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Found 2 results

  1. I have 2 1 car sets (8 4 total) of the Sport Edition (Tire Rack's brand) silver wheels shown. Mounted on one set are 225/45/17 BFG Rivals. The other set has 215/40/17 Direzza Star Specs on them. Each set of wheels has only been used for 1 race weekend, and are still in excellent condition. One wheel may have a few slight scratches, but the rest are all unscathed. 42mm Offset / 5.94" Backspacing; 4x108mm (4x4.25") bolt circle will fit Focus, Fox Body Mustang, T-Bird, Cougar, Contour, etc, along with some Volvo's and a few other weird cars. Tires on the rims are half used and will probably last another race weekend be ok for test days. I also have 4 more of the BFG's unmounted, that would probably last one 8 hour race, or be good for track days. The wheels / tires have been cleaned after usage, and have been stored indoors during the winters. They are virtually brand new. $300 per car set obo.
  2. Team Name: Red Shoe Racing Hometown: Port Huron, MI Number: #11 Car: 2001 Ford Focus ZX3 (Formerly 1985 Mercedes 190E) Region: Central (Formerly of North) Member list Drivers: Kyle House (Me), Joseph House, Rick Orzel, Spencer Battersby (select events) Non-drivers: Joseph Thornton, Jim Thornton, Andrew Godlewski (the man behind the curtain) Founded by myself and my father (Joseph House) in April of 2012, Red Shoe Racing is what you get when you ask the question, “how hard could it be?†Starting with a the Mercedes was based on it being a rear wheel drive, front engine, platform and not on any knowledge of anything about the car. Purchased for $600, not running, we brought it home and set to work. One year and some difficult “teach yourself German†sessions later and we had it running consistently and ready to tackle our first Chump event. Gingerman 2013, double 7’s: 19th Saturday, 15th Sunday We were by far the slowest thing out there, by a wide margin. We were off for 30 minutes on Saturday due to a fuel hose collapsing issue and about 20 minutes on Sunday as we burned through our front brakes and had to scramble to find our backup set. We saw the flag each day so we took that as a positive and looked forward to MIS in 8 weeks time. MIS 2013, double 7’s: 30 something Saturday (hour-ish of running), DNS Sunday Our good fortune turn right around at MIS. Engine power issues and a wheel jerking wobble whenever we applied the brakes. We had no idea what was causing the engine power issues, spent all morning working on it. Would get it running well in a straight line but as soon as we applied a load it would stall and die. We packed the car up, ate well Saturday night, got up early Sunday and were out before the driver’s meeting. We were so torn that we didn’t even look at the car for 2 months. Northern hibernation: We tinkered most of the winter months. Got the motor running well. Then just before we headed out to Gingerman we really got it running well. 0-100 in a third of a mile and still pulling. Figured we got it sorted and loaded up ready to take on the cookie. Gingerman 2014 14+6: Officially we weren’t there. We still aren’t sure someone didn’t steal our car on our travels down I-69. Showed up on Thursday, got setup and ready for testing on Friday. Fired the car up Friday, went to turn a lap and the top speed down the backstretch, 45. 45?! Hit pit road that lap and we tinkered on it until ten to six. It never did run like it did before we put it on the trailer. We withdrew from the Gingerman event and were headed home before the one hour mark on Saturday. MIS 2014 14 hour Saturday: 12th of 29 We got to MIS we two things. A motor that was running well enough to not be a hazard, and some courage to see what she’d do. The answer to that question was not near enough. We were once again the slowest thing out there by a wide margin. However, the car ran flawless all day with nearly the minimal time spent on pitroad. Don’t get me wrong, it would corner and stop faster than anything else out there, it just got destroyed on the banking. After running 6 of the 14 hours and looking dejected turning in our transponder, Wendy asked how we did and what we were running. Her comment, “Go get a Neon.†I owned a Neon, didn’t care for it. The Focus though, those are everywhere around our area and you can’t kill them, I have watched many people try. Northern Hibernation: In October we purchased a bright yellow 2001 Focus ZX3 for $600 (running this time) and have spent up to this point pulling it almost completely apart. The only thing still attached is the front subframe. Everything is getting cleaned up and derusted. It is a good little car. Motor should be back in and test fired this weekend and then it’s on to caging and safety items. We have a track day to shake it down in April and our first event will be at Watkins Glen in May. We didn’t plan on building two cars but for what it would take to trouble shoot the 190E, we are putting the Focus together. With the cost of parts we are able to run 4 events this year instead of 2. So we are excited. If you would like to get a hold of us, shoot us a message at the Facebook page in the signature. I am in charge of that page and will get back to you as soon as I can, within a day or two at the very most.
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