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Found 19 results

  1. Capable driver looking for seats with established teams, location not important. I race a well-sorted E36 in Lemons, but my team doesn’t have the ability to race as much as I would like. I also race a vintage Fiat 124 in time attack occasionally. Please feel free to reach out with any openings. Thanks! -Pat
  2. I’m a free lancing mechanic/crew/ driver. I do maintenance on some of the local ( central Texas ) racecars and travel to different races to crew as well. If you’re in a bind for the weekend and need an extra or just A crew member to take care of the car so you can focus on racing than I’m your guy! Anything from taking care of pit stops to engine and tranny swaps in the middle of the race. Rates for crewing are pretty cheap and in most cases I can cover my traveling expenses since I do it mostly for the fun, I love being at the track! I will also wrench to race or for a discount to race. Message me on here or you can text me at 8322578795
  3. Hello everyone, I'm attempting to put together a team for NCM MOTORSPORTS PARK 8+7 Enduro (June 15-16) KY. We have a 95 Mustang GT that can hold corners well and has some balls! So far it's been at Harris Hill and MSR Houston and we're attempting to branch further out. Looking to get a group of guys out there that are eager to race all day and drink all night! If you're wanting to get some more seat time on the track without paying an arm and leg we're the guys to talk to! We have a stacker trailer(We also have room for sleeping in the stacker with AC), tools, some equipment that might fit so less rentals, radios, master tech. (who knows every inch of the car because he built the damn thing), and of course food and beer! Trying to get some solid guys locked down so we can guarantee to make it out there this year! PM me for details! God bless, Jakob Prater.
  4. 1996 Chumpcar Miata with enclosed trailer with full race team set up with just about all you need to go racing. Miata 1.8, Spec Miata suspension, Sabelt race seat, Spark suede steering wheel, Race Capture system, Cool Suit set up, in-car radio with PTT, OMP 6 point harness, Helmet air, F1 style rain light, Mishimomo aluminum radio, 3 point extinguisher, 2 set of wheels and tires. Under 500 point car. The Trailer is a Pace Rally RT 24 enclosed with torsion suspension with new tires and wheels. AC, generator, refridgerator, side awning system, pop-up tent, rolling tool box, helmet drier, Pit Radio system with headsets, torsion hitch, power jack and more. Here is a full team set up ready to race.$12,500 for the set. Call 954-914-5038 or email to shelbygs@aol.com with Miata Chumpcar in subject line.
  5. Hello all, My name is Tommy Carothers from Ethos Motorsport. We are a startup team in the process of building a car. We have 2 drivers and 1 mechanic. We are looking for like-minded drivers or crew who want to share the team, car, DRIVING TIME and financial responsibilities equally. (You may even take the car to your own events if you so choose (With everyone in agreement) I have wheel to wheel and rally racing experience and dont mind teaching a newcomer through simulation or physical track time. We have a trailer and truck. To apply you must first meet these requirements: Be able to pay your equal share of racing costs Willing to learn and be "Ego-Less" in your training approach Be chill, we just really want seat time for the 2018 season which we are looking at as a R&D season. Be willing to help build the car. (Ill buy the beer and pizza, unless you are underage of course.) Not just looking for "Arriving and Driving" A shop or place to work on the car in the North Carolina area is a plus as we are working out of a apartment parking lot at this time. Everyone on board so far is paying equal parts. We plan on running any number of races (From one to all) on the east coast. If you think you meet the above requirements fill out form below: https://goo.gl/forms/pCbKpUdWQP0EKwWL2
  6. I've been interested in getting into racing in Chumps/Lemons/AER/NASA/SCCA/etc. I'm in the NW Ohio area. Looking for people from the surrounding area that have the time and interest to do 4+ races a year (Autobahn?, Gingerman?, Mid-OH?, Corvette Museum?, ++?) Current Have's: - Immediate leads and funds for turnkey cars, not looking to have to build it all out. Definitely want to work on it once we have it though. - Open indoor garage space to store the car/tools/tires/etc - Myself ..., plus One gent with multi-year Lemon's experiences on multiple teams, and Another gent with a desire to drive and willingness to wrench. Current Need's: - More like minded people in the area with time and motivation to do laps!! MESSAGE ME on here!!!! Or post and I'll reply. New to racing on a track, but have owned a variety of vehicles that I've very much explored the handling limits of ... I'm also rather good with a wrench and don't mind getting dirty, as I exclusively serviced/modified the Yamaha and SpecV when I had them. Have plenty of time, a little extra money to cover myself and my portion of the team expenditures, plus a lot of enthusiasm to get out there and put laps down. Have owned/tinkered with: - 1972 Buick Skylark, 2dr hardtop, 350ci engine, 4bbl carbs, dual straight cherry bombs - 1998 Nissan Sentra SE - 1999 Yamaha R1 - 2002 Nissan Sentra SE-R SpecV - 2008 Scion tC - 2011 Nissan 370Z Nismo
  7. Anyone interested in starting a team in SE Minnesota? I live in Rochester MN, and have noticed a distinct lack of teams in the general surrounding area. I think it's time to fix that. Who's interested in helping me fix such a tradgedy? Looking forward to hearing from you guys, Joseph B.
  8. Hey everyone I'm Ron, I just found out about this thing called ChumpCar and LeMons racing 2 days ago, at age 35 and loving to drive cars fast you would think I would have found this by now but you know... Anyways I am looking to get my first Chumper and start building her up in hopes to spin her tires around the track for the first time in 2018 (Is a year - year and a half reasonable for a first time build?) I am on here today asking for advice on what is a good car to start with, though I know many have their own personal preferences on make and models, or engine size and weight, I am looking to get a more overall picture of what cars are easy to work on and build. Honda civics are a dime a dozen with an endless about of parts and after market upgrades and they are pretty easy to work on, but is it better to go for one that runs good from the start with a higher liter engine staring me at a higher VPI like a Ford Mustang needing little to no upgrades, or a car that runs good but has a small liter engine starting me with a lower VPI, leaving room for more up grades like a Toyota Tercel? As far as the build itself goes, I went school for a general bumper to bumper exp. we worked on everything except transmissions (Though it was the biggest section in the 600+ page curriculum), I tore 4 cylinder/ V-6/ V-8 engines down as far as possible and put them completely back together every day for a good month (The engines never got started so I am a little nervous about timing belts/ chains) we studied and removed and replace everything (Non- Body) on the cars from tires to ball joints, drum and disk breaks, tie rods, shocks, struts, coil overs, you name it. After I graduated, I worked at a Midas in Santa Clarita, California for a couple years where again I did so much more than just oil changes, tires and alignments, I replaced more valve covers and oil pans than I can counts, I have spent more time upside down in the driver seat of a car chasing electrical issues and brake switches, I have dropped a number of transmissions (Midas shipped them to trans shops to be re-built) and I have continued to work on my cars and trucks even after I left Midas. so overall I feel confidant to build my first Chumper myself and with the help of my gear head friends, and the few things I can't do I will take to a shop if they need to be fixed like a transmission. ok enough rambling from me below are some questions I have after looking into this for only two days, I want to thank everyone for taking the time to read this, and for any help that is offered up, I look forward to this journey and am excited about taking the first steps today. I am budgeting $5000.00 for this build (Just the build, not racing fees or gear) is that a good amount or is that too low? Once I have a car, what upgrades are worth spending the extra points? (exhaust, headers, ecu...) What upgrades are not worth spending points on? (adjustable coil overs, sway bars...) Do any weight reductions cost point? (I didn't see anything in section 4 of the rules about weight reduction, but i only read through it once) What are good things to remove from a car to reduce the weight? Automatic or Manuel Transmission? everyone was a first time racer, or built their first car, or put their first team together, what were the things you found difficult your first few times out? what things were simple? What things caught you off guard? Any other advice a first timer should know or consider? p.s. sorry if this is hard to read, English and Grammar were not my strong suits in school...
  9. Straight story... There are 3 of us in total. Myself (team owner), another out of town driver when it suits him and a excellent mechanic/Race Engineer (driver sometimes). All good people. I have two cars. Both cars raced in Chump and one in AER. Both cars need work to be ready to run. I also have all pit equipment, trailers, trucks etc. Safety is top priority and I require a HANS or equivalent. I have spares also. Cars are or will be equipped with Cool suit cooling and additional safety gear. I have other drivers at times but only based on their available funds and rarely can I count on them. This makes planning very difficult. This makes finances very difficult on me. I love doing this. I want more. But I cant do it alone. This is an excellent opportunity for the right people to step into a team that spends the right money in the right places. All you need to do is help pay for race expenses, fix, and drive. I'm looking to put together a proper team for 2015 to do local NE tracks: Watkins Glen, Lime Rock, Maybe Canada, OH and or VIR. Maybe more. We are open to anything...there have been discussions of Pikes Peak and even the Salt Flats...who knows. Please know that this will require an honest open relationship, MONEY, more Money, sometimes alcohol, TIME, more TIME and it will pissoff your wife. Just ask mine. It will not be my decision alone. So send me your information if your interested. And or ask questions. "The Beard"
  10. Hi guys, I need 1 possibly 2 drivers for Watkins Glen in November. Baller Team Racing in a 1987 CR-X Si. The fee is $800 per driver and the car is very competitive! Please let me know asap- Steve- 203-605-0965 or djsteviec1@gmail.com We are going to get rooms, and just split the cost of the rooms. I removed the rear adjustable shocks, and now will have 1 or zero penalty laps.
  11. Hi all, I am brand new to racing. Know a decent amount about cars: have repaired most things but don't remove engines or anything like that. I am aiming to buy an old Honda and start fitting it for racing, I have a goal to make Road Atlanta in 2015. I have also volunteered for the November Atlanta Motorsports event. I am looking for a nearby team that is willing to take a new team member under their wings. I am serious about getting on the track within a year. Thanks!
  12. I am looking for team members or people interested in renting a seat in the north region races. I have a 93 Acura Integra GSR that I would like to get ready for racing. If there is interested people in helping to prep, or race the car please message me.
  13. Hey, I have a 93 Inegra GSR that I would like to get ready for Chumpcar. I am looking for at least 3 other team members who are interested in working on cars, racing, or both. The amount of time needed is up to you. I am an enthusiast looking to get some experience and have fun. If your interested in talking further about starting a team together send me a message. Thanks, Nightrider 24/7 Jamie.
  14. I am thinking about Building and Running a Chump car.. I am a old school guy and a Z28 Camaro sounds Right..4 players needed if you are interested gimme a shout. Thanks, Julian Jrice65@yahoo.com
  15. Hey guys finally got my chump car, It's a 95 Escort GT but has the 1.9 Swapped in. It's fully caged, 5 Speed Stick, Has seat, and is stripped! I went into this with 2 other guys, they are drivers, I am too but I will be handling all of the mechanical. I still need to go through the car, re-do the suspension, and prep it for the track. Also make it look cooler with some paint. This is a top 5 car as-is but with our combined racing experience it should be a winner. We do not have any open seats yet.. Want to get familiar with the car, team, and how the events go first. However we will have open seats once we get in the groove, just wanted to let you guys know another team is available for seating! Take care! Please contact me, I'm based in Whitmore Lake, MI
  16. Due to unforeseen circumstances (There was an earthquake, a terrible flood, locust's. It wasn't our fault!!), Team STD is not going to be able to make the upcoming Hallett event. Did you procrastinate and now registration is closed? Buy our spot! We put the $250 deposit down. Heck, we're desperate so we'll take $100 if anyone is interested.
  17. Do most of you own the car as 1 person and a few regulars help out and pay their dues, and/or sell seat time? do you split everything on the car 4 ways? any ideas of whats the best way to do it? anyone have god point or bad points of doing it both ways. I am looking at starting up a team and trying to work out the logistics and what may be the best way to do everything, I've learned alot so far from you guys!! and enjoying all the race reports, hope to see you out there soon.
  18. Ottumwa ia. Anyone around here wanting To join and help build a team from scratch or start with A car race ready. I had started a build on a Buick regal but lost My job Dec. 2011 and had to sell And got back on my feat now and dieing to race
  19. Update: BIG PRICE DROP! i just got laid off 40 minutes ago, so I'd really like to get rid of this car now. Let my life sucking make yours better! Prices are firm. $3500 for the car and trailer, $3000 for everything, except the trailer. For an extra $200 (to cover gas money) I can drive it down to the nearest border crossing. The thing still runs great, there are a total of 4 sets of tires (1 almost new set of falkens, 1 half used set, 1 new set of rain tires, and a shop set). 1 spare engine(plus extra parts from a blown one), 1 spare transmission. Basically enough spare parts to almost build a 2nd car except the chassis to do it in. Please people, help me out here! I’m selling my ChumpCar complete with everything you’ll need. I just don’t have the time to run a team anymore. The car just ran a track day and performed flawlessly. Sale comes complete with all AIV documentation, log book, trailer, two fast fill fuel jugs + 1 jerry can, spare tires (2 decent sets of Falkens, 1 set of Sumitomo HTR200’s for rain [yet to be raced on], and one shop set). Can be a top ten car if you can get some top ten drivers. 1992 BMW 325i Sedan(E36 chassis) Rebuilt engine (1995-M50TUB25-Vanos): ARP Head studs, new head gasket, resealed engine, valves re-seated, new water pump (metal), alternator replaced, AC delete, new belt idler assembly, power steering pump replaced, new oil pump, new fuel injectors, aluminum thermostat housing 6 point roll cage 5 point harness, Latch Link Style with clip in ends Starter has captured nuts for easier removal. quick disconnect steering wheel (hex hub) New Clutch aug last year driver seat on adjustable rails with quick move seat back support window net E-Brake system completely removed Braided Steel Brake lines New Hard Brake lines on the back half of the car. Defroster still installed for those rainy races Brake Ducting custom HD rad shrouding Cold Air Intake Cut Stock springs Turner Motorsports Wheel Studs (2 spares included) Aftermarket “M3 style†front bumper (stock bumper also included, but it is damaged) newer rad Fresh EBC yellowstuff pads Rear differential oil has been changed Feb this year Engine coolant flush fitting installed (garden hose hookup) reinforced rear subframe mounts reinforced rear trailing arm bushing mounts. cleaned and painted rear subframe changed rear lower control arm outboard bushings Aluminum Bushings on front lower control arms Snowboard rear wing with custom brackets (really does make some downforce) Fresh Fuel vent line on gas tank 2 sets of standard headlights God Pod headlight: Dual Xenon projectors with driver adjustable tilt from the cabin. Slimer themed Paint Job and vinyl graphics built in adjustable camera mount Comm System/stereo system, uses headphone jack to connect with Radio/phone/ipod (nice on track days when you can have some tunes going) good windshield, no cracks Included/Spares: 5 layer MLS Cometic head gasket ready to install Log book and all AIV documentation. (penalty lap free) full set of rebuilt spare injectors included + 12 OEM injectors Water Pump 4 sets of wheels and tires - 2 sets of decent falkens (previously mentioned) extra kirkey racing seat with full 5 point harness, for passenger seat. Can be removed and installed in 5 min for HPDE days. Radiator most of a spare rear subframe Spare Differential front hubs, shocks, Springs front and rear calipers drive shaft 2nd Motor. Stock head gasket and headbolts - NON-Vanos (1992 M50B25). Full wiring harness and ECU for spare motor Spare Transmission (Trans needs 3rd gear synchro) Extra Intake and Exhaust Manifolds Spare exhaust system components All the original window glass, can be used for Lexan window templates Home built Trailer - Included New tires in 2009, not even 5000km on them yet 2†Ball built in trailer lights New fenders. Appropriate Tie Down Straps for Car Cons: -Shifting linkage is sloppy, and should to be addressed. As long as you aren’t slamming it through the gears it will behave fine, and you won’t miss a shift. Can be delivered ready to race anywhere between Toronto and Ottawa. Asking $3500firm. Feel free to PM me with any further inquiries. If you aren’t interested please don’t clog up my thread with random stuff, I know we chumps are very good at that..
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