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Found 7 results

  1. Very competitive car and team. Message me for details. Matt
  2. One or two seats available in a quick and well sorted BMW 330. Full arrive and drive with data, telemetry and a motorhome. Message me or call for details. Matt 610-392-7020.
  3. One, possibly two seats for the 12 hour race including the test sessions Friday afternoon. Insurance is available, and this will be the least expensive race since it’s close to our shop and the entry fee is low. Call for details Matt 610-392-7020
  4. Very competitive and reliable E36 Coupe. Full arrive and drive program, all you need to do is show up and drive. Call or text Matt Connolly for details. 610-392-7020
  5. Team heading to Laguna this weekend has a seat available for Saturday and Sunday @ $500 for both days. Good team, good car (Mazda RX7) finished second in class last year and 13 overall. I'm usually their 4th, but out of the country due to last minute travel. Let me know if your available & interested. Best, Glynn
  6. Preface: Post time, sort of - "we" are full up with five drivers. BUT - if you're related to Timo Makinenn, Paddy Hopkirk, Arie Vaatenen or any of the stunt drivers for the original Italian Job movie, I'll make room for you... Our Story: Hey there! I've had a gauntlet thrown down in front of me - dust off my old Mini, for the 24 at Buttonwillow. I'm a lemons guy, but looking to see if there is a place we can run *this* car... And - Lemons doesn't have a 24 near me this year, and I really like that pain. Spank (Mike Spangler) of Lemons hooptie-assed Index of Effluency fame has a "real" race car, a butt-ugly Mini he had intended to run in VARA. Sean Windrum of somewhere in the Pacnorthwest has a Mini he cobbled together from some damaged-and-rusty Canadian car. They have declared "we" will launch an assault on the 24hr, to see if-and-how-well our cheaty cars do under true duress. the car is a 1964 mini, I bought for $250 with some rather interesting suspension and body mods. someone was going to put a rabbit engine in and drag race it. It got a massive transfusion of parts from my rolled-off-the-fwy-at-70 Autocross car (value? yeah, right - nobody wanted any part of it) The Cheaty stuff is the millions of dollars of new parts needed just to hang it all together... which is the reason it's EC. It has an engine that MUST burn race gas. Fortunately it only burns about 4.5gl/hr - but it only has an 8-gal tank, means 1-1/2 hour stints. It has not run in this configuration, ever. (But all the bits did, in one or two other cars, at one time or another- or something like that) It is LHD (normal) and will (probably) sport a 15" uncomfortable Kirkey seat. I've fielded the '64 VW beetle Scrubbing Bubble in lemons for 19 races and about 7000 race miles - it's "done" for a while. As owner and captain "We" have done 4 24hr races - won one in class "C" (remember, lemons) in Texas. We know what it takes - The Mini will NOT be a Chumps winner, but it should be fairly quick and pretty damn fun. Truth, the better vintage Minis make 2:15 at B-willow in the config we're running - this car won't be that fast (they only run twenty minutes' session and are on slicks). the car and I are out of Sacramento. Estimated cost/driver = $750/per if four drivers $600/per if five, $500/ea for six. ~this covers pretty much everything, tow there, entry fee, estimated gas, set of tires, food! etc. ~this does not cover in-race damage that may need money to fix One more time - this is NOT a BMW-beating car. It MIGHT give a stock 1984 CRX a run for the money. This IS a race between three Minis. Mine is Awesome. (they all say that) I could use a bit of help building the car - it's still in assembly... email, phone, drop by. Mike 916-606-3938 corseted@hotmail.com
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