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We (RiffRAF) made contact at Watkins Glen...curious with whom & how?

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Let me begin by stating that I wasn't even at the race...as a matter of fact, it's the first race for RiffRAF Racing (Camo Triumph TR6) since we formed the team that I haven't been there.  Followed our progress (mostly lack of) on Race Monitor.


All I know is that contact was made between our car and someone else's on Sunday, I believe early afternoon.  I'm told it was in turn one.  Driver doesn't know with whom.  The 6 was done for the weekend at that point, contact was with right front and will require substantial parts replacement and straightening to race again.


Just wondering if anyone has any video or knowledge of what happened?  I'm just curious!  Thanks!



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ON a seperate note, we were pitted about 5 spots ahead of your team.  I really felt for you guys when you had to pit before the green flag even dropped on Saturday (you pitted during the parade laps).


Always awesome to see a non "me-too" car out there (we have two e30's so that is not us) turning laps!


Hope your car is OK.



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car looked good at Summit though - I felt bad for you guys at the start in the pouring rain, but I had 2-3 passes on you during my stint and your driver was running hard, but still let me by safely, so credit to the driving.


props to you guys running a TR6 though. As a GT6 owner, I can appreciate the sound of that engine better than most people :)

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