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The Cookie Cutter Classic at Gingerman Raceway


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Hi Everyone,

Just thought I would do a bit of an update for the North Regions first 14 hour race!!!  

The weather is gorgeous, a nice warm 24 degrees (that's 78ish for you guys that live here :)).  We started the race with a 40 car count and four hours in we already have two cars on their way home with catastrophic injuries to their cars.  Car 69 F.I.G.A. Racing who was driving a Mazda Miata MX6 and car number 170 Wheels off Racing who was driving a Ford Taurus are packing up and hitting the road.

The race so far has been a clean one.  Seems everyone is behaving themselves out there (although I am not privy to the corner worker radios) so far.  We shall see how it goes once the sun starts setting.


Race standings as of 12:23 4 hours and 23 minutes in......


First - Holly Rollers #66

Second - Spartan Racing #74 (two laps back)

Third - The Most Interesting Chumps in the World #122 (+ 1 lap)

Fourth - S**t box racing #600 (+1 lap)

Fifth - Iron Oxide Racing #75 (+3 laps)


I will try to update again soon.........






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At the 7 hour mark here are the results:


Still in first place:  Holly Rollers - Acura Integra #66

Second Place - Spartan Racing - E36 318 #74

Third Place - S**tbox Racing - E30 #600

Fourth Place - The Most Interesting Chumps in the World - E30 #122

Fifth Place - Iron Oxide Racing - Alpha Romeo #75


A few more cars are caputz - this field seems to have some new/newer teams that are learning the ropes.  Radios are pretty darn quiet and the pace car is not burning any fuel.  Juane (silent e) our pace car driver is bored silly. :wacko:

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Allrighty..............After ten hours and 25 minutes here are the top contenders:  The top field is still the same,


Holy Rollers = still in their Acura Integra - have turned 299 laps!

2nd- Spartan Racing with 296 laps (Beemer)

3rd - S**tbox Racing with 288 laps (beemer as well)

4th - Iron Oxide Racing with 287 laps

5th The Most Interesting Chumps in the World with 283 laps.


C'mon you guys!!! This is NOT normal!!!

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We finally have a change in the top 5 positions!  Here they are:


1st remains the Holy Rollers

2nd remains Spartan Racing

3rd still Poopbox Racing

4th is now TFE Racing #114 driving a BMW 325 (shocking I know!)

5th is now Iron Oxide Racing

and 6th is The most interesting chumps.... we may have a race going on here!

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Sorry (out of respect to our pace car driver) Juane (silent e) is actually spelled JHUANE (the h is also silent)  he is apparently Mexi-rish a mix of Mexican and Irish.  He is a special guy, his hopes and dreams revolve around chumpcar.  

When asked 'what do you want most in life?' His answer was "World peace and to be a good chumpcar driver"  

Sigh, he can only dream...... :wub:

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We have had some sporadic internet connections here at race central so I apologize for not keeping this up-to-date.  

Lights are on now, and as usual there are more than a few tail lights and head light issues.  Some are bright, some are not working, The seasoned crews have them up and running.

At 13 hours and 15 minutes here are the top 5 :


Holy Rollers remain in 1st place with 385 laps under their belts,

Spartan Racing has also maintained their 2nd place position with 380 laps and 3rd still belongs to Poopbox Racing who have managed to turn 370 laps

TFE has managed to stay in 4th with 369 laps and 5th has been taken over by The Most Interesting Chumps in the world with 369 laps

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Another beautiful day here in South Haven Michigan!!  The 14 hour ended without a hitch and here are the final results from last night:


Holy Rollers - first place

Spartan Racing - second place

TFE Racing - third place

Sh*tbox Racing - Fourth and................

The Most Interesting Chumps in the World (and the longest name in the world) pulled off a Fifth place finish


Congratulations to all the teams, impound came and went without protests so we had all places stay in their positions.

Awesome (but long) day guys!!! 

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The race is under way under sunny skies and 29 cars started so far.  A few are in the pits working furiously with new(er) parts to replace so they can get on track as well.  

Lots of great, positive feedback from yesterdays race, the corner workers, ambulance, fire rescue and tow all commented that they had a great time after the sun set.  Wayne, the tow man commented that he has been working at this track for over 35 years and it was his first night race.  He said he took lots of pictures and as he will be retiring soon, enjoyed it immensely.

After 20 minutes the top leaders are:


Bucksnort Racing #125 (BMW)

Ghetto Fab'd Racing #99 (BMW)

Sh*tbox Racing #600 (BMW)

Spartan Racing #74 (BMW)

Jagerbombers 1 #199 (no not a bmw, but a Mazda RX7)


Looking forward to seeing how this will all play out!

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Teams have now completed their first pit stops:

1) BuckSnort Racing

2) Spartan Racing

3) Ghetto Fab'd Racing

4) Holy Rollers (Honda)

5) Jäger Bombers 1

Holy rollers are working off the penalty laps, should be an interesting fight for podium!

[places unofficial, following on Race Monitor app]

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Two hours 15 minutes in!  Most cars have fueled and are back out.

Leaders are:


Bucksnort #125

Spartan Racing #74 one lap back

Ghetto Fab'd Racing  #99 two back from first

Holy Rollers #66 Acura Integra  -creeping up on third

Jager bombers 1 #199 also on the same lap as the rollers


Some new names for now, keep up the clean racing boys!

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quick update - sorry but I have been busy paying everyone! :wacko:


Bucksnort still in first!!

Holy Rollers are right behind them in second

New guys Nicky and Paris Racing are in third and just over 1 lap behind (#72 driving a bmw)

Spartan Racing in 4th

and the Jager bombers 1 team in 5th (my favourite drink!!)  ;)

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Thank you to all my Veteran volunteer's !!! You all make it soooo easy for us to put on a race when we on staff all know that you know what you are doing.




Sal, Wendy,Chuck,Chris.......I absolutely love working with you guys!!!!



p.s.  Juan,u ROCK also (mopar rules)


And to all you racers.....yes Chumps are racers.....thanks for a GREAT show!!!  And my parents recognition of their 60th anniversary by you all at the awards ceremony was awesome.  They so enjoyed that!!!!


You are all my family and now they know why.



.....till next time,be well



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Awesome weekend! (except for the broken lower control arm on Sunday).


I had some great racing early Saturday with the White MR2 team and late Saturday was able to chase Andrew around in his rocket ship Honda.  Hope to get a chance to race with you all again soon!


Kent - as always thanks again for your hospitality at the ChumperCoach Compound!  You are good people and part of what makes our weekends enjoyable. Even if you are a TUN fan.

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