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Does anyone have video from NJMP

Mellow Mike

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We were pitted right at the emnd of pit road, and it appeared their driver put two off on the left and them came across the track into the wall.  No video though.  Glad they got the car back out later. 

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I guess its the same old story , when you put two wheels over the curb don''t jerk the wheel to pull it back just  lift and run to the end of the curb and get back on the track

Yep, if you're going to go off, drive it off, don't slide it off. And never try to be a hero.  Commit to mowing the grass, lick your wounds, and re-enter safely. 


My first race was at Autobahn this year. I put 4 wheels off.... about 3 times on Sunday and once on Saturday, did exactly as you two described and never lost control or came close to wrecking. 


A couple were situations where I thought I could save it with just 2 off but I quickly thought about it and drove straight off to avoid the possible spinning situation.


Anyway, good advice, something that should be emphasized to new drivers.

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