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Found 1 result

  1. New name. VPI... Vehicle Performance Index replaces MPV. New era, new names. Now remember. This goes into effect January 1, 2017. It most likely will be tweaked as you find issues. Let me repeat this. It will most likely be tweaked as we find issues. See above. Before panicking and blasting ChumpCar if your swap numbers are into the zillions of points, please step back, take a breath, and post your findings. You can send a NICE email explaining the issue to tech@chumpcar.com as well. Include documentation or links, screen shots, letters from your mother, anything you have to help them determine if there is an error, or that your 900hp 454 CID really is worth 10,000 laps in a 1986 Yugo. To give an idea visually how the formulas work, please refer to the photo. as you near the max power to weight of the car, the formula moves the points curve up fast. So... here we go. Remember, be gentle with the bosses and board. This is a HUGE project. There has been a lot of yelling and screaming with a lot of emojis being slung back and forth during online meetings. Super Important Update #0: From Mike Chisek - 1. We will be establishing the weights and HP of every car. This will take some time. It will make the system automated, and less chance of fudging. 2. Turbo swaps incur an additional 100 points on top of the calculator. 3. Swaps are no more easy or enticing than they were last year. The trick is still, as has always been, get a good base car and race it with good drivers. Swaps won’t change that. 4. The output of the calculator gives the swap value only. Other parts still add to the final VPI. 5. The only other option for those concerned the series is becoming a “money series” is to go all stock. No changes whatsoever. But as we know, that is the recipe for a spec series. UPDATE #1: For 2017... the word is that some performance items points will be changing. I am only going by chatter I have heard. nothing official. But assume it is. UPDATE #2: Ok, so you just discovered that you can add 200hp and still not get laps. <--exaggeration... So, remember that the faster you go, the more fuel you use. The more times you will stop for fuel. The faster you go, the more brake pad you use slowing for the corners. So you may have to change pads, which keeps you in the pits longer. Think of all the issues before jumping onto the swap bandwagon. UPDATE #3: The 50 point engine swap fee is included in the formula. Additional swap parts, like Transmissions, transaxles and rear differentials will be additional points that will be available in the 2017 rule book. UPDATE #4: The Formula. IF(((16-(weight/(HP+hpAdd))))>0,0.00128*(16-(weight/(HP+hpAdd)))^8,0)+50 UPDATE#5: In 2017 you will be able to ignore car-part.com and just use the 25 point tax for a transmission swap, plus materials costs for mounts. UPDATE #6: WATCH THIS FIRST! Mike Chisek Red Flag Video concerning Swaps UPDATE #7: Turbo Swap? Calculator Output + 100 Points. <! Being Reviewed, will post when we have an update --> UPDATE #8: http://chumpcar.com/vpi/index.php
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