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NCM Saturday race photos


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Hi All,


I attended my first chumpcar race on Saturday an the NCM Motorsports track.  It was a great time and nice to talk to some of you!  I'm building a '95 dodge neon for the series and hope to make a race next year (a LOT of work left though).  I have an E30 (along with a 135i and 328i) so I of course really loved to see the BMWs representing, but I'm a dodge guy at heart so I chose the neon based on my "history" of working on them and owning a few....plus I think they hold their own out on the track :P


I'm a pro photographer so I of course tried to cover the event while I was there.  Photos without an audience aren't much good so I wanted to post up what I took.  You can find a sample of some of the shots here on my facebook page:




I have lots more shots, and if anyone has a request for a particular car I can provide ZIP files of all the full res shots I took by request.  Free of charge, but "chumpcar build fund" donations are gladly accepted!



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I didn't post everything I took - so message me if there are particular cars you all would like the full res files for and I can get them to you.  I'm amp'd up about next year. Hopefully after a long winter and a lot of work we can have our NYG (nitro yellow green) neon out on the track!  Attending the race, walking through the pits and meeting cool, passionate racers gave me the push I need.....time to start wrenching!

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Great pictures....were you able to capture any pictures of the Corvette pace car during the weekend?  I drove it Saturday, and Phil the Tech Guy drove it Sunday.  Thanks!!!


Nope, I didn't get the vette.....I was walking around the pits when the cars took off and I got some rolling shots of the chump competitors. 

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