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Raleigh, NC Meet & Greet July 19th

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  • Race Control

The boss has been harping on me to host more (any?) of these meet & greet events and Raleigh seemed like as good a place as any to start.  As someone on this forum mentioned recently, the Triangle region of NC seems to be a hotbed of ChumpCar racing teams.  Sooooo, your regional director here will be hosting a meetup event Saturday July 19th at Dave & Busters in Cary at 2pm.  D&B is located at Cary Towne Center Mall (right off I40, exit 291) and they have ample parking for trailers should you feel compelled to drag your championship caliber machine into the public eye.  As your RD I am well aware that your cars are not ready for VIR.  I am also aware that despite this, you will still NOT work on them on the 19th (not last minute enough I guess), so you might as well stop by at D&B’s for a drink and to say hello.  Maybe you’ve got a neighbor who’s looking at getting started in racing and has some questions.  Now your neighbor can ask me a million questions in person and not have to hear my generic voicemail recording again.  Maybe you’ve got a neighbor who couldn’t care less about racing but likes to drink.  Bring him too.  More than a few of you started out that way as well.  I’ll have a few items of swag to give away and possibly even some ChumpChange if I’m feeling generous.  Don't look for banners and balloons, it's not a party.  Just listen for the obnoxious racing stories and the ChumpCar shirts.  We'll be there....

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  • Technical Advisory Committee

Dag Hero, Conner and are running a kart induro at VIR that night sorry we will miss out but that's racing .. I'll call in and give a report if our fans will give me enough time ..

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