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Found 8 results

  1. The time has come. Our 1986 MK2 Vr6 Jetta is for sale. We have had great success with this car but unfortunately we no longer have the room for it. The Jetta was professionally swapped in the early 2000s and used as a show car before a hail storm dented the body and it was retired to a scca rallycross car. The vr6 conversion was completed using a 93 SLC donor car and included the full harness and fuse box. We acquired the car, finished stripping the interior and added the cage in 2013 and have numerous top 10 finishes including: 1st at NCM and 4th at Mid Ohio. The car has proven to be very reliable with a rash of broken axles as our only issue. This was corrected by replacing the front hubs. The car has raced at Charlotte, NCM, AMP, Road Atlanta, Mid Ohio, COTA, Barber, VIR, and PIR and can get 2hrs on fuel, depending on your driving style. However, 1:30 -1:45 was the norm for us. The car uses the factory SLC gauges and we've added a volt meter to watch the battery along with a thermostat override switch for the cooling fan. The car has bumps and bruises but has never been totaled, into a wall, t-boned etc. The worse damage is on the rear driver door and has been like that since we bought the car. The windshield is cracked but does not obstruct driver's view and has passed tech for 4yrs. Engine: 2.8 VR6 from a 98 Golf converted to OBD1 with ~150k. Single row timing chains and guides have been replaced. New oil pan, oil cooler, valve cover, and intake gaskets, new plugs. Trans: 02a with 02j shifter. Suspension: Bilstein HD with H&R springs, solid "R32" bushings, no front sway bar, H&R 28mm adjustable rear sway bar. Brakes: ABS, 97 Golf GTI front calipers and rotors with 93 Corrado SLC calipers and rotors in rear. Front rotors are Stoptech slotted with Hawk HT10 pads ~90% life. Rear rotors and pads are OEM quality with ~75% life. Cage: 1.5x.120 DOM professionally installed by TennFab in Knoxville TN. Fuel: stock tank with stock mk2 surge tank and secondary pump. Tires: 205/50/15 Maxxis victra vr-1. 95% tread. Put on new and driven in the rain for 2hrs. Spares: A complete list needs to be made but we have - Three sets of wheels/tires including the brand new set of Maxxis currently on the car. The other wheels are fitted with Falkens in various, usable, condition. Brand new radiator, brand new Hawk HT10 pads, rear rotors with bearings, front rotors, hood, front bumper, front radiator support, grill, factory headlights, CV axles, timing chain covers, exhaust manifolds, ob2 harness, belt tensioner, engine short block (needs checked), front hubs, ..... What the car needs: A new owner/ team that will lovingly drive the wheels off it. The belts, window net, fire system, transponder, seat, and radio have been removed from the car and will need to be added by the new owners according to their sanctioning bodies rules. The paint is showing its age and could use a refresh inside and out. A fresh alignment.... (we can't give you all our secrets ) The car is located in Knoxville, TN and comes with a clean TN title.
  2. Busted Axle Motorsports - #87 About Us: Busted Axle Motorsports was started in the Fall of 2011 with four misfit car enthusiasts and a couple of VW's. Founded in Knoxville, TN, our team consists of family, friends and co-workers. Since inception, we have competed in seven seasons of ChampCar and strive to make each season better than the last! Our Car: 2009 VW - Coming Soon!! Something special! Stay Tuned 1986 VW Jetta - Race preparation completed by Busted Axle Motorsports, Cage installation by TennFab 1993 VW Fox - SOLD - Race preparation completed by Busted Axle Motorsports, Cage installation by RPM Engineering Our Sponsors: These guys are awesome, check em out! Research, Design, Engineering - www.RDEfab.com The Original Deals Gap Photographer - www.Killboy.com VW and Audi Specialist - www.mfauto.com Engine and transmission fluids - Allegheny Petroleum The best brake/fuel lines and tools - www.brakequip.com The Team: Shaan Mohammed - Team Captain, Driver, Crew, Mechanic Skip Davis - Driver, Crew, Mechanic, Resident Electrical Guru Josh Mohammed - Driver, Crew, Mechanic, Resident Body Repair Specialist John Montgomery - Driver, Crew, Mechanic, Resident VW Expert Matt Ford - Driver, Crew, Mechanic, Resident VW Guru/Owner of MF Auto Accolades: 5th - Gateway Motorsports Park 3rd - Gateway Motorsports Park 1st - NCM 4th - Mid Ohio 9th - Pittsburgh International Raceway Chumpionship Champ Award - Pittsburgh International Raceway Numerous Top 10's Current Season: 2018 TBD - Car currently has blown engine and we are building a new car for 2019! We have to thank our friends and family who support us. We have an excellent support group of friends and family that have allowed us to stay at their houses, raid their refrigerators, store cars and parts in their garages, miss birthdays (or anniversaries ), and drink their beverages. Seriously...we have to thank them, or they may not let us do any of it again. photo credit: Sharif - www.forgedperformance.com Photo Credit: Darryl Cannon - www.killboy.com Photo Credit: Darryl Cannon - www.killboy.com Photo Credit: Darryl Cannon - www.killboy.com Photo Credit: Darryl Cannon - www.killboy.com
  3. Our Jetta is a 5 time other racing series 24 hour Veteran. It even finished all the races. So we literally dragged it out of the back 40, replaced a lot of stuff and now we are back to race Chumpcar. Most of our drivers have been racing for decades, but we will also be open to getting fairly new racers out there as well. You might recognize the names Jeffrey Arendas, Ashley Ervin and Glenn C Cranston, have done multiple Chumpcar events in the past. Chip Vance, and Chip Holst come from Vintage racing both of them race 914's. Then we have the Nelson Ledges track rat kids, Thomas Benham, Bryan Bartzi, and John Hinkle who have grown up with race cars and SCCA racing. I have been racing since 1987 in SCCA with either the ITB VW Rabbit, or GT-3 in my 914, or GT-2 in my 914-6. Most of the time Jeff and I will be on the drivers list, and the remaining slots will be filled by the rest of the guys as their budgets allow. Don't think we will be running for trophys much, but we will be serious about having fun.
  4. Hey VW Builders, We're prepping a beat up MK4 Jetta for Chump Car this year and trying to figure out the best way to run the kill switch. It looks like we'll need a 6 post switch to cut both battery and the alternator and wire it to not kill the alternator. I understand the theory, but wanted to know if anyone can offer any words of wisdom having done this. Do you have to just extend the positive cables from both the alternator and battery into the cabin through the firewall to reach the switch or is there somewhere you can pick each up by the fuse box that would work without a huge run of heavy gauge wire? Any advice would be great, I've googled this a bunch but can't find any specific insights. I have seen a bunch of pics of VWs in races, so hoping someone will help us get out there. Thanks! J
  5. SOLD Up for sale is a COMPLETE MK2 VW Golf race operation. This is a turn key racing solution to put you on the track asap in a car that is fast, fun, and easy to drive. $4,250 total (Car + Truck Load of massive spare parts inventory & safety equipment) Car is currently in Marion, SC, but can picked up to Simpsonville, SC if that saves you some travel. You are getting 6+ years of parts scrounging and car tuning in this package. Save yourself the headache of a new car build and ensure you can get back on the track when the inevitable crash/breakage occurs. Contact me through the forum or call to talk further: (864) 881-1790 Team SOB has successfully raced this MK2 Golf for 6 years in the Southeast, but we are now ready for something different and cleaning out the shop of all things VW. This car is extremely well sorted and has won both Class A and Class B trophies at CMP. The car has led Class A at 3 of the last other racing series races it participated in, but something stupid cropped up each time taking it out of contention. (alternator wire failure, oil cooler line leak, Tire puncture etc). It was running P5 at the 2013 VIR 24hr after 10hrs until the alternator died. The car is super easy to drive with predictable handling and awesome brakes.... will make average drivers look very good on the track. It is fast, light, and good on gas/brakes. Parts are plentiful and cheap. Car details: 1986 VW Golf GTI 2 door (~2,050 lb race ready with no driver) 2.0L 16V Engine with CIS-E Fuel injection (~135HP) Double Secret junkyard suspension setup. (Stiff 1970's era coil springs + Bilstein shocks) Huge Aluminum radiator Front Mount Oil Cooler Lexan side and rear windows Dash cluster with functional Speedo, Tach, and Fuel gauge Voltage, Oil Pressure, Water Temp gauges Low Oil pressure warning light Wink-style rear view mirror Momo steering wheel Featherlite driver seat 15" Wheels with Dunlop Star Spec tires Upgraded larger/stronger MK3 front hubs & brakes *Multiple other racing series podium finishes *Passed tech inspection at multiple tracks & crapcan race series *Never overheats in 100+ degree summer races *Can run 2.5 - 3 hrs on a tank of gas Spare parts included in sale: Bring a big trailer! Complete spare 2.0L 16V engine mounted to a 020 transmission - ready to install in car & go. Extra set of 15" wheels with used Dunlop Star Specs Complete front subframe & suspension + brakes, steering, etc. Complete rear swing arm suspension + disc brakes 4+ sets used front rotors Extra brake calipers Multiple used front Hawk Blue brake pads Complete front Strut/spring assembles including spindles Complete rear shock/spring assemblies Spare fuel tank, fuel pumps Complete spare CIS-E fuel distributor Complete engine wiring harness, ECU, ignition system, & knock box Set of front axles & CV joints Complete, rebuilt shifter box, shaft, assembly Multiple VW radiators Boxes of misc spares: Plug wires, Distributor, water hoses, water pump, gaskets, injectors, etc. Items NOT included with car: Seat belt harness - available for additional $ if buyer is interested. Two MK2 Jetta parts cars - available for additional $ if buyer is interested. Thanks, William
  6. Hi, this is just a feeler post. I need to get serious about putting my car together, been thinking about asking for help, forming a new team based in the NC Triangle area. My car is ready to be put back together now and thought that it was a good time to bring people on-board; the building part. The fun part ; ) The car is a 1989 MK2 VW Jetta Coupe. 8V Digifant with an ABA bottom end. So If you are a VW person, a front wheel drive ninja, or know what you're talking about 50% of the time, you could be a fit for me. Mostly I just want to get on track and have fun, socialize, be smart, see what develops. Well thanks for leads / ideas. I'll post some pics of the status of the machine next...
  7. I’m a new member to the forum and was hoping to connect with some members who are running VW’s. My friend and I live in the Los Angeles area and are thinking about putting together a car for some west coast chumpcar events. My friend already owns a 94 2.0 8V Jetta, so we were contemplating turning this into our chumpcar. That being said I was wondering if you might be able to give us a few setup pointers? What are the most important mods? How much weight can you get out of these cars? Is and ECU upgrade a good idea? Suspension? Fuel economy when racing? Tires? Tire wear? In your opinion, is this a platform that’s competitive? And anything else you’d like to share about your experience. Thanks in advance!
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