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Auto Club Speedway - Welcome to Fontucky

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...except the Geo, which did nothing for bonus laps or theme or engineering. Those Chumps on the Left Coast know the infamous GeoMetro... powered by a 1,000 Cc motorcycle engine (I think it's a Kawasaki) which is mounted in the passenger area of the cockpit, with a live chain and drive axle. Talk about a band-saw waiting to rip through everything! They've got a scatter-shield covering it all but geeez! It is an engineering marvel and has won more than a few LeMons and Chump events.

Maybe I'm missing something, but how exactly does installing a motorcycle engine(I believe it's now a V65 Magna engine) midship driving the rear wheels into a Geo Metro NOT get engineering bonus laps? You even stated that it's an engineering marvel! :P

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Tires turning out to be a major issue... as in, teams didn't bring enough! The #1 car -- a serious podium contender -- has lost over 10 laps while trying to find, mount and keep their tires alive. Car #1 is not alone in this situation. Teams have seriously underestimated how 14 hours of racing affect 200 treadwear tires.

That track is super hard on tires. In addition, we were using a new brand of rubber and weren't sure how well they would hold up. As it turns out, they didn't! We brought spares but they only fit on the rear (bigger rotors added to the front = no clearance for 15s).

Thanks for putting on that race, good times!

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This was my first crap can race of any kind and I am speechless... Simply way too much fun.

Any way to get an entire lap chart for a team? On mylaps I think you have to register the transponder number to get the whole sheet.


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