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Found 4 results

  1. ** EDIT 8/2017 ** - because photobucket now sucks and requires a paid acct for 3rd party hosting, here is the entire build album that has photobucket pictures from the build, sorry for photobucket sucking. http://s657.photobucket.com/user/pintodave/library/Camaro build I'll just leave this here... Though it might be fun to document the build.
  2. Hi all, a few of us Central Florida Chumps have been trying to make the monthly Brothers Performance Cars n Coffee cruise in they do the 2nd Saturday of the month. Well finally this month we can actually make it, this Saturday June 11th. They are conveniently located @ the I-4 & Hwy44 interchange in Volusia County about 30 min east of Orlando and about 20 min west of Daytona. We'd like to maybe make it a regular showing, so we can use this thread to talk about it. Link is here: http://www.brothersperformance.com/events/ We have no idea how many people show up to this, but we are going to crash it with a few Chumpcars so bring yours out or just come and say hi. So far Mike is driving the Lead Sled Lincoln, I am driving the Camaro, and TurboFox is threatening to bring out his Mustang as well.
  3. I'm trying to put something together and I don't have a 2009-2011 rulebook and I only became aware of ChumpCar in mid-2012. For me to finish what I'm working on, it would be helpful to understand the full history of how swaps were valued from the beginning. Thanks.
  4. Campaigning from the World Center of Racing, Lead Sled Racing started as a mediocre idea (it's all Mike's fault) and has blossomed into mediocre race results all while having a ton of fun, consuming too much alcohol, not properly saving for retirement, but most importantly meeting a lot of really great people along the way. Originally the brainchild of Mike, who posts as "Lead Sled", his intention was to get a bunch of old friends together to build and race a car. The original group had various levels of racing experience, some with quite a bit, some with zero. At the time, 2010, we had only heard of the citrus series, so our goal was to have a car complete for a 24 hour endurance race at PBIR. We needed a car... after mulling around some options, we determined that most of us have owned reasonably serious street cars and have ADD, so we need to be entertained - the car must be a V8. The only logical choice was a Lincoln Town Car. Why? Because it was free.... but it needed a motor.... Long before 50 page discussions on swap rules, long before "cheaty" was hip with the kids, back from an era when swaps were pure....... We knew the Lincoln MUST have a Vortec truck engine. Why? Because it was free. The original studly line up was: Mike Smith David Castello Tim Goeman Joe Pirtle Somewhere along the way our buddy Geoff Thompson joined the madness, and we also have a couple of "regulars" that drive with us as well, all of whom are friends or we met through Chump. Fast forward and here we are... 5 years and a lot of races later, we somehow have managed to not kill the Lincoln yet, oh but how we have tried - but she's a tough ol' girl and has served us well. Once some of the growing pains of the build and learning the nuances of endurance racing have come to pass, we have actually had reasonable results at some of the bigger field count races. Now there is a new addition to the Lead Sled stable, the Cage Gage Camaro. Technically it is a solo build, but I consider it part of the Lead Sled banner. Personally, I was extremely burnt out on racing, but this "silly" endurance racing has really grown on me and made me realize that I love racing for the sake of racing. Next thing you know, another car is in the works..... See everyone at the track!
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