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Found 6 results

  1. $300 OBO. Lexan windshield custom fit for a first gen RX7. Raced once last year at Daytona and still in great condition. Some minor cracking around where the fasteners were. New Bern, NC, 28562
  2. Does anyone have pictures they can share of how they fastened their Lexan windows onto their car as reference? Were gonna put Lexan I for our rear windows in our Honda Accord.
  3. A couple of old and/or inconsequential threads inspired me to collect some thoughts in a place that people are likely to find it. I will start with the high level point and then include some supporting info. A shout out to @skierman64 and @Hi_Im_Will for their input on this. SUMMARY: All car owners that don't have rear "glass" installed (i.e. lexan) should strongly consider installing it. Reasons: It may save a life. The lack of side and rear windows causes the windshield to create a low pressure area where the driver is sitting and can suck fire (or Carbon Monoxide) into the cockpit. This isn't a hypothetical - both have happened and one of them was a very close call. Had the car owner not been young, nimble, and very familiar with his car, he would have been badly injured or killed. It may make your car faster. In almost all cases, you will reduce drag by putting the rear "glass" back in. (Note, I am not talking about cars that have no front "glass"). It drastically reduces the amount of rain/mist that swirls into the cockpit, and will make driving in wet conditions safer and more enjoyable. There are reasons why the rules used to tell you to remove your glass, but events that have happened since then have provided data to suggest that the reasoning was misguided. I'm not going to write a novel on that - you can find it in other posts if you choose to look for it. I wasn't sure if just putting the back window in would do the job, so I consulted with Will. He shot me a bunch of impressive stuff and an interpretation that said having the side glass gave some benefit, but the vast majority of the benefit could be gained by the installation of just the rear glass. Here is the link to what happens if you don't have any glass other than the windshield and you have a fire: Here is some more of the backstory. It was posted in an E36 thread so I can't imagine very many people were reading it @skierman64 added this to the thread: "Oh, while you're at it, make sure all the holes in your firewall are sealed with some kind of metal or at least metallic tape. There was a under hood fire at COTA last year that got into the cabin of the car through firewall holes. The driver suffered some significant burns due to someone not prepping the car properly and sealing up firewall holes before the race." Here is the link to that incident, as well as a thread that went into the topic pretty well http://sopwithmotorsports.com/blog/short-track-racing/item/342-trapped-in-a-burning-race-car-part-i.html If you decide to blow off the suggestion, you may still want to consider getting this for your cockpit (thanks @Jamie). It will let your driver figure out whether or not the stuff coming into the cockpit will kill him (not fire, Carbon Monoxide) https://www.amazon.com/Quantum-Multi-Level-Carbon-Monoxide-Detector/dp/B003UDAHIO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1488932145&sr=8-1&keywords=carbon+monoxide+detector+for+car My final safety item for the evening: I saw a car at VIR that had the fuel filler almost straight above the side-exhaust pipe. I assume they located the filler there (it wasn't the stock location) because they wanted to have the filler on the side nearest the pit wall (most tracks, that will be the passenger side). I assume they decided to exit the exhaust on the passenger side because it made for slightly less noise for the driver. Both decisions make sense when made alone, but when the inevitable "small spill" occurs we will have a very ugly situation on our hands. Please look at your car and make sure you aren't at risk for what follows below (OK so I MIGHT have exaggerated on this one!) In all seriousness, if the spill happens and a small fire ball erupts, the gas man could drop the dump can which would provide a LARGE fire ball that could affect a lot of people.
  4. Wait...free Lexan and not a single topic thread? It's not like it was the subject of any posts in the past...
  5. Large inventory of used Nascar parts: 9" Ford ring & pinions, brake pads new and used, all types of ducting, electric fans, braided hose and hose ends, aluminum seats, exhaust parts, coolers, radiators, lots more. You can buy some really good parts and have substantial savings at the same time. Inquire and I will send pictures.
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