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Autobahn Country Club--April 6th--7 hr. Enduro

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An awesome day of racing yesterday.  Very few incidents.  The main culprit was the mud if anyone got off course.  Another beautiful day here at Autobahn Country Club.  Sunny and is going to be a balmy 54.  A perfect day for another 7 hr. Enduro.  Drivers Meeting going on right now.


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We have at least 3 new Chump Teams here this weekend. One team, Car #136 of Autobody Specialists are previous NASA and BMW3 drivers and wanted to find a series that was more affordable compared to seat time. The are wishing they are in a BMW as they would feel more at home than driving an RX7.

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I have never experienced such an exhilarating battle as what I had in the last ~50 minutes of the race. I was driving the Holy Rollers Civic, and had an intense battle with the Bavarian Mustache Werks E30. It's pretty rare in a chumpcar race that I get to drive anything greater than 8/10ths, and I got to do it at the end of the race fighting for P2. We swapped positions 3-4 times, and I was impressed by the class shown by the Mustache Werks driver. He (either of us, really) could have taken things to a low level and tried some sketchy stuff, but we didn't. It was clean, albeit very hard racing. I pushed very hard through traffic hoping I could get him caught up, but it never happened.


We did have one bit of contact but it was because we were 3-wide into a corner and the 3rd car made an unanticipated move and came down on us from the outside and caused us to domino into each other.


EDIT: Apparently it was one contact call from a corner worker for the above incident. Everyone drove away and there was no damage done but maybe a bit of paint swap on the doors. We were allowed to keep racing. Great call Mike, and thanks.


Fantastic weekend, thanks to the chump and track staff, and the Holy Rollers for letting me guest drive the new car, on a track completely new to me.

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