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Found 9 results

  1. Hey all, We as a board and staff are trying to get some data. If you could post up what tire size your team uses or know of a team that uses it, it would be helpful in data for future opportunities. Thanks, E. Tyler Pedersen
  2. Have one new delivered Friday to test fit on my car. To big not going to work for me $130. Will mount and balance for free if you want to pick it up at my shop in Rochester, NY https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Hankook&tireModel=Ventus+R-S4&sidewall=Blackwall&partnum=54WR7Z232XL&tab=Sizes
  3. Heads up, ebay has 15% off everything today, and the discount tire eBay store has a sale going on too. Just picked up a set of 205/50r15 RE71R tires for $365.50. Figured others here would be interested too. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F311641050415
  4. We are running a first gen Rx7, which is inherently prone to snap oversteer. We manage it by not trailbraking, and being cautious with throttle liftoff in high speed sweepers. We have acquired a set of wider (225) tire/wheels, and they have an offset which pushes the wheels out quite a bit (we will have to flare the fenders). We have a large inventory of narrower (205) wheels and tires to work through as well. Additionally we are putting a wing on the back. So the question is, how would our handling change under a few scenarios: 1. We run the wider wheels and wider offset wheels all around 2. Wider wheels up front 3 wider wheels in the rear. Our car currently handles pretty well under most circumstances (aside from noted snap oversteer), and brakes very well. We are concerned about possible extra stress on the rear bearings (is this worthy of concern?). Will the snap oversteer be wildly exaggerated if we run the wider wheels up front? Will the wider wheels in the rear help the twitchy handling at all? We prefer to run the wider wheels in pairs for now rather than all 4 so we can keep the handling consistent over a whole race even when we change tires. We will be going to 225s all around once we have worked through the 205s. Thanks in advance!
  5. Selling four BF Goodrich GForce Rival 225/45-15 tires -- one is brand new and never mounted, and three have been on the 2200 lb. car for less than 1/2 hour at Gingerman during a test/tune day, testing 15" vs 17" tires on the Maserati (75% pace). No flat spots. Have a fifth tire but it isn't as nice as these so I am leaving this out. These tires are the sought after original Rivals -- not the 1.5s. I can bring them to WGI to the Champ Car race if desired, or can ship (at your cost). We have decided on going 17" all the time for this and the follow-on Maserati being built now, so have no need for them. $400 or best offer for all four.
  6. I have 11 used RS3's with limited use and 3 new RS3's for sale. One of the new ones has been mounted and made 5 easy laps at Sonoma while we were getting our RS4 repaired. These were slow laps in the cold so we could learn the track. The other 2 new ones have not been mounted. The tread thickness on the first 6 used ones are #1 0.195" #2 0.200 " #3 o.170" #4 0.150" #50.190" #6 0.180". A new one measures just over 0.200" The other 4 ran two 7 hr races at MSR , won it but they are in the 0.140" range. $ 75 for the new ones and $40 for the used ones. You pay the freight. If you buy the new ones, I will give you the ones off the car for free if you pay the freight. Thanks, Rick
  7. SOLD. For sale: 1995 BMW 325is 5spd 200k+ miles $2000 OBO for everything or $1100 OBO for just car and the spare fuel tank and pump, nothing else. located smack dab in the middle of wisconsin Willing to negotiate for certain parts and pieces you want or do not want. Its been a northern car and a daily driver. Car ran when parked last fall but now will not prime fuel pump. Car will spin and spark but no fuel. Can't hear pump prime when ignition is turned to ON position. Have parts to fix, see list below. Has new electric front pusher fan. Has snow tires on it will less than 300 miles on them. Has typical rear wheel well rust. Paint is ok. Trans shifted well. photobucket pic link http://s8.photobucket.com/user/mrslysly/library/for sale Spare parts: fuel tank with pump spare motor and auto trans from 325 parts car front suspension frame with hubs steering rack front sway bar calipers (on suspension frames) rear suspension frame drivers side axle driveshaft complete wiring harness for whole car with fuse block and junction block computers from parts car: dme/pcm/security steering column dash 3 extra sets of rims 3 extra sets of tires - 1 new all season set, 2 used summer performance tires One set is BBS rims and other is BMW OEM rims, third set is unknown make. (see picture link for extra rims) master cylinder with booster front clip parts (not sure what to call them but the pieces that go across the front frame forks and around the kidney grilles) Bentley service manual extra front and rear seats extra body panels and doors from sedan - sell em for extra cash shell of parts car is already gone.
  8. I have 8x BFG Rivals S 225-45-15. Brand New. All were purchased in 2016 and have 2016 manufacture stamps. All have been sitting in my heated storage over winter. $520 per set of 4x. I can bring these to Watkins Glen for May 26-28 event. Jason
  9. Anyone tried the updated Federal RS-RR tires? That's (2) Arrr's for the pirates. Grip to dollar ratio seems really good, I'm reading reviews saying comparable grip to RS3's with a stiffer sidewall... though track life seems to be an unknown at this point. I'm tempted to try them in the spring as my dual purpose tire while the 2018 racecar is serving double duty daily/track rat. Under $600 for a set of four is tough to beat. Not to mention, RS-4 is beginning to trickle out from Hankook? Grip is up, life is down, similar to a Bridgestone?
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