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When 350cid valve train lets go.......

kent merkle

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When I worked at Mitsubishi I was test driving a modded Evo and the #2 piston shattered. Without it's piston to hold it the small end of the rod then tried to saw the block in half and it came pretty close. I was in the movie theatre parking lot across the street from the dealer and was lucky the splash shield underneath caught a lot of the oil. We still had to go over there and put down some kitty litter.

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I've been on the school board for 20 years.After awhile you pick up on the eduspeak-government-legal system-lingo.


The insiders and consultants(the guys who make the big bucks in education) would decide to call this a "Significant Non-Passive End Of Life Event".


Then they would refer to it as a 'SNEOLE' at public meetings and talk down to anyone who has the temerity ro raise their hand and ask what a SNEOLE is.


Regular folks say "The Darned Thing Blew Up".


Which is easier to understand?

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