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Found 17 results

  1. Hey ChampCar guys. I'm driving to Watkins Glen . Would rather give these to a racing team than to sell online. Here are the details and note they have 5 lugs: 2 - 19x11 O.Z. Leggera HLT BR RACE GR w/tires included - 2 295/30ZR-19 Continental ExtremeContact DWS XL (site for reference--> https://www.tirerack.com/wheels/WheelCloseUpServlet?target=wheelCloseUp&wheelMake=O.Z.&wheelModel=Leggera+HLT&wheelFinish=Bright+Race+Grey) Just for info, my friend originally bought these on Nov-2014 from TireRack for $1,520. He gave them to me in exchange for a few lunches after he sold his 911S but there too right on my GT4. I'm 99% sure the rubber and wheels have zero miles. Asking to trade a beer/burger or just about anything else. If you feel like they are worth a bit more, you can slap me some cash too. Just want to get these to someone that can use them. Let me know so I can bring to Watkins Glen Champ race in less than 2 weeks!! See ya'll at the Glen!! Geaux Hugh Jass! Chris Hebert
  2. We are running a first gen Rx7, which is inherently prone to snap oversteer. We manage it by not trailbraking, and being cautious with throttle liftoff in high speed sweepers. We have acquired a set of wider (225) tire/wheels, and they have an offset which pushes the wheels out quite a bit (we will have to flare the fenders). We have a large inventory of narrower (205) wheels and tires to work through as well. Additionally we are putting a wing on the back. So the question is, how would our handling change under a few scenarios: 1. We run the wider wheels and wider offset wheels all around 2. Wider wheels up front 3 wider wheels in the rear. Our car currently handles pretty well under most circumstances (aside from noted snap oversteer), and brakes very well. We are concerned about possible extra stress on the rear bearings (is this worthy of concern?). Will the snap oversteer be wildly exaggerated if we run the wider wheels up front? Will the wider wheels in the rear help the twitchy handling at all? We prefer to run the wider wheels in pairs for now rather than all 4 so we can keep the handling consistent over a whole race even when we change tires. We will be going to 225s all around once we have worked through the 205s. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi All, Everything is sold. Everyone thought the race ready engine was too expensive over the winter until they blew their own engine via the Spring races. - Race ready engine - SOLD - Our Second engine has all the same new parts installed but has a leaking head gasket and most likely overheated. Will sell for $900.00. We built both of these engines at the same time in parallel. - SOLD Other parts we have that are being liquidated: - TRMotorsport C1 E30 wheels 15x7 from Tire Rack. $50 each. Total of 4 - SOLD - Z3M Rear diff. 3.23 limited slip 91,000 miles. $700.00 - SOLD!! - E30 Light weight flywheel (Clutch Masters FX400 Clutch Kit - 03010-HDC6) with new heavy duty JB Racing clutch. $650.00 - SOLD! - BMW E30 Rebuilt drive shaft. $350.00 - SOLD - Rear sub frame assembly with trailing arms, Spec E30 camber/toe adjusters, newer output shafts, stock bushings, wheel bearings, SS brake lines, newish calipers, rotors. $750.00. - SOLD PM me with questions. All items are located in Burnsville, MN.
  4. Kosei K1 15x7 4x100 ET25 as described in the title. Looking for $300 E30 fitment, quantity of 4. These are used. Located in Horseheads, NY. I can bring to WGI chumpcar or AER race with deposit or payment in full ahead of time. I also have boxes so i can ship, just tack on another $100. PM me for pictures, I currently have them boxed up.
  5. Up for sale is one of our sets of race wheels. They have old tires on them (205 Direzza Z1 star specs). You can use them for testing or swap on new tires. I can dismount them if you want to have the wheels shipped to you. Some of the tires have more life than others. Selling to try to convert all of our race wheels to the same wheel style. I can bring them to Road America for the Chumpionship. Otherwise wheels are located in upstate NY. $330..... only allowed 3.91mb file.......I took high res shots on my phone so PM me for more pictures.
  6. SOLD. For sale: 1995 BMW 325is 5spd 200k+ miles $2000 OBO for everything or $1100 OBO for just car and the spare fuel tank and pump, nothing else. located smack dab in the middle of wisconsin Willing to negotiate for certain parts and pieces you want or do not want. Its been a northern car and a daily driver. Car ran when parked last fall but now will not prime fuel pump. Car will spin and spark but no fuel. Can't hear pump prime when ignition is turned to ON position. Have parts to fix, see list below. Has new electric front pusher fan. Has snow tires on it will less than 300 miles on them. Has typical rear wheel well rust. Paint is ok. Trans shifted well. photobucket pic link http://s8.photobucket.com/user/mrslysly/library/for sale Spare parts: fuel tank with pump spare motor and auto trans from 325 parts car front suspension frame with hubs steering rack front sway bar calipers (on suspension frames) rear suspension frame drivers side axle driveshaft complete wiring harness for whole car with fuse block and junction block computers from parts car: dme/pcm/security steering column dash 3 extra sets of rims 3 extra sets of tires - 1 new all season set, 2 used summer performance tires One set is BBS rims and other is BMW OEM rims, third set is unknown make. (see picture link for extra rims) master cylinder with booster front clip parts (not sure what to call them but the pieces that go across the front frame forks and around the kidney grilles) Bentley service manual extra front and rear seats extra body panels and doors from sedan - sell em for extra cash shell of parts car is already gone.
  7. Location: Columbus, IN 47201 I can bring to Pitt Race, NCM, and Mid-Ohio through the end of this year. I have several sets of wheels that I've been hoarding and it's time to clear out the garage. Tires too, mainly Rival non-S in 205/50r15. $200 for all 3 15x7 et +25 Spec D-Force Miata wheels 13lbs each, silver and grey in color and they look straight but have racing nicks on the finish. Only 3 of them and the tires are junk. (There is a 4th you can have for free to coil your garden hose on) https://www.turnermotorsport.com/p-1430-d-force-ltw5-15x70-et25-silver-wheel-13lbs-e30-318iis-325iis/ $700 with tires Next up is a set of crazy light 14x7" RPF1 wheels with first gen Dunlop Star Spec tires. Under 10lbs a wheel!!! The wheels are in mint condition, come with racing aluminum valve stems. Tires have a slight bit of camber wear from street driving but won't be a consideration on track.
  8. Got these for my Mazda 6 as I had seen people run them on a Mazdaspeed3. Bore is too small for my car, so I can't run them. Pretty bummed about that, I love these wheels, and I always wanted a set of BBS. Anyway, priced for quick sale. One tire is decent (60% left), one is eh, (30% left) the rest are pretty worn. A good amount of curb rash, I was planning on repainting before running them on my car, but they'd be fine for a chump car. No bends that I could see, they looked pretty straight. I have these things stored at work, wish I had taken more pictures before realizing that someone here might want them and I left for the weekend. These came off of a toyota camry as the factory upgrade wheel. I will be at Sebring on the 24th and could potentially load them onto the trailer and meet up with someone there. You can text me at 561 247 O362. I'm in Jupiter, FL for anyone somewhat local.
  9. As the title says, I am looking for some lightweight BMW E36 wheels 17X8 or wider (sub 20lbs preferred). Condition not important as long as they are round and true. contact me at samluke@sbcglobal.net
  10. I have two sets of wheels for an e36 for Sale. Set one is a set of stock BBS Contour wheels off of an M3. They are all 17" x 7.5". They are straight, but a two of them have some road rash. Set two is a set of Fondmetal 5 spoke 17" x 7.5". They are like new, but one has a couple scratches on it. Both sets have tires mounted. I will be at Watkins Glen in May and can bring them along.
  11. j744


    Need help locating and selecting steel rims for 1990 miata 15". I would like to have some offset. The bolt pattern is 4x100. I see a lot of miata owner/drivers. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Looking for wheels and tires for 1st gen RX7, let me know what you have, located in north Florida, intend to run Daytona. Thanks!
  13. http://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/pts/4024851256.html This is the link to my post on craigslist and my name is adam so let me know if you need a set or a few sets or a lot of sets 205/50R/15- $340 per set or $85 each 205/50R/16- $360 per set or $90 each 225/50R/16- $400 per set or $100 each (312) 202 2433
  14. I have way too many sets of wheels. One or more sets has to go. Set 1. 17"X8 after market, with well worn Dunlop Direzzas $250 Ser 2. 15" x7 OEM with used Falken Azenis 205's remaining life ranges from 50-75% $300 Set 3 15"x7, OEM wheels only, with BMW center caps $200 Richard samluke@sbcglobal.net
  15. 4 14" wheels (4x100, steel) with serviceable star specs 3 15" wheels (4x100, steel) with serviceable star specs 2 rear hubs 2 rear spindle castings (trailing arm stamping not included) 16 new wheel studs Right front caliper Prices are low and up for negotiation/barter. These parts can be delivered to VIR in August.
  16. I have a set of wheels we took of our car, they are 5 spoke wheels, with a 4 lug pattern and measure 114.3mm (Mazda RX7 pattern). We are planning on being at Sebring, so if there are any chump teams interested, I can bring them down.. will include the tires that came on the car, lots of awesome tread, however, they are dry rotted... but for the most part hold air...! Also, my dad and I will probably come up for Saturday for the chumpionship at Atlanta Motor Speedway and volunteer as pit workers, so that maybe another date... Otherwise, I am located near Valdosta, GA... shipping is not an option... what are these worth??? Let's say $150 obo bucks or I will trade for a good looking set of 5x4.5(114.3) Steel racing wheels, with possibly 3.75 or 4" backspacing...
  17. 8 mustang wheels, 4 clean & straight but the hubcaps are scratched, the rest would need a cleaning or stripping, good spares, no hubcaps $200 can deliver to Sebring. No tires.
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