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Found 7 results

  1. I'm posting this as a service to Focus teams. I am drumming up interest in a "group buy" to purchase aftermarket, unbreakable front hubs. It seems that more Foci are joining the series. One of the Focus' weak links is it's front hubs, which are prone to breaking when subjected to high loading. I've got a whole picture folder called "Focus Hubs" that has multiple pictures of other folks' broken hubs. Just as the tags above say, when this happens, you can lose a wheel, the axle shaft breaks off at the spline, and sometimes caliper and caliper bracket damage occurs. In severe cas
  2. For sale, brand new HANS 3 M, with mounting anchors. $425 shipped anywhere in the US. Never used, still has tags and carrying bag.
  3. Hey everyone, I may be posting this a little late, but I am wondering about the rule regarding the X-Brace door bar design. NASA tech approves the 'x' design without gussets and as far as I am aware, if it will pass NASA tech, then it should pass ChampCar tech, correct? I can get the gussets put in, but if the answer is a definitive "it will pass", then I'd rather spend my time doing other things. Here is a picture of the door bar as it stands, right now (the driver's side is identical):
  4. I pulled this out of the other thread on harness expiration. I'm hoping @Mopar 63 and/or @chisek could chime in and maybe add the official response on these to the Technical Q&A forum? The valid date/expiration date is explicitly called out for certain components in the 2018 BCCR, but not for others. There have been reports of items being rejected as expired by Tech @ the racetrack. I'm hoping these can be clarified for everybody (including the tech inspectors) Series wide. In July of 2016 (per the post from @chisek) a petition was submitted to the board to forma
  5. So I had an incident last Sunday that could have been real bad. Actually, scratch that, it involved a fire so it was real bad, but it could have been much worse. I'm going to share some of the details with the chump community so hopefully this does not happen to anyone else, especially since the specific issue did not seem to come up in the previous few threads about battery containers and hold down straps. So what happened? At our last race (Laguna Seca in July) we had a CV joint bushing explode on Saturday, which smothered our alternator to death in axle grease, which lead to
  6. Looking for harness alternatives... if they exist! Schroth Enduro obviously are awesome, and the Profi 6H. Racetech makes one that looks nice also. But when they start at $360 and shoot up to almost $600, it's tough. Any alternatives to those three for a camlock, HANS, 2" lap belt FIA harness? Yes, I know that's a big ask, I'm picky!
  7. A couple of old and/or inconsequential threads inspired me to collect some thoughts in a place that people are likely to find it. I will start with the high level point and then include some supporting info. A shout out to @skierman64 and @Hi_Im_Will for their input on this. SUMMARY: All car owners that don't have rear "glass" installed (i.e. lexan) should strongly consider installing it. Reasons: It may save a life. The lack of side and rear windows causes the windshield to create a low pressure area where the driver is sitting and can suck fire (or Carbon Mo
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