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Found 2 results

  1. Anyone want to form a team in upstate NY Finger Lakes region? I'm 25, work as an engineer. I competed in FSAE in college, worked as a mechanic part-time in school, and I'm really anxious to get back into wrenching. I have some tools, but no garage space.
  2. We have a 4-man crew of full-time drivers, plus several others waiting in the wings for their opportunity. So, I’m sorry, but we have no openings for drivers. However, our team is understaffed in every other way. The 4-man crew has managed to build the car, repair the car, and maintain the car. But, just barely … those seemingly simple tasks are keeping us busy, sometimes too busy. And, our race weekends are understaffed, and lack planning & organization. Our team is a lot of fun. And, our car is fast, but she was unreliable in 2012. During the coming year, there’s significant room for improvement if we focus on two things: 1) making the car more reliable, and 2) building an organization … a racing team capable of performing at higher levels. So, we’re looking for good people to join, and contribute to, our race team. What we’re looking for is really simple, and there are only three criteria: We want to be able to depend on you. So, we’re looking for people who will make a commitment and then be responsible and reliable. I know that sounds more like a business than a hobby or a passion. Maybe so … but, it’s how any effective team operates. So, ideally, you’ll volunteer to take on a job or, perhaps, a series of specific task for the team. At that point, teammates will be depending on you to complete the job or task. You need to be able to hear every imaginable profanity flying fast and furious without being offended or corrupted. You need to be able to drink Coors Light without complaining. At this point you might be thinking that this is all pretty vague. And, you’d be right. But, that’s because we don’t have a bunch of predefined jobs or expectations. What I have in mind is that you and I will have conversations … we’ll talk about your strengths and weaknesses, your life experiences, your passions, and your desires. Based on that, we’ll create a job that’s fit for you. We are open to everyone and there are no prejudices. No experience required. We can make use of anyone and everyone who is ready to help. Just off the top of my head, we can use: Marketing Executive, a people person, Computer or IT gal, Art Student, Video Editor, Project Manager, racing fan, lean manufacturing expert, Chef, Photographer, Swim Suit Model, House Painter, Parts Room Manager, Aerodynamicist, Welder, Draftsman, Athlete, Trainer, Bartender, Delivery Person, Accountant, Hostess, Seamstress, Electronic Circuit Designer, Model Maker, Machinist, Mechanic, Musician, Comedian, Teacher, Web Page Designer, Songwriter. I’ve even been with a race team that used a Rapper. What I’m trying to say is that if you’ve got an interest, we can probably figure out a way for you to help. Don’t let your uncertainties about how to contribute prevent you from contacting us, let that be our problem. And, if Steven Hawking is out there reading this, come-on over with your wheelchair and computerized speech box … we’ll have you develop some killer race strategies. Please, respond with your phone number and e-mail address to TreasureSolver@comcast.net
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