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2014 Montana Power Tour.

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Bring your Chumpcar, and get ready.  Last year we did about 670 miles.  This year, is stated as almost 950 miles.  I'm driving our car again, and some other dude locally built a chumpy Fiesta.  And if we can talk the Socket monkeys into it...  :)  and where's SuperDave?  Squirrels of Fury are close enough to come on over...  ;)


I cannot stress how epic this was last year. Also, I bring along an open Triple car trailer as a sag wagon.  A friend of mine drives as a sag wagon if somebody breaks down.  Encourages bringing a more sketchy car... which is a LOT more interesting.  ;)


Sept 19-21, Join in wherever you like.


SEP 19th cruise Glasgow to Helena (360 miles).

SEP 20th SCCA blast at the airport in Helena, all day, to about 4pm

drive to Anaconda (75 miles) 1/8 mile drags under the lights

drive 75 miles back to Helena, eat, cruise, hangout.

SEP 21st, mountain road cruise to lincoln Montana (60 miles) and dig on their rod run

drive back to Malta (288 miles), and drag race again.

70 miles back to Glasgow.

Free Barbecue at my place when we get back Sunday evening, likely around 6-7pm!


Just short of 1000 miles, 3 racing events, mountain roads, car show, city cruising and food!


Montana Power Tour facebook page:



Montana Power Tour Forum:






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Sounds pretty awesome! Just a bit out of our neighborhood though. :(

Been buzzing around our new (for CC) Focus on my own. A good cruise with some similar fanatics would be great.

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