alone ecu, but to get throttle by wire ecus we are talking 1,400 dollars. I am going to lobby for an equal to stock sized manual throttle body as a zero point engine control item. I could also maybe weld an arm on the stock butterfly, but i really hate hacking up safety stuff like throttle, brake or steering... The blower is before the throttle, so i either need to move the throttle to before the blower or use a recirc\blow off valve. I can try to control the stock one, but yet again what a nightmare. I am going to see if tech will consider blow off valves as engine controls (open) or if i am forced to get an ecu capable of running the stock one (assuming i can figure out the pin out). They have tried the "reflash, i know a guy" path and the car is still a disaster, so i am leery of that path ever panning out. Maybe if i control the recirc valve on my own... What do you guys think? Open to suggestions on what to do. The car is pretty decent when it runs, i could get it to the 1:46 mark at clt with only a few laps before the blower quit on me.
  2. Searching for people who would join me in wasting time by making an engine control unit from scratch. I have wasted enough time to have a working prototype Looking at the existing aftermarket engine control units I believe time has come for a simple, clear and extendable EFI project. We have boards under $20 running at speeds above 100MHz, we have some great real real-time operation systems - I believe these things combined should make a very simple EFI possible. I am a software developer by trade and race in the other series. You can get a hint on working with ECUs from http://rusefi.com/articles/tachometer/ and http://rusefi.com/articles/stimulator/ "stm32, C, ChibiOS/RT, KiCad" would be a brief description of this project.
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