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Found 13 results

  1. I am putting together a team for the April Road America race. I will be running a 1988 VW Scirocco 16V race car that is usually ran in SCCA sprint races but I am interested in trying endurance racing with it. The only problem is the car is new to me and endurance racing. The car has been raced for many years and proven a reliable sprint racer but I can't make any promises for endurance racing. Due to this I would be willing to go cheaper than most other teams on the grid. I currently have 3 available seats for the race, email me for pricing and any other questions you have. You can E-Mail me at: thomasmotorsport76@gmail.com
  2. 4CGM is coming back to Champcar. We have two driver slots open for NCM as well as Indy. I'd prefer to have the same driver team for both races but will consider other options if needed. Experienced W2W drivers only or advanced/instructor DE experience. This is our 8th season racing endurance and to our knowledge we are the only team to have won in ChampCar, WRL and AER in the same car. PM me here for more info.
  3. We're booking seats for Daytona! We are currently set to bring two cars, our Miata and our Camaro. We are a full service, "arrive and drive" team, you just show up and strap in! Message or call for more information! info@dpracecars.com 727-563-4932
  4. I was thinking last night about trying to start a thread where points or rules have no reason to be discussed. And it hit me, since driver comfort/aids are open there should be absolutely NO discussion about claiming points or rules. So, lets see those interiors. I'm all about tidy and functional driver spaces and love to poach ideas from other racers. There are some really creative guys/gals on here so lets see what you've done/used past, present and future. Gauges, tablet mounts, pedals, coolsuit mounts, radio installs, etc etc. I'll get some pics of our interior this weekend.
  5. A new team is forming to campaign ad3adman's (Mike Davis) 1990 race prepped Mazda Miata in 2018. Because we're new, our plan is for a FUN, NO PRESSURE experience for our first few races. We won't judge you on your lap-times - as long as you don't judge ours Daytona is a 14 hour enduro = over three hours of track time, on Dayton's historic banking, for each driver on the team! Paid rides will get the early stints. Sebring 14 hour on September 22nd is definitely on our radar! Size matters - ad3adman and co-driver JohnMac are both about 5' 9' & 160lbs. We are looking for similarly sized teammates that can fit in a Miata with a 15" (non-adjustable) seat. Driver preparation: Sim training - with no practice available at Daytona, team drivers will have access to ad3adman's excellent simulator. You'll be able to learn the fastest line, proper gears and braking points around Daytona. The Sim is ran on a high-end gaming computer with triple 40" monitors, Fanatec Wheel, v2.5 pedals, and H-Pattern shifter. Full-Motion seat driven by 150mm actuators bolted to a Summit racing bucket seat all sitting on a custom built, all steel construction chasis. We can run IRacing and Project cars 2 depending on the track you need to learn. Real Driving - Track Days! We're planning to run the car 1 or 2 times at The Firm, between now and April. This is a great chance for you to get a few hours of seat-time at speed and a feel for the car if you've never driven a Miata + you'll be helping to sort out any handling or technical bugs in advance of Daytona. Cost - PM either ad3adman or JohnMac and we can discuss. If you have access to a truck/trailer, or can supply additional pit help, or have something else that would bring value (beyond your driving prowess) to the team, we can negotiate a lower cost for you. Interested?
  6. Due to scheduling conflicts, family events, etc I have 2 seats available for the Gingerman event. $700 gets you 1 stint each day (1.5ish hrs), fuel and other consumables, food and the chance to hang with the coolest people in ChumpCar. No not us, the guys pitted next door. Drivers are required to have some mechanical sympathy, be able to rev match your downshifts and assist with pitstops. Payment must be made by Sunday Aug 21 or I pull the plug.
  7. 4 weeks from TODAY! Daytona Baby! Only 2 seats left for CumpCar Daytona, PM or call for special pricing. (*also have room in Truck if you need a ride from Dallas to Daytona) Saturday April 2nd Daytona International Speedway Daytona, FL 14-hr Endurance
  8. We are looking for drivers to fill our remaining seats at the december vir race. We are bringing both neons and have a few stints open. Message me if interested. One car is a recent build with a stock neon motor. Has speed to run top 15 to top 10. The other car is a 2.4 swap and has the speed to run in the top 5 when run well and clean. The swapped car has a podium to its credit last year and has been in the top 3 at a few events before sliding back. Fun easy to drive rides.
  9. Regarding seats- can the FIA certification be expired? Is a seat back brace required for an expired one piece RaceTech seat with no sliders? Harnesses- I understand a 5, 6, or 7 point is required, and that the date of manufacture/expiration must be present. They must also be current, or can the harnesses be expired? Thanks for the help! Going to continue REreading the rules. Hunts
  10. Per rule Seats on sliders (for driver adjustability): if the seat is of one-piece construction and is mounted on sliders, and if the roll-cage has a horizontal "shoulder belt" bar or if the diagonal main-hoop bar supports the seat back and is within three inches (3") of the seat back when the seat is in its furthest forward position, no fore/aft seat support is required (advised but not required). Any seat on sliders, including one-piece seats, whose travel extends greater than three inches (3") requires a seatback support mechanism. We have a Corbeu Forza Seat that is on a set of sliders. At it's forward most possition it is more than 3" from harness bar. How do we buld this "seatback support mechanism" ?
  11. Large inventory of used Nascar parts: 9" Ford ring & pinions, brake pads new and used, all types of ducting, electric fans, braided hose and hose ends, aluminum seats, exhaust parts, coolers, radiators, lots more. You can buy some really good parts and have substantial savings at the same time. Inquire and I will send pictures.
  12. Hello boys/girls, Sorry to add another seat thread, but hopefully John or someone else can help us out on this one. John, you have clarified a few things for me in the past, as he has some experience with 914s, so I appreciate your input. As we wrap up the prep on our car, we've run up against dilemma which I'm sure many of you have already faced. Our car is a '73 914, and with a 914 comes a lot of issues that are unique to this car. Basically, we have not found a seat that works for us. We purchased a really nice pair of Corbeau Forzas, which are FIA rated. Unfortunately due to their steel tube construction, they simply sit too high in the car to work for us. Three of the drivers are too high - i.e., our heads are at or just above the roll cage (when placing a straight edge from the front hoop to the rear hoop). We tried a Kirkey seat, which we mocked up without sliders, intended to be bolted directly to the stock mounts, but the situation still wasn't much better. We only gained about an inch, which, in my opinion is still too close to the top of the car, and in a worst-case scenario, would put us dangerously close to the top of the car if the cage were to compress even a little in a rollover. Finally, we went back to a stock 914 seat, which is unique because the "bucket" part of the seat actually sits lower than the rails which are mounted to the stock mounting points. This would have an added benefit, because it would allow us to use the well-designed stock sliders, and in the long run, I think provide a safer option. 914 seats are also a one-piece fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) design, with no recliner hinges. The only problem is that they do not have holes for sub-belts or for shoulder belts. As a refresher, the rules say: "3.3.2. Racing seats are required for all driver seats. One-piece SFI- or FIA-rated competition seats are very strongly encouraged. OEM seats are NOT allowed." The rules specifically state that OEM seats are not allowed, which I understand. However, given the type of seats we're talking about and the proposed modifications we would make, would our seats then still be considered OEM? My question then is, can we make modifications to the stock seat, including holes for our belts, but also to add bolsters and rivet a layer of aluminum or layers, which will then be reinforced with additional layers of fiberglass? This is a common modification that many 914 owners have done, and which represents the best available option for us. Here is a link to a thread which shows part of this process and the seat itself. Keep in mind this owner did not add holes for belts, which we would certainly do. Additionally, since the firewall in a 914 is directly behind the driver, we are no more than 2.5 inches from either the firewall or cage bars in the back, which satisfies rule, though we would still add a back brace if it would help. Thanks for your help. We're certainly not trying to circumvent the rules, rather we're trying to find the safest, most reasonable option for our quirky car.
  13. Hey guys finally got my chump car, It's a 95 Escort GT but has the 1.9 Swapped in. It's fully caged, 5 Speed Stick, Has seat, and is stripped! I went into this with 2 other guys, they are drivers, I am too but I will be handling all of the mechanical. I still need to go through the car, re-do the suspension, and prep it for the track. Also make it look cooler with some paint. This is a top 5 car as-is but with our combined racing experience it should be a winner. We do not have any open seats yet.. Want to get familiar with the car, team, and how the events go first. However we will have open seats once we get in the groove, just wanted to let you guys know another team is available for seating! Take care! Please contact me, I'm based in Whitmore Lake, MI
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