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Found 3 results

  1. I saw in another thread where someone suggested we make a map of the track locations and approximate team locations. I thought this was a great idea that could come in handy in all sorts of situations, so I made one. I've only added the California tracks and my team's (approximate, don't want any of you showing up at my door unannouced) address. Instructions for adding yourself: 1. Click this link: http://j.mp/1Hf0LM4 2. Hover over "additions" in the menu 3. Click "Add Marker - Simple" 4. Put your team name in the "Entry Name" bar and put some basic contact info in the details sections. I'd suggest at a minimum your forum name. You could also throw in your car make/model if you like, or any expertise you have. Basically anything that you think could be useful, add there. You can set a location by clicking on the map or typing in an address. I think a town/state plays well with the map application. I know I don't even have to ask for questions or suggestions. Those are pretty free-flowing around here.
  2. In talks with potential team sponsors, many times we discuss the growing popularity of amateur endurance racing, but have no actual numbers to back them up. I've searched the forums, and this has come up a few times, but without a real answer. Can anyone at ChumpCar provide us with realistic membership statistics? Number of current members? Number of unique teams that have registered? This should all be public info used to market the series I would imagine. For future sponsorship opportunities for the series, I would see it helpful for the series to attain demographic information on their members as well, though that's not as important as simply the number of members and teams.
  3. I figured it would be nice to talk about and list new teams or car builds in our region. Here at the shop, I have been speaking quite a bit about CC and the word has been passed. More and more discussions of teams forming have come to my attention. This is what i have so far, My guys- AISA Wringers, car #3 CRX, comprised of my staff and instructors, will debut at WGI , we hope. My friends at Built by SEb, a local cage builder and a veteran racer who participated at CMP, are building a E30. WE Be Jammin is their team. Fellow racer, Dave Gosselin is prepping a team, car already built, with his crew from touring car races. Dunno the team name, but a blue EK Civic coupe will debut at ASE in May. The owner of Autodrome St-Eustache, with his 2 sons are building a Honda as well for debut at ASE 12hr. This is exciting when you hear what their driver line up will be. Do you want to race with an Ex 250GP champion? or how about a multi time superbike champ? better still, an ex- Indy car, Atlantic and Nascar driver? They may all be there in May!!! Yesterday I spoke with Capriel and Emmanuel- guys that run Grand Am and Ferrari challenge normally- and they loved the concept as dscribed by me in a 30 minute discussion. Not sure what they want to build- I think they have the means- but I am sure that they have taken my challenge to heart, to be ready for may. Today, I spoke with a veteran racer who has been crewing the last couple of years for a drift team and he is curious about CC. He will most likely build a car as well. So not counting my friends from HADA that are slowly building a Honda as well, and the tam from Ottawa try to get a late season build done with a BMW, we have no less than 6 new entries for 2013. So , the question remains- WHO ELSE? Rumours, facts and confirm arm twisting, please report here!!