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Found 5 results

  1. I'm trying to put something together and I don't have a 2009-2011 rulebook and I only became aware of ChumpCar in mid-2012. For me to finish what I'm working on, it would be helpful to understand the full history of how swaps were valued from the beginning. Thanks.
  2. MPV + (ACPV/IN + Stuff) – (ACPV/OUT) + Surcharge(s) = TCV I know what the rule book says about stuff, but I didn't write that. If you are going to swap an engine in your car, what stuff do you need to make that swap work? An engine? That is covered under the 50 point surcharge fee. But what else? Should anything other than the engine be included in the surcharge? Whatever is not in the surcharge is then "stuff". Why do I ask? Because the board, myself and a few Chumps who attended the board meeting hung out after the cameras were off and talked about this on Thursday. The question was posed if we could tweak the current swap rule while we put the time and effort into writing a totally new swap rule. It has been said by you that the "stuff" portion of the formula above should be moved outside of the parenthesis. So, what constitutes "stuff"?
  3. I feel like a few guys are getting frustrated with some of the motor swapped well prepped cars. I know there have been rumblings about the series running away from its cheap roots. I think most of the swapped cars are legal well made cars that make use of the rules, so i raise the question what rules should we look at to keep things under control? Do you guys think we should worry? Just want the series to stay healthy. I have heard many ideas, motor swap bans, part out value caps, hp in out value, ect. List your idea, plead your case and we can submit the good ones. Disclaimer, i own a swapped car with a sizeable power gain over stock, so i see both sides of this.
  4. Just wondering if we are ever privy to the reasons that recent petitions were accepted or rejected. For example - if a rule was rejected, is it a non-starter that will never be approved in any form, or did they simply not like the proposed rule and would like a different, slightly modified petition? I like some of the new rules, but still have concerns about the swap values. I know I am not alone in this, but is there any possibility of the board changing the rules? Same for MPV values. I think there is some merit to changing how MPV values are calculated, but what does the board actually think? BTW, if your answer is that I should have flown to vegas to attend, don't bother. We should be allowed to have some sense (meeting minutes?) of where things stand without having to fly across the country (or from another country in my case).
  5. Looking at the new section 4.5. ACPV/IN - ACPV/OUT and the surcharge make sense to me, but the "stuff" part is a little confusing. The worksheet specifically mentions things like brackets, hoses, etc. You don't get credit for whatever you replaced and the value goes directly to your TCV. Some of this kind of stuff won't be on car-part.com, so you'll get dinged a full NAPA retail price? Sounds like you'll be fine on the actual engine ($50 or so), but end up getting absolutely killed on something like a bracket or a throttle cable with a high retail price. Am I misunderstanding this?
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