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Windy City Grand Prix - Autobahn - Official Results

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Greetings from just south of the windy city!


Here are the results from today's (saturday) seven hour enduro!


1st: #661 Bavarian Mustache Werks

2nd: #41 Fine Sausage Racing

3rd: #4 Four Car Garage Motorsports


Results (click me!)

Lap Times (click me!)




1st: #51 British American Racing

2nd #66 Holy Rollers

3rd #661 Bavarian Mustache Werks


Results (ooh, yeah, click me.)

Lap Times (no, click me instead!)


And as usual, you can check out the results on Mylaps.com by searching for us or clicking this link ---> http://www.mylaps.com/en/events/999730


Thanks for a very entertaining show at a track that we're definitely looking forward to coming back to!  We couldn't do this without y'all!

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Richard why is your car not listed? I thought you finished in 2nd place.


As gsmith says we were Dq'd at impound for running an early factory e36 325 Differential instead of the electronic ASC system.

My fault, I should have declared it. I am 22 hp down on the other e36's, and same gearing so don't see as though I am gaining any advantage, but thats not the issue.  With the penalties it's tough to compete in an e36, even if we weren't down on power.

I am wondering now if I should declare the bored and stroked M3 block and the flashed EPROM!

We will see what Sunday brings.

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Congrats to all the teams but it was great to see the (other than us) KC guys running so well even if the podium got shuffled.  Congrats to the Sausagefest boys!


What I will take from this weekend is do not put Richard in the grass.  He will electrocute you with an ignition coil. 

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Wes, you know we had to find out for sure if the coil was strong! You can now rest assured that its good.


Thanks for the congrats.  We were amazed at getting to second, it was very unexpected.  Very comfortable in what we achieved with our car considering what it has. We know who the top 3 cars were for that day.


Very happy for Ron and the boys, too bad about the state of their car  at the end of Sunday.  It turned a great weekend for them sour. Too bad considering the effort Ron puts in.

Hopefully the old faithful car 54 944 runs good for you at Hastings, and the bugs have been exorcised.

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I've been meaning to type this since we got home, I want to give a HUGE thanks to the chumpstaff (Mike, Chris and Brock) for having timing and scoring available starting from the beginning of the race both days.  We didn't have to wait around for 30 to 40 minutes to find out where they started or to see who was fast right off the bat.  This is a first for any of the CC races that I've attended.  I hope it becomes the standard. 


It was much appreciated. 

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