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Meet and Greet for North Texas Chumps this Friday!

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Texas Track Works one of DFW's premier road race shops is holding a customer appreciation day this Friday and has invited us Chumps out.  There will be beer, food, beer and lots of racing lies told.  I'll be there as well as Brock "The Scourge" White handing out some ChumpCar swag and talking with local racers.  Email me at mikem@chumpcar.com with any questions.  Hope to see you there!


Location:  Texas Track Works


                 3333 Suffolk Drive Suite 202

                 Fort Worth, TX  76133


Time:  4pm-8pm

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Fun event. After draining their keg, Mike M., Brock, Mike (from Zee Guys) and myself took the road show to an establishment near TCU campus and consumed several Sam Adams.


Saturday went and checked out the LeMons race at ECR. Saw several ChumpCar number panels. Afterwards went to Clark's ( Nismorons fame) shop to check out his new build and helped finish off a few Shiner Bock's.


Good weekend :)

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