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Biggest Little 24 Hour Endurance Race in Texas

Guest ChumpCar

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Guest ChumpCar

Well, Howdy y'all -- welcome to the Biggest Little Endurance Race in Texas! It's the ChumpCar World Series at Texas Motor Speedway!

Not only is this the VERY FIRST 24 hour race ever held at TMS, it's also being held on the same weekend at NASCAR Cup and Infineon Raceway. That explains why Tony, Dale, Kevin and Carl couldn't be with us this weekend. We'll miss them... Tony Grant, Dale Fredrickson, Kevin Dern and Carl Fazio -- what a great bunch of Chumps. They're some of our best and most loyal race fans. Real ChumpHeads! Well, I hope they enjoy the dry heat out there in California. That's one thing we don't have here... DRY. Oh, we've got the heat -- but we ain't got the dry. Yesterday, them temp hit 96 degrees and the humidity was somewhere north of 70%. Last night, it was a balmy 81 degrees at midnight. Same is expected today today and tonight. At least, no thunderstorms or any sort of inclement weather. ChumpCar has definitely had its fill of rain for the 2010 season!

We've got 26 cars entered for the event this weekend. We lost 6 cars over the last week when a few chumps couldn't get their cars finished, or lost drivers and couldn't fill-out a full team. Many of the stranded drivers got rides with other teams that are here, so we've got 163 drivers on 26 teams that will try to survive today. I doubt that any driver or team is planning any kind of strategy that extends beyond 7:00pm tonight (when we stop the race for our 1-hour Safety Break). The primary focus today has to be 'get through the heat on Saturday.'

After the Safety Break (7-8pm -- when teams can make repairs, set headlights or change brake pads, oil, engines or anything else they want) the evening promises to be far more forgiving than the heat of the afternoon. I anticipate the smart teams will run 70%-75% during the afternoon session and then crank it up to 80%-85% during the evening and nighttime hours. As I always preach: it's 23 hours of survival and 1 hour of racing... and the race starts at 11:00am tomorrow morning, here in Texas.

Sleepers in the mix: I'm watching a Volvo, a SHO Taurus and (believe it or not) a Triumph TR-7. There's also a weird little Toyota entered that may pull a few surprises. More on this to come... watch for posts from Tim Winker (ChumpCar's new and oh-fish-al National Correspondent), as well as Racey Diva and myself.

Well, gotta go... last minute duties to fulfill and a lot more coffee to drink! (Yeah... 100 degrees outside and I'm guzzling more coffee. Go figure!?)

All the best -


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Greetings fellow Chumps. From Texas Motor Speedway, no less. Chump John is very correct, it is hotter than... well anything I would want to get used to. Prediction is for +97 and it will probably higher on the track. Fortunately, we are in the garage area, out of the sun and with a breeze blowing through. No A/C, however.

Here is the entry list, in no particular order:

00 - 2 Beaners in a Bucket - BMW 325e 1987

77 - Animal Hospice - Mazda RX-7 1984

99 - BahnStormers - Volvo 740 1990

67 - Cupcake Racing - Ford Thunderbird 1988

01 - DisLexus - Lexus 400 1992

33 - F1 rejects - Ford Thunderbird 1994

83 - FUBAR Racing - Ford Escort Zx2 1998

9 - GasHole Motorsports - Honda CBR accord 1997

69 - General Yee JR Racing - Mazda Miata 1990

78 - Harris Hill Road LMP(os) - Triumph TR-7 1978

48 - HOV-Wreckers - Mazda Miata 1994

88 - Limp Richard racing - Mazda Protege 1993

97 - Live Oak Nudist Resort - Ford Taurus SHO 1989

50 - Live Oak Nudist Resort II - BMW 320i 1979

16 - Loony Tunes - Toyota Celica 1984

38 - McRusty Racing - Toyota Celica 1981

5 - Millenium Talon - Eagle Talon 1991

60 - Opular Dependence - Opel GT 1972

45 - Prancing Donkey - Acura Integra LS 1993

17 - Property Devaluation Racing - Ford Thunderbird 1984

(With "Clyde Torkel's Chicken Pit" on the side.)

59 - Serious Business Motorsports - BMW 325e 1984

15 - Shade Tree Engineering - BMW 325i 1991

26 - Shake and Bake - Ford Mustang 1991

22 - The SCHWING Team - Toyota Corolla FX16 1987

98 - wezzr racing - Ford Escort zx2 1998

18 - White Lightning - Honda Civic Sedan 1989

Driver's Meeting at 10:00am.

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One hour in, but we don't have results to share... yet. Timing/scoring is done from the tower above the start/finish line on the outside of the track. Most of us are in the garage/paddock area on the inside of the track. There is no link between the two. Erik and Cathy are attempting to establish something via the Interweb.

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Guest johnny v

anyone with some updates? Its 1:20 pm and I just got a call from the track..... My sister in law says my Brother, Craig , just took to the track during a caution the the White lightning # 18 Honda civic is in the lead or close to it.... I also have a old family friend in there first chump car race in the 15x bmw rag top from here in Shreveport La . She says the BMW is still running!! Good news for sure.....

see ya

johnny V

shreveport La

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I didn't say anything about "cheater" ... I just said the car is well documented in the SHO community and if for some reason it was to be claimed I would be interested in bidding on it at a starting price of $1,500. ;)

Good luck with the rest of this weekend and we'll see you guys next weekend in Iowa!

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At the 2-hour mark:

1. 45 - Prancing Donkey , Acura

2. 59 - Serious Business, BMW

3. 18 - White Lightning, Honda

4. 22 - The Schwing Team, Toyota

5. 9 - GasHole Motorsports, Honda

6. 33 - F1 Rejects, Thunderbird

7. 99 - BahnStormers, Volvo

8. 60 - Opular Dependence, Opel GT

9. 83 - FUBAR Racing, Ford ZX2

10. 69 - General Yee JR Racing, Mazda Miata

Penalty laps (for creativity beyond ChumpCar rules):

#5 - 15 laps

#97 - 10 laps

#01 - 10 laps

#66 - 5 laps

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Guest johnny v

hey Mr Krek,

I have to say I have never laughed so hard than when I saw the pictures of your car in the PB online mag article.... everyone remembers the red 21 woods brothers car but I just fell out with the "confusion" and "motorcrap" but the icing on the cake was the what looks like " Comet" decals and other household item stickers in the traditional sticker locations.....

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Several cars have spent time in the garage area including:

#26 - overheating.

#78 - battery cable failure.

#48 - leaking oil, replacing head gasket.

#22 - engine internal, planning to make an engine swap... or a car swap?

#97 - engine miss, replaced ignition module.

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About 3:32 into the race:

1. #45 Prancing Donkey - 119 Laps

2. #59 Serious Business - 117

3. #9 GasHole - 114

4. #33 F1 Rejects - 108

5. #01 DisLexus - 108 +2.116 sec

6. #18 White Lightning - 108 +23.627 sec

7. #60 Opular Dependence - 106

8. #83 FUBAR - 106 [Pit]

9. #66 Animal Hospice - 105

10. #99 BahnStormers - 104

A big thank you to AutoBahn (http://www.shopautobahn.com) for providing many cases of water to drink.

Thanks also to Vick Racing Outfitters, who have brought a truck load of parts that racers usually forget. http://www.vro.com/

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Guest johnny v

Thanks, Mr Winker.....

If its not too much trouble,

next time you up-date.... look down the list and let me know how the 15x BMW shade tree car is doing....

I see the # 18 still in the top 10.... way to go !!!

thanks a bunch....

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Fastest Laps in the early going::

#01 DisLexus, "General Yee" Lexus 400 Coupe, 1:40.043 / 75.768 mph, lap 3.

#59 Serious Business, BMW 325e, 1:43.079 / 73.342 mph, lap 100

#97 Live Oak Nudist Resort, Taurus SHO, 1:43.234 / 73.232 mph, lap 41

#5 & #60 had fast laps in the 1:44s.

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Here's the 6 hour race report:

1. #45 Prancing Donkey - 194 laps.

2. #9 GasHole - 185 laps.

3. #18 White Lightning - 184 laps.

4. #99 BahnStormers - 179 laps.

5. #83 FUBAR Racing - 179 laps.

6. #33 F1 Rejects - 178 laps.

7. #98 wezzr racing - 178 laps.

8. #66 Animal Hospice - 177 laps.

9. #69 General Yee JR Racing - 176 laps.

10. #59 Serious Business Racing - 176 laps.

#97 spent quite a lot of time in the garage, initially to replace a bad RF wheel bearing, then to diagnose an angine misfire. That has dropped them to 21st, 54 laps behind the leader.

There will be a one hour Safety Break about 7:00 pm.

For Johnny v: #15 is in 22nd place, 56 laps behind the leader.

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Guest johnny v

Thank you Mr Winker for the updates!!

phone rang as I was typing this up... Ronnie from the 15 BMW called and said they are having a blast.... need some better tires , 5 speed and chassis work before the next race....

#18 honda civic is in the top three!!

keep it up , guys!!!

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Guest johnny v

Should be back racing in a few minutes, anyone with a safety break update?

DVot and Craig ( and Team)in #18 civic top 5 and the #15 BMW around 20th... last I heard .....

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At the 7pm Safety Break:

1. #45 Prancing Donkey, Acura Integra LS - 250 laps.

2. #9 GasHole Racing, Honda CBR Accord - 238 laps.

3. #18 White Lightning, Honda Civic sedan - 237 laps.

4. #66 Animal Hospice, Mazda RX7 - 233 laps.

5. #98 wezzr racing, Ford ZX2 - 231 laps.

6. #99 BahnStormers, Volvo 740 - 231 laps.

7. #33 F1 Rejects, Ford Thunderbird - 227 laps.

8. #83 FUBAR Racing, Ford ZX2 - 227 laps.

9. #59 Serious Business Racing, BMW 325e - 226 laps.

10. #69 General Yee JR Racing, Mazda Miata - 222 laps.

11. #50 Live Oak Nudist Resort II, BMW 320i - 222

12. #16 Loony Tunes, Toyota Celica - 220

13. #88 Limp Richard Racing, Mazda Protege - 211

14. #00 2 Beaners in a Bucket, BMW 325e - 205

15. #60 Opular Dependence, Opel GT - 204

16. #67 Cupcake Racing, Ford Thunderbird - 198

17. #26 Shake and Bake, Ford Mustang - 192

18. #5 Millenium Talon, Eagle Talon - 189

19. #15 Shade Tree Engineering, BMW 325i - 184

20. #97 Live Oak Nudist Resort, Taurus SHO - 167

21. #01 DisLexus, Lexus 400 - 159

22. #38 McRusty Racing, Toyota Celica - 159

23. #17 Property Devaluation Racing, Ford Thunderbird - 156

24. #78 Harris Hill Road LMP(os)

25. #48 HOV Wreckers

26. #22 The SCHWING Team [out]

Most teams are changing brake pads and tires, and aligning lights.

#97 and #78 remained in the garage at the restart, working on their cars. #97 still having engine misfire. #38 came back after one lap, driver said it needs brakes (which they did not do during the break) so they have changed pads. #01 Lexus is parked, reason unknown.

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Guest johnny v

just got an email from Ronnie in the #15 bmw shade tree car. He ran a 1:54 @ 65mph avg in a bone stock 91 bmw with 180000 miles, automatic transmission on Street tires with no modification to suspension except for some neg camber added.... Great job, Ronnie and all the shade tree team !! keep it up..... your only 25 laps down out of a top 10 spot.....

Daniel V (nephew) and Craig V (brother) are in the top 3 with the #18 honda civic team!!! Way to go!! play it smart and bring it on home....

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About 9:30 pm:

1. #45 Prancing Donkey, Acura Integra LS - 287 laps.

2. #9 GasHole Racing, Honda CBR Accord - 274 laps.

3. #18 White Lightning, Honda Civic sedan - 273 laps.

4. #98 wezzr racing, Ford ZX2 - 267 laps.

5. #99 BahnStormers, Volvo 740 - 266 laps.

6. #66 Animal Hospice, RX7 - 265

7. #59 Serious Business Racing, BMW 325e - 264

8. #33 F1 Rejects, Ford Thunderbird - 262 laps.

9. #83 FUBAR Racing, Ford ZX2 - 260 laps.

10. #69 General Yee JR Racing, Mazda Miata - 259 laps.

Darkness has set in and most teams are circulating at 10-12 seconds slower than their daytime speeds, but not the #66 RX7. Their current driver is running laps within 2 seconds of their daytime speeds.

The #78 TR7 is out with major caliper failure. Major! Like the piston welded itself to the disc.

The #60 Opel GT is out and on the trailer, unknown.

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Its almost 10pm and the night games begin........ anyone looking at the forum from the track that could update?

Everything is about the same as 9:30. Everyone made pitstops. The top cars are running real similar times at night. Everyone is pretty strung out. The 99 Volvo car is flying and making up time. We need some light adjustment. Waiting for feedback from current driver how the new air-pressure settings are working.

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Guest johnny v


Great job....great race so far..... you young guys can turn it on during the night time...

Thanks for the up-date, post some more later, will check in the morning , early.....

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It is 11:20PM, the race began 12 hours ago, but because of the one hour safety break, has 13 hours left to go.

1. #45 Prancing Donkey, Acura Integra LS - 335 laps.

2. #9 GasHole Racing, Honda CBR Accord - 321 laps.

3. #18 White Lightning, Honda Civic sedan - 319 laps.

4. #98 wezzr racing, Ford ZX2 - 315 laps.

5. #99 BahnStormers, Volvo - 314

6. #59 Serious Business Racing, BMW 325e - 309

7. #33 F1 Rejects, Ford Thunderbird - 308 laps.

8. #83 FUBAR Racing, Ford ZX2 - 307 laps.

9. #66 Animal Hospice, RX7 - 304

10. #69 General Yee JR Racing, Mazda Miata - 304

(Sorry for those who checked in a few moments ago. This information may be a bit outdated as the link to scoring seems to have dropped.)

Not a lot of change, as the Prancing Donkey Acura continues to dominate.

Note that the #97 SHO set 2nd fastest time on its 181st lap, a time of 1:40.268, less than .3 seconds slower than the fastest time set by the #01 Lexus, which has retired.

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