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Iowa Speedway - The Race Report

Guest ChumpCar

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Guest ChumpCar

Pre-race Introduction:

Greetings, race fans! Welcome to Newton, Iowa and the home of Iowa Speedway! It's also the home of the Maytag Corporation! Anyone who owns a Maytag washer, dryer or other appliance... well, it probably came from right here. That is, until 2 years ago when Maytag went offshore. Only the Maytag Museum remains in Newton.

This weekend's event... The "Rock n' Race 24" -- a 24-hour endurance race in the heartland of the U.S. of A.

I rolled into Newton with the Chumperhome and support trailer yesterday (direct from Texas Motor Speedway), greeted by 89 degree warmth and very agreeable humidity. (Yes, Toto... we're not in Texas anymore!) Lots of sunshine and blue sky. Then, it happened... or, maybe I should say, sh*t happened! Last night, about 3:00am, the sky erupted in violent streaks of white, yellow and pink. Lightning strikes danced around the motorhome in VERY CLOSE PROXIMITY... and I mean very, very close. I haven't been outside to inspect the damage, but a tree in the KOA campground I'm in got nailed last night. Toothpicks. Like I said, it was very, very close. The thunder reverberated throughout the RV, slapping the coach and echoing throughout. The thunder hit almost instantaneously with the external flash. This exhibition continued through the night, joined by 2+ inches of rain. It's raining still, and there's still the occasional thunder and lightning. Those of you who raced with us at Nashville - Part One... well, the rain is far less but the lightning is 10X worse. If our Iowa race started yesterday, I would have red flagged the race at 3:00am and probably kept the track clear until 8:00am. It was that bad.

But, in looking at the forecast, all of this weather is moving out later today. Tomorrow -- through the weekend -- is supposed to be 89-91 degrees (high) and 72-74 degrees (low). All sunshine! Geez! Almost too perfect!

I'll be heading to the track tomorrow for meetings and pre-race planning. More to follow...

Holy Soy-Bean! It's Iowa!


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Greetings, race fans! Welcome to Newton, Iowa and the home of Iowa Speedway!

What John said. As at Texas and BIR, I will attempt to provide timely updates and photos of the racing. However, I am also entered as a competitor in the Fart-hinder* Racing Saab 900 (*Swedish for "Speed Bump"). From past experience I know that attempting double-duty means that both jobs will be affected, but I will do my best for both. OTOH, you will get my views from the driver's seat. And a very wide driver's seat it is.

Watch for more from me beginning on Friday.

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Guest Champ

Tenters? Geez... there's no grass inside Iowa Speedway -- except the grass on the front straight by pit lane, and that might be a little noisey if you're trying to sleep. :lol:

I'd suggest that you keep the tent handy and play it by ear. Garage area? RV parking lot? Inside someone's trailer? Bring an air mattress! If you're asking do we charge for tenters? No, we don't... and I hope that Iowa Speedway doesn't either.

There is a campground on site - I take it from your response we don't have access to that?

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Guest Slugworks

You thought TEXTing while driving was ... a challenge.

Tim, You won't be in Minnesota. It's legal to text in Iowa while driving until July 1st, so you are all good. :)

I'm getting too excited for the weekend. Sitting here at work with way too many projects going on and all I can think about is racing.

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Team Butterman will be there in full force! Looking forward to the race. I hear Slugworks. I was giving a presentation yesterday at work and all I could think about was which members of the audience I could ask about joining our pit crew...


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Reporting LIVE (well, maybe not by the time you read this) from Iowa Speedway. The racing hasn't even begun and already we have a page full of comments in the forum.

It's hot, and the action on track will likely be hotter. Plenty of action in the garage area as tech and registration is taking place. Some new cars, some "experienced" cars, 24 teams registered to start on Saturday.

Make sure you take a look at previous posts as well as there is some good information already on this thread. That Track Cam link is pretty cool. Did you see me waving?

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Live from Newton, it's Saturday Morning! Driver's Meeting is about to take place, with racing to commence at 11:00am. Some serious thunderstorms rumbled through overnight, but the skies are clearing and there is no rain predicted for today. At the moment it's a comfortable mid 70s, but the forecasters are predicting "near record highs" in the mid 90s. Scattered thunderstorms are again predicted over Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Here is the list of teams entered for this weekend's 24-hour endurance race.

3 – Three Sheets Racing, 2001 Ford Escort ZX2

9 – Team Fiero, 1988 Pontiac Fiero

11 – Short Bus, 1986 Buick Regal

12 – Snake Oiler & the Car Acrobatic, 1984 Mazda RX7

14 - Lowbrau Racing, 1971 Porsche 914 1.7L

15 – Flyin' Eagles, 1987 VW GTI

20 – North Star Chump Car, BMW

21 – Eggboy Racing, 1990 Ford Taurus SHO

22 – Will Race for Beer, 1985 Alfa Romeo GTV-6

24 – Bear Patrol, 1992 Lexus SC400

26 – Shake and Bake, 1985 Toyota MR1

31 – Team Polska Kielbasa, 1985 Nissan 300Zx

33 – Team Butterman, 1993 BMW 325

37 – Team Party Cat, 1987 Honda Civic

38 – F1 Rejects, 1987Volvo 244 DL

46 – Team Cougar Bait, 1999 Saab 9-3

48 – Free Candy Racing, 1989 Honda Civic

49 – Slugworks Racing, 1990 Honda Civic

51 – British-America Racing, 1986 BMW 325e

56 – Bad Habit, 1995 Dodge Neon

58 – Dutch Rudder Racing, Datsun 280Z

63 – Team Cavette, 1995 Chevrolet Cavalier

92 – Fart-hinder Racing, 1992 Saab 900S 2.1L

- Go Mental, ? (I think this is the #43 Plymouth Neon)

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The Green flag waved about 11:15 am. Already in trouble are the #37 Team Party Cat Honda which has an engine miss, and the #14 Lowbrau Porsche 914 has returned to the paddock area for repairs after running slowly on the track.

As at Texas, we do not have direct access to scoring, so will be unable to offer updates, at least for awhile. Erik probably won't have the chance to correct the situation until about 2pm.

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Guest Jeff Forss TAG

What I have, added in order of car number:

#3: It seems all is peaceful between us and Three Sheets.

#11: This is team "Short Bus" as opposed to "Team Short Bus" (#99 Yellow Golf, real short bus for service vehicle.)

#15: Record for biggest hauler at smallest race? (at BIR at least.)

#21: Neat looking car on the internet. I wish I could have seen it in person.

#24: Bear Patrol; they came to see me at the shop. They're nice guys. I wish them a good race.

#26: Since we didn't get the engine bearing issue fixed, Barry S. from our team will be pinch driving for "Shake And Bake". The the car is a true $500 car; I saw it in it's fresh from the field form. The speed on that team has a lot to do with the driver talent.

#37: These guys live pretty far away from each other. I'm sure it doesn't make things any easier for them. Good to see that they got it fixed for Iowa.

Edit, I just read Tim's update. The engine's not missing, it's right "there". (I crack me up) That stinks, Hondas are suppose to just keep going. They have at least one engineer and one surgeon on the team, so I'll bet a combined IQ of 1200 between all 6? of them, if anyone can figure it out...

#46: The built at the track SAAB is back for more. I haven't seen the "new" car since BIR, but the roofless hulk that was Cougar Bait 2 has left my parking lot to become new beer bottle caps or something.

#49: TSB members Aaron J. (Jungle) and Dave L. are pinch driving for Slugworks this weekend.

#51 BAR: Nice to have them as pit neighbors at BIR. Best of luck guys.

#58: Build it, bring it, run it, enjoy it. I never spoke to anyone from that team, but I hope they're having fun with this.

#92: Got it together? I hope you run well and don't piff it again.

#99: Sitting outside of my shop under a cover. Too many other things to do in the last three weeks.

Glad to hear that John and Chump HQ were not blown or washed away, or struck by lightning.

All the best,


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Attrition continues.

#14 appears to have a fuel injector issue.

#37 Party Cat is now in the garage. It ran out of fuel on course and they have been unable to restart it.

#38 Volvo is in the garage with an alternator issue and they don't have a spare.

#58 Datsun is also suffering alternator failure but is trying to locate another.

#49 Honda is in the garage with an engine failure and is in the process of replacing the engine.

#24 Lexus has a blown power steering hose and is working to replace it.

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As of 1:07pm, about 2 hours into the race.

1. #21 Eggboy Racing, SHO, 108 laps

2. #51 B.A.R., BMW, 108 laps, -27 sec.

3. #22 Will Race for Beer, Alfa, 106

4. #46 Cougar Bait, Saab, 106

5. #3 Three Sheets, ZX2, 106

6. #48 Free Candy, Honda, 103

7. #31 Polska Kielbasa, Nissan, 102

8. #20 North Star, BMW, 99

9. #26 Shake and Bake, Toyota, 92

10. #63 Team Cavette, Cavalier, 92

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Hoo-o-o-wee! Just got out the #92 racer. That's a lot of work for an old man. Trying to catch my breath and type at the same time. I stayed out of everyone's way, diced a bit with the #48 Honda and #58 Datsun, and did not spin the car.

Here is the 4 hour update, printed at 2:50 pm:

1. #21 - 192

2. #51 - 191

3. #46 - 190

4. #3 - 189

5. #31 - 181

6. #26 - 178

7. #22 - 173

8. #92 - 172 (Fart-hinder Saab 900)

9. #63 - 171

10. #33 - 171

The #33 Tubby Butterman BMW was awarded 20 penalty laps based on their superior performance at the BIR event before they broke. Without those laps, they would be in 2nd place.

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The 6 hour report (5:15pm. Race start was apparently at 11:18am)

1.#46 – 315

2.#3 – 315

3.#51 – 313

4.#21 – 310

5.#22 – 301

6.#26 – 298

7.#92 – 295

8.#33 – 294

9.#63 – 288

10.#11 – 283

#46 must have come in for a pit stop as they dropped to 3rd just minutes after recording this list.

#14 Lowbrau Porsche 914 is back on track. The culprit was a wire to a critical sensor that had come loose. They are about 300 laps behind.

#58 Dutch Rudder 280Z has been in and out of the garage several times.

Fastest lap times (track is 1.3 miles):

#21 1:00.318 Taurus SHO

#51 1:00.603 BMW 325

#46 1:00.773 Saab 9-3

#22 1:00.844 Alfa GTV6

#33 1:00.918 BMW 325

It is not quite as hot as the forecasters predicted, but it is still in the low 90s. Thunderstorms still forecast after dark.

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Red flag on the track. Not for anything too serious, the wrecker had to position across the race surface to extract a car. Reportedly the #24 Lexus hit a tire barrier. After a few minutes of red, then full course yellow, we are racing again.

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Red flag on the track. Not for anything too serious, the wrecker had to position across the race surface to extract a car. Reportedly the #24 Lexus hit a tire barrier. After a few minutes of red, then full course yellow, we are racing again.

Thanks for the updates, I just happen to be glancing at my monitor & saw a big cloud of dust heading into the tire barrier. Nice having the web cams, keeping track up here in the PNW, looks like fun.


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At 7:00 pm the cars were yellow flagged for the one hour Safety Break. There will be a drivers' meeting at 7:45, then racing resumes at 8:00. In the meantime, teams will change tires, brakes, and anything else that may be suspect.

1. #51 – 401 laps, B.A.R. BMW

2. #3 – 399, Three Sheets, ZX2

3. #46 – 397, Cougar Bait, Saab 9-3

4. #21 – 391, Eggboy, SHO

5. #22 – 387, Will Race for Beer, Alfa GTV6

6. #33 – 385, Tubby Butterman, BMW

7. #26 – 380, Shake -n- Bake, Toyota

8. #63 – 370, Cavette, Cavalier

9. #92 – 361, Fart-hinder, Saab 900

10. #11 - 359, Short Bus, Buick Regal

There are 18 cars still running.

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