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Found 38 results

  1. Capable driver looking for seats with established teams, location not important. I race a well-sorted E36 in Lemons, but my team doesn’t have the ability to race as much as I would like. I also race a vintage Fiat 124 in time attack occasionally. Please feel free to reach out with any openings. Thanks! -Pat
  2. Hello everyone, have been working over the past year to begin building our champcar. I happened to have a racing seat lying around but the rules are somewhat ambiguous as to what is really required of a seat. The seat i have can be found here http://snctuning.com/snc-tuning/snc-tuning-sp2-full-bucket-seat/g-71699.aspx . It is a FRP seat and I am not sure if these are legal or not. And even if they are, is a fiberglass seat going to kill me in the event of a crash? Have never had a race car before so I have no idea if fiberglass seats are common in this kind of competition or not. If this seat is in fact dangerous, any suggestions on a good safe seat to buy? I have been shopping the kirkey 71 series and OMP seats. Any advice regarding seats is valuable info to me. Thanks!
  3. Hey there, I'm looking to join a team at Fontana in November. I have never raced wheel to wheel but I should have a Lemons race under my belt by then. I run in open passing at track days and I have quite a bit of autocross experience including a couple visits to Nationals. I would consider myself a decently quick driver but more importantly I am not too hard on equipment and I try to keep a good awareness of what's going on around me, I really don't want to bend things. I am a decent wrench and I should be able to help out with anything short of an engine rebuild or equivalent. I am based in the SF Bay Area and am open to helping out beforehand or for the trip to the track. I also have all my own driver gear. I definitely like competition but I am really just looking for good track time at this point and to begin club racing soon. Neil - 650-391-3082 - NeilWMarvin@gmail.com
  4. Looks like i might have a seat opening up for Sebring. we have a 1990 Miata the ran super reliable at Daytona, we could not have been happier with it. we took a heavy lap penalty due to some adjustable shocks but still finished reasonably well considering. the shock issue is resolved so i expect a much better finish at Sebring. looking at 800 a seat and 500 crash deposit that will be refunded at the end of the race.
  5. Camaro 2nd gen, well sorted, very competitive car, seat open for Road Atlanta 2/3/18. Team is experienced, been running in the series since 2010. 3rd overall Homestead Miami 24hour 2015, has run well every where it has raced, Daytona, Road Atlanta, Sebring, Charlotte, Homestead Miami email me : vhandley95@gmail.com
  6. For sale is a used Kirkey Racing seat 18" intermediate with cover Price is $100
  7. Need one driver for the double 7 @ Pitt race. Please email jcmmotorsport997@gmail.com, message, or text (seven one seven 300 0163) for more info. We run the E36 shown below. It has proven to be a reliable car and will only get faster.
  8. Multi-time participant in ChumpCar throughout the NW (and one foray to Daytona), seeks seat time for Laguna event. It could be the mid-week days if that helps. Easy on equipment. Comfortable rwd or fwd race cars. I'm not usually the fastest (nor slowest) driver on team. References available. Kellen
  9. Hey all! My name's Colin Head and I have been looking onto this racing series for some time now, and would like to get some information on participating. I currently have no interest in forming my own team, and from what Ive read on here, it seems that teams are looking for team members pretty regularly. My main interest would be a driving seat on a team, but would certainly be interested in becoming a crew member to get an idea of what "goes down" at these events. Driving wise, I have completed a 4-day Grand Prix Road Racing course at the Bob Bondurant school, as well as a 2-Day Advanced Road Racing course. Just looking to make some contacts and gain some info on how I can get in on the fun! Even if that means just linking me to other forum posts with pertinent information, that's fine too! This community seems really cool, so any advise or direction would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  10. CHUMPCAR World Series seats available for 14 hours at Sebring International Raceway on September 24th! All seat rentals are "arrive and drive", we provide the crew and all equipment/supplies, and also include each driver's name on the car, a professional photo package, custom t-shirts and more! Call, email or message for details!
  11. MMR has 2 stints (4 hrs) remaining in our class A mr2, for Daytona - April 2. Funded drivers will receive numerous all-inclusive benefits in addition to driving time in Competitive car. Guaranteed fun. Team co-owner Hal Martin, former xfinity series driver, will be a teammate. We have several openings for Watkins Glen and COTA. Additional teammate will be Caleb Holman of the truck series. For pricing & details contact: 276-451-0757 or eric@ericmcclure.com. We would love to have you be a part of our team
  12. Hello everyone and welcome to the 2016 endurance racing season! We would like to invite capable drivers to join us as we focus on our home tracks around Indiana. NCM, Mid-Ohio, Gingerman, and PittRace are all present and accounted for! We've been around for a while and know the ropes, at least we think we do. Our number 1 priority is safety, and then reliability, fun, and competition are all lumped into #2. The racing community is our family, come join us! Take a peek at our website, the schedule and current openings are located HERE. If you have any questions I can be reached through the forums, the website, or directly at thing3racing at gmail . com Justin
  13. Looking for seat at VIR South March 5. Have raced south course. 3 years Chump experience without being on the tow hook. Text or call: Mike Coleman 508-454-1674 or email: mjcoleman1946@gmail.com
  14. Our team is currently in the midst of building a 97 neon sedan. Though this is a new build for chump we do have experience building a reliable lemons car in the past. The team currently consists of a BMW mechanic, and ex heavy equipment mechanic and a engineer(not one who thinks he knows everything though). We have 3 seats filled for the race in Feb at Road Atlanta and need another driver and could definitely use some help in the pits. We are located in Summerville SC and would love to find a local driver or crew to help finish the build however we are definitely open to non local drivers who at least have some track experience or if your just looking to have some people to link up with at the track and give a hand. We plan on doing the track day on Friday before the race so all drivers should be able to have a little seat time before the race. If interested contact David at 843-two five nine-9140 or email Dmand24atyahoo.com
  15. I'm a driver looking for a seat at the VIR double 7 Dec 5 weekend. I've been a driving instructor for 20yrs, ran SCCA sprint and endurance races with wins, driven and raced many different front and rear wheel drive cars and in my last Chumpcar race in June 2015, set the fastest lap of the race and we won 1st place overall. (in a car I'd never driven before) I can give you my full 'race resume' with more details if you have an open seat. Thanks, Sean 410-279-5631
  16. I'm getting back into racing after a break (I did some SCCA racing a long time ago - had an enduro win at Summit Point and a sprint win at Nelson Ledges). I've been doing HPDE events pretty regularly over the years since then and can turn some pretty quick and consistent laps, but I'm probably not going to set a lap record. I'm easy on the equipment (all of the cars I raced back in the day were Showroom Stock cars with awful brakes, so I learned to turn good laps without destroying brake pads). I'm a decent amateur mechanic (I have done the maintenance on my track cars myself). Anyone got a seat open?
  17. I am looking for a driver with at least one race of door to door experience. Some info about my car and the team: It is a 1995 Mustang GT. Not much has been done to improve HP, but it has typical 302/5.0 HP and will walk away from you if you aren’t careful exiting turns. Most of my modifications have been to durability and handling. I think it’ll start 5 laps down under this year’s Chump rules, but that’s really hard to predict until they look at it. * We are looking for realistic, level headed drivers who have some door to do experience. Winning is nice, no question about it, but the only purse is Chump Change. Shoving your way through will make no difference in your podium purse, but avoidable contact will make a difference in your wallet after you’ve paid me for repairs. * Our number one priority is to finish the race. Endurance racing isn’t about who goes the fastest, but who goes the furthest. If you are 5 seconds per lap faster than anyone else, but run off the track or get black flagged for contact or cause breakage on the car you’ll lose all of that time plus more. * It’s a budget car for Christ’s sake, it won’t hold up to ham fists and bang shifters… so don’t. * I prefer a team approach to repairs. In theory since you don’t own the car, you can sit and watch as we work on the car, but you might as well hold the steering wheel at the same time since it’s behind the wheel time you’re wasting while the car is in the pit. The longer it’s in the pit, the less we all get to drive. * The idea is to race hard and try to win but never knowingly break the rules and always be able to drive the car on the trailer. The PIR race will cost $810 and will split driving time between 4 drivers. (I charge $45 per race length hours so PIR’s 18 hours comes to $810. I don’t provide your chumpcar membership, lodging or meals, but pay for all other consumables and entry for the car. Give me a call if you're interested. Five Zero Three-Three 20-732 Seven Len White
  18. I'm looking for 2 drivers with racing experience or at least advanced level HPDE. This will be a 4 driver team plus crew members. 24hrs chump race at VIR on Aug 7-9 I have an E36 328i team that has done well in the last 3 events we have entered. The car has had a full bottom's up rebuild. All bushings, bearings, and wearable components you can think of have been replaced with new OEM parts. Last year's 24hr race we finished 15th/100. The car is fast and reliable and we're working on improving it to finish better than last year. Feel free to contact me with your background information and questions you may have. I can share pictures of the build to interested parties. Thanks, -Roberto 203-297-7534 rcrescencio@gmail.com
  19. Hey, everyone! If anyone is looking for an extra driver, I would love to help with that. I am currently an ITA driver in CFR SCCA and LOVE Daytona. Send me a message. Thanks! And, by the way, if you haven't seen the new movie about Paul Newman, called "Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman," watch it! Here is my driving history...not much but always looking to drive some more! CREDENTIALS S.C.C.A. Full Competition License Florida Driver License RACING EXPERIENCE Skip Barber MX-5 3-Day Racing School Graduate Sebring Turkey Trot 2014- ITA Class Sebring Cabin Fever 2015- ITA Class Daytona Classic 2015- ITA Class Daytona Classic Endurance Race 2015- ITA Class PERFORMANCE DRIVING EXPERIENCE Performance Driving Group Instructor at Daytona and PBIR Hooked on Driving Instructor at PBIR PDG 200 Level Daytona/PBIR S.C.C.A. Autocross Instructor/Daytona (Central Florida/Will) S.C.C.A. Autocross Solo events S.C.C.A. PDX Intermediate/Advance group NASA Hyperdrive participant NASA HPDE participant Celebration Exotic Car Festival Rally for multiple years South Florida Toys Rally Suncoast Motorsports Toys for Tots Rally TAG Karts
  20. I know that there are some other discussions about seat belts but I haven't been able to answer my question. So we have a tall driver and very short driver and need to make the seating work. I'm thinking about building a mounting plate that will go on top of the seat sliders and underneath the seat mounts. I have side mounts on the seat. Then have a cross member run from side to side under the crotch hole. The idea being that the crotch belt will mount to this frame so when we slide the seat the seat belt will still be lined up correctly. Also can I just mount the lap belt anchors to the seat brackets, they are tall side mounts like this in one of the extra holes, that way the seat belt will slide with the seat and work in every position. I guess I'm not sure if this would be a safety issue or not, you'd be relying on the seat sliders as the weak point in this equation?
  21. Good skills, race craft and speed...with a respect for equipment and other drivers on track. Looking to get a seat for the Chump Car in Watkins, on May 22-24. If you have one available, check out the "about me page" and contact me. Thanks!
  22. Hey yall, My ChumpCar Team (Battlewagon) is racing in Daytona for their third race. I do not have a race license yet, so I need some road racing experience before then to race our car (Daytona's rules). Do any of you have an extra seat for the races before then, preferably Motorsports Park Hastings or New Jersey Motorsports Park? I say that, but I'm willing to skip a wedding for the other 3 races including Canada. I was Team Manager of a top 10% collegiate Formula SAE race team, and I am well versed in CAD; RaceCar Dynamics, Simulation, and Engineering; and metal fabrication and machining, if that is of any assistance.
  23. I have several items for sale. All of the following is new and never used and/or never opened. Fuel Safe Sportsman SM110 10gal. fuel cell $900+shipping http://www.fuelsafe.com/store/sm110.html Kirkey 36300 20* layback 15" seat. and 36312 Seat cover(red) $240+shipping Kirkey Racing Deluxe add-on full containment Head & shoulder restraint kit w/ red covers $400+shipping Get both for $600+shipping https://www.kirkeyracing.com/product/10/36300/SEAT-ALUMINUM-15-INTERMEDIATE-20-LAYBACK Canton Accusump 2qt #24-026 SOLD Canton Accusump Electric valve kit #24-270 SOLD Canton Accusump check valve #24-280 SOLD Get all 3 for SOLD Hawk HP+ HB158n.515 (2 sets) fits various Mazdas $80/each+shipping http://www.hawkperformance.com/performance-street/pads/hb158n515 ARP Wheel studs 100-7703 (4 cards) 1/4-20 Ford/Chrysler $15/each or $50 for all 4 +shipping http://arp-bolts.com/kits/ARPkit-detail.php?RecordID=63 Generic battery/Alt. (Pegasus?) cutoff switch $30 Pictures of everything are located below Items will ship from Dayton, OH area via FedEx or USPS. I'll be glad to meet/deliver halfway anywhere in the Dayton/Columbus/Cincinnati/Indianapolis areas. I'll trim items from this post as they are sold. Email me @ ekimdam at gmail .com I'll gladly share phone # over email if need be. -Mike J. Helm RSm Driver
  24. Looking for a seat at the March VIR 12hr race Here's a quick rundown of my driving experience Raced karts for 10 years (I'm 17) Only local driver to get into the main races at the 2013 Rotax Grand Nationals (ended up getting knocked out, those national drivers are ruthless) 2013 GoPro Motorplex Rotax Junior Champion 2nd and 3rd in 2012 and 2011 Powerade Rotax Karting Championship seasons at Carolina Motorsports Park 3rd place qualified and 7th place finish in King of the Concrete Flathead Champ Kart class 4th place in Teen Champ Kart points in first dirt oval racing season Started racing Lemons last year: May Carolina Motorsports Park Lemons race- (Team KFC '82 Toyota Celica) September CMP Lemons race- 5th in Class B, 16th Overall (Team KFC '82 Toyota Celica) Not to be a show off or anything, but those two races there was only one other person driving with me, so we're pretty proud of those results haha Shoot me an email at kscf31@gmail.com or PM me Thanks! Joey Essma
  25. Just ran my first Chump at Fontana and it was a howling hoot of a time. Only drove on Sunday morning at the start and had lots of fun. I am an experienced driver and I'm doing this for the camaraderie and the fun aspect. I really haven't had this much fun behind the wheel or handlebars in a very long time. Did do a couple of Lemons last year with the same team and we are looking forwards to next year with our little Pink Panther Miata in Chump. Due to some "aerodynamics modifications" to the exterior of the vehicle we are skipping Vegas but will be back in force at Laguna. At any rate, at Fontana there was a team with a white SM and I believe the owner's name was Barry from Oregon or Northern California.....I think. Tough to remember as we get older and more brain cells die by the wayside. At any rate, if anyone can put me in touch with him I would greatly appreciate it. If someone needs a paced, elderly (read that ...wise) driver for Vegas. Just shoot me a PM via this site. Thanks you Chump Monsters. Flatinfifth Los Angeles, CA
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