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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys, so my team just finished Sebring and we felt that the suspension needed a bit of work. We have a 1986 nissan 300zx, non-turbo. I'm trying to get some upgraded shocks for the car and ideally I would like for it to be within the 2X rule. I saw that according to the rules "The retail price of any NEW replacement wheel, brake caliper, brake rotor (1 or 2 piece), or shock absorber that you put on your ChampCar must be less than twice the cost of a stock replacement wheel, brake caliper, brake rotors, or shock absorber that is available on-line by a nationally recognized auto parts retail chain (i.e. - Napa, AutoZone, O’Reilly, Advanced, etc.)." My confusion here is that all of those retailers have wildly varying prices and I'm not sure which price to base the 2X rule from. Autozone alone has prices from $55 to $150 for a single strut. Additionally, what if the parts are not available from those retailers, such as for wheels, should the 2X rule price be based from the manufacturer website? Thanks!
  2. SOLD. I have a set of Spec Miata Bilstein shocks with genuine Fat Cat bump stops. This set of shocks came off a high-end SM build and they were shock dyno’d from a large group of shocks to be a matched set. They have very little track time on them, totaling just five SCCA race weekends. Yes, there are some slightly cheaper sets available, but they likely have a lot more track time on them and are not a matched set. Couple of small scratches from removal, but otherwise in great shape. Comes with genuine Fat Cat bump stops (not the knock offs that one shop was selling) Can send additional images. Front part number: 24-014885 Rear part number: 24-014892 Thanks.
  3. Hopefully people might be willing to help me out. I've got a FWD 2800lbs car with stock Gabriel struts (only 2 push back up on there own).I have a ebay coilover kit to help lower the car and handle better than stock. I had run 425lbs springs in front and 325lbs in rear last Dec. Car seemed to roll hard and bottom out easily. I swapped to 550lbs in front & 425 in rear for March race. Now it's stiff like a gocart, seems to drive better but it doesn't corner as well. Seems to just break loose without knowing your at the tires limit. I'm trying to figure out what our teams run to know if I'm going in the wrong direction.
  4. I have a question about front shocks. Our front shocks are destroyed and we want to get new ones. If I go to VW to put OEM shocks back on in the front they will cost me $174 per shock. If I go to tire rack I can get a cheaper OE replacement made by Koni that is not adjustable and it is only 100 per shock. So can I use these without getting hit on the value of our car?
  5. I read the rules: 4.4.8. Parts Replacement and Post-Race Improvements Teams may replace any worn, broken, ventilated, impaled, defective or bent-beyond-all-recognition parts on their car without affecting the AIV of their vehicle so long as it’s OEM part AND it’s 100% stock. It can be new or it can be used. (Note – we’re talking PARTS here, not assemblies… like an engine or a transmission. E.g. - a brand new transmission will result in value-add.) Don’t go for used hoses, gaskets, shocks, bearings or used spark plugs. We’re not that anal. However, no aftermarket performance pieces (used or not), no OEM part that’s been modified or upgraded in any way, and no upgraded OEM parts from a more desirable or better performance sports/luxury/upgrade model just because they bolt on to your car. Everything has to be OEM to the original make/model vehicle you race. Parts need to be 100% stock to qualify for the no-value-add rule. It would serve all teams well to keep your auto parts store and junkyard receipts. Operationally critical parts that do not fall into safety equipment exceptions may be replaced with new OEM or OEM-equivalent parts (NAPA, etc) if the parts on the car or used parts are not deemed acceptable for use. These items include radiators, master brake cylinders, master and slave clutch cylinders, shocks, wheel bearings, spark plugs, gaskets, seals, coolant hoses, water pumps, oil pumps, filters, fluids, radiator caps, ignition and accessory switches, and batteries. If it’s not in that list but you think it should be, contact ChumpCar officials Ok, if a manufacturer had an option for say, Bilstein struts, but they didn't come on my chumpcar, can I put them on? They were OEM equipment if I had found an example with that option. Similarly, if my car had a choice between a 2.0 and 2.5 motor, can I mount either one? The above rule says "Everything has to be OEM to the original make/model vehicle you race." My make and model had options from the factory, can I use them? Thanks for any clarification. John
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