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Found 49 results

  1. Crazy to think its been 4 months, & I'm just now realizing our team is missing 2 rims/tires for our Acura. Our engine blew & during the hustle & bustle i think they just got overlooked being that we were sharing a pit stall. I know someone had to have grabbed them at the end of the night in hopes to locate the owner. Well I'm hoping some team has them out there. They are chrome "waffle" style 10 spoke rims. Could have RE71s or kuhmo tires on them. Im not sure bc we were testing different brands. I love our CC racing community and I know noone stole them, I just hope if anyone has them they'll find this post. Contact Philip of HWD Racing #707 at 4342101376 if you have any info. Much thanks!
  2. I was racing at VIR this weekend, first of all what a great event and well done to everyone involved. There was one occasion where I completely outbraked myself while trying to defend three other cars going into the first corner. It was stupid and I shouldn't have done it, but hey that's racing. There was no contact and I managed to keep it on the black top so let's just move on without people calling me the idiot I already know I am. Anyway, I was hoping one of the cars behind me caught it on their in car video. I was in a white Nissan 240sx (#248 - Two Forties Racing) Behind me was an Orange BMW e36, one of the Porsches (I think green) and maybe an e30 It was on Sunday morning at about 10am
  3. One seat open. This is s 530 Point car that can run 2 hours on a tank of gas. Quick and well sorted car. Call Matt Connolly for details 610-392-7020
  4. First stop after working our way up from the back to P5/6 we made our first stop just before the 2hr mark. We must’ve picked up an upright on pit road because we were right on with mileage and there wasn’t even any drip marks coming into the pit stall. Put 15 gallons in and 15 came out (of the bottom). Would love to return the piece of aluminum to the team that’s missing it, holler. 😉
  5. This is the opening stint of the race with the honorable Jesse Clark driving, RPM by minutes. Just a macro look shows how these races normally open, caution caution caution as cars sputter out and then the field settles in to some really good long runs.
  6. Sparrow Speed loves 24 hour racing! We will be looking for drivers to join us for both Nelson Ledges and the VIR 24 hours in 2018. That said we would love to join forces with another team to fly, drive, and carry the banner at Utah Motorsports Campus. We are looking for an exchange program for one or two drivers with another determined team.
  7. $1100 for one full stint each day (2) with an option for additional seat time. Up to 5.5 hours available for $1700. Must have previously raced with Chumpcar. IMSA helmet comms required; we can install for you.
  8. I am looking to see if anyone has any 4x100 15x8 TRM C1 Wheels for sale that could deliver to VIR for the 24 hour race. Here is what I am looking for: https://www.tirerack.com/wheels/WheelCloseUpServlet?wheelMake=TRMotorsport&target=wheelCloseUp&wheelFinish=Light+Grey+Painted&wheelModel=C1 Thanks, Tyler
  9. Thanks to all that have inquired we have decided to focus on some other events.
  10. MMR has limited seats available for VIR & Daytona Our car is an 84 Camaro. We also have seats available for our MR2 (A class) at VIR. If we have enough interest we will take it to Daytona a well. Please message for details, included benefits, and costs. You can also email eric@ericmcclure.com.
  11. Martin-McClure Racing is seeking drivers for our 2017 schedule. We have an 84 Camaro & Toyota MR2. (The Camaro is new to the organization) I have another thread going for VIR 3/4 & Daytona 4/1. We have a driver that races for us in each race, so that is what sets our schedule. Our remaining schedule is : Watkins Glen 5/26-28 VIR 24 8-11/13 Sebring 9/23 Pittsburgh 10/7-8 VIR north. 12/2-3 We are open to additional races if enough drivers request. Many included benefits. For more details: Message via inbox Call/text 276-451-0757 Email eric@ericmcclure.com
  12. Hello everyone and welcome to the 2016 endurance racing season! We would like to invite capable drivers to join us as we focus on our home tracks around Indiana. NCM, Mid-Ohio, Gingerman, and PittRace are all present and accounted for! We've been around for a while and know the ropes, at least we think we do. Our number 1 priority is safety, and then reliability, fun, and competition are all lumped into #2. The racing community is our family, come join us! Take a peek at our website, the schedule and current openings are located HERE. If you have any questions I can be reached through the forums, the website, or directly at thing3racing at gmail . com Justin
  13. Hey guys, I've got a red 1991 NA miata 1.6L and I'm looking for drivers for Watkins Glen, 24 hours of VIR, and possibly thompson and NCM. The car is suited towards dirvers around 5'5'', but can fit 6' if necessary. I have attached the costs and drivers wanted below. I am looking for one other driver for WGI, feel free to contact me and work something out if the situation isn't ideal. take care Chumpcar schedule.docx
  14. Axles of Evil has 8 drive hours open in our E36 for the VIR 12 hour March 5th. Fast, reliable, easy to drive car turns 2.27s easilyon VIR full, 1.47 VIR North. Fully crewed and maintained by professionals from Sneed's Speeed Shop. Just show up and drive. Racing will be done, FUN will be had! Call or email Chris Sneed for more details 336 682 5801, chris@sneedspeedshop.com
  15. Looking for seat at VIR South March 5. Have raced south course. 3 years Chump experience without being on the tow hook. Text or call: Mike Coleman 508-454-1674 or email: mjcoleman1946@gmail.com
  16. We are looking for drivers to fill our remaining seats at the december vir race. We are bringing both neons and have a few stints open. Message me if interested. One car is a recent build with a stock neon motor. Has speed to run top 15 to top 10. The other car is a 2.4 swap and has the speed to run in the top 5 when run well and clean. The swapped car has a podium to its credit last year and has been in the top 3 at a few events before sliding back. Fun easy to drive rides.
  17. Porsche 944 team now based in Mooresville, NC area. Scheduled to run Double 7's at VIR in December. Looking for a third and possibly fourth driver for that race. If interested in VIR race or any future races give me a shout. tim..... Tim Aultman Perseverance Racing #449 Porsche 944S 704 224-7999 (text works best).
  18. I'm a driver looking for a seat at the VIR double 7 Dec 5 weekend. I've been a driving instructor for 20yrs, ran SCCA sprint and endurance races with wins, driven and raced many different front and rear wheel drive cars and in my last Chumpcar race in June 2015, set the fastest lap of the race and we won 1st place overall. (in a car I'd never driven before) I can give you my full 'race resume' with more details if you have an open seat. Thanks, Sean 410-279-5631
  19. Have an 88 Mustang GT CMC car listed for sale in the sale forum. Would consider selling shares to 4 others with an interest to form a new team in the Southeast area for tracks such as VIR, CMP, Road Atlanta. Would need one of the other team members to take possession of the car and act as team leader as I am buying a 2010 Spec Iron Mustang and will be running in NASA for much of 2016. Car runs great, has been to 2 track events over the last 3 weeks. More details on it can be found in the Chump forums for sales. I'm in Charlotte.
  20. I'm getting back into racing after a break (I did some SCCA racing a long time ago - had an enduro win at Summit Point and a sprint win at Nelson Ledges). I've been doing HPDE events pretty regularly over the years since then and can turn some pretty quick and consistent laps, but I'm probably not going to set a lap record. I'm easy on the equipment (all of the cars I raced back in the day were Showroom Stock cars with awful brakes, so I learned to turn good laps without destroying brake pads). I'm a decent amateur mechanic (I have done the maintenance on my track cars myself). Anyone got a seat open?
  21. Fellow Chumps, We run a 94 Miata that has been really good to us, treat it right and it will keep on going and going right up to the podium. A real pleasure to drive, great handling, awesome brakes, and a great family of a team behind it. We'd like to welcome you to join us for a weekend or a season if you're interested. New and experienced drivers are welcomed but everyone is expected to mind the ride like it was your own with the you break it you buy it mentality (never had any issues). We usually place in the top third of the field and easily finish top ten with a smooth crew behind the wheel. We also run a cool shirt and fresh air helmet blower for the Divas out there : ) Check out our website, and take a peek at the schedule tab for pricing and availability as some races are full already. We run in an ~8 hour circle around our home in Southern Indiana from the brand new Corvette Museum, VIR, to Road America, Mid-Ohio and Pittsburgh. If you see something you like, shoot over an email here or on the contact us tab from the website. http://thing3racing.wix.com/thing3racing Let me know if you have any questions, Justin
  22. At the 1 Hour mark {via Livetiming}, P Laps 1 18 #82 Blitzvinnig {D} 2 18 #42 No Panic Racing {C} 3 18 #840 Nine Four Motorsports {C} 4 18 #119 Beast Mode Racing {A} 5 18 #205 Ronald's Racers {C} 6 18 #63 Simon Says {B} 7 17 #67 SRI Racing 1 {EC} 8 17 #69 SRI Racing 3 {EC} 9 17 #307 Kill Bill {B} 10 17 #146 Huggins motorsports {C}
  23. 36hr Flash Presale - Ends at 11:59 PM Tomorrow (August 6th) It's that time of the year again, and this year we are bringing back the full setup for your viewing pleasure. We will have our tent setup in the paddock with shots loading throughout the sprint and enduro races, however if you want the most photos (added to our "BOLO - Be on the Lookout" List), and want them for the best value, then signing up now is highly recommended. http://www.awolphoto.com/product/chumpcarvir Breakdown on Savings of Prebuy vs. At the Track Enduro Race Photos: $20 cheaper with prebuy. Enduro + Spring Race Photos: $35 cheaper with prebuy. Additional Banners / Prints also discounted with prebuy option. We look forward to seeing everyone at the track, we are fully stocked with Twizzlers and Coozies, stop by and pick up a couple! Also, we have a limited amount of AWOL Photo decals if you want to add some hidden horsepower to your car! Thanks as always for the support, we'll see you trackside soon! - Eric
  24. I'm coming to VIR August 7-9 to race the 24 Hour Enduro. I'd fly in earlier and rent a car for the sprint races on Friday if anyone had a rental. Not particular on what the car is, it just has to fit a guy that is 6 foot 4. Anyone renting anything, e-mail me at smckay at mckay-law.com. Thanks.
  25. I still have rooms/beds available at discounted rates to anyone coming for the 24hr. Chumpcar at VIR. Woodside Inn is located 3 miles from the track. I have 9 available beds @ $50 per person, plus tax. 3 rooms have twin beds, two have full and private first floor room with pull out bed. Great for groups needing 3 full/5 half bathrooms and plenty of quiet country for resting. This is a Non-Bed & Breakfast discount with open commercial kitchen/full house privileges/charcoal grill picnic area, etc. Contact Lynn: 336-234-0232 or 336-234-0439. I check messages very frequently! Check out our website: http://www.thewoodsideinn.com
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