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The World's End @ TWS Official Results Thread

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Hey y'all.  Here are the official results of the final TWS ChumpCar race!


Saturday - 12hr

1st: #99 Basil Weenie Racing

2nd: #60 Namco Racing

3rd: #188 Nemesis


Results https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-XhNgXfcWhganFnVC11SkZoOGs/edit?usp=sharing

Lap Times https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-XhNgXfcWhgX25QUk1hVVFQTlU/edit?usp=sharing


Saturday - 6hr

1st: #101 Looney Tunes

2nd: #772 White Lightning

3rd: #145 Prancing Donkey


Results https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-XhNgXfcWhgUmZNUEhCY2duR3c/edit?usp=sharing

Lap Times https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-XhNgXfcWhgb0J6bkQzSXcwMmM/edit?usp=sharing


Sunday's finish was worthy of a final race here with second place passing for the win literally AT THE FINISH LINE.  Very excite! Much awesome!

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If you were following the race, you could see Looney Toons reeling in the CRX.  They were about 1/3 of the straight behind at the end of the penultimate lap (when we were already out at the wall... had thought that might be the last lap).  Coming to the checker, they came onto the front straight either nose-to-tail or side-by-side; there was maybe one car in the field that could win a drag race down the front straight with that Mustang, and the CRX wasn't it.


Overheard afterwards that they were having fuel starvation problems, which opened the door for #101.  When I was looking at the lap times with ~15 minutes left, I figured that #101 were going to come up two or three laps short of the win.

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Last year was our first race and we blew a motor on lap 5.  This year we ran all 12 hours on Saturday and finished 13th and 6 hours on Sunday.  We had a blast.  Lots of very good clean racing and no full course yellows all weekend.  Its sad to see TWS go but what a finish on Sunday to send it off.

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We would like to thank Mike, Brock, Chris, and Ronnie for a great weekend.


This was our first race with our new build and we knew there would be a few issues we would need to address but didn't expect to spend half of the weekend in the garage. It's tough when our other e36 so well sorted and rarely spends any time off the track. So basically this weekend turned out as a 18 hour test and tune to figure what issues we need to address. We have a lot of work to do before our next race.

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