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I am just now home from the race.  


Once again the Chump staff was great.  They had officials and staff in from ALL the regions including Canada (hard sell to come south huh?).  These people are wonderful.  John hires or "enslaves" some top talent.  I met a guy who holds 67 world records for crazy stuff and was a spotter for Mark Martin.  His wife (very nice) stood out in the rain on pit road and watched us like a hawk.  I gave her an umbrella.  Another husband and wife team (wife patrolling pit road) was crazy smart.  The husband Ed was a fighter pilot who commanded a B-1 bomber wing.


John was there and was wearing a nice California shirt...


The party after the race was fantastic but tampered by the fact that everyone (teams) was exhausted.  


I am not sure that starting a 24 hour at midnight or 8 am is better on the teams.  I think the start at 8 am allows a semi normal night sleep (or a few hours) on a normal human sleep cycle.  This race, starting at midnight, was tougher since most peeps wake up in the morning and are on average up for 16 hours before the start.  This showed up as "stress" after some were up a long time.  


Once the sun came up on the 31st.... the fog came and gave a one hour red flag.  Our driver said that he could not see the "apex" of the turn coming off the very high speed exit off of the back stretch.  A good call on the red flag no doubt.


Rain hit the the NE corners late in the night and was pretty hard for a few minutes which complicated things for drivers trying to figure out what was dry and what was wet.  Some got it wrong and ended up in the grass.


The Homestead staff were top notch.  I got there late on the 30th and parked outside the track in a 87 Bluebird.  I parked in some gravel and went to sleep.  An hour later I was stirred from a blissful sleep by a flashing light and a knock.  I expected a "request" to leave the property.  What the young security man said was he wanted me to come inside the gates to sleep.  He ran his SUV down the road with his lights flashing and led me and another RV to a parking spot inside the gates and right near the track.


The track was animal friendly to those that brought them.


The "toilet bowl" with some elevation change has to be the best turn combination that I have ever driven (No, never been to RA)


Overall a GREAT event.

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There was an alligator about halfway down the short stretch (after the bowl).  It was off to the right side (me moving over for the immensely lighted EC #21).  The gator was headed towards the bowl.


As a side note, there may be some "alligator" themed items available soon through CC.  Handbags, wallets and steering wheel covers may be coming soon.

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we saw one get splattered by the front of our #54 Beetle. It cost us our RF tire.


The Bug was my favorite car there. Boy you guys shined the crap out of it! Loved the way it looked under the oval lights. Now please put a V8 in it  :D

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I was sitting in the pits and watched a raccoon running against traffic along the grandstand wall. Every time a car passed on the front straight it arched its back and freaked out. I have no idea if this was the same raccoon that was hit on the back straight by the bug in front of me (hours later). 


Turn 10 was exciting every lap, especially so in the dark. The event was run well, from tech (where I had to get my car through its first Chump inspection), to registration and 24 hours of organized racing. 


I'm still exhausted but happy that we were stubborn enough to take the checkered flag after some fuel and brake issues during the day.

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We had a reasonably successful weekend judging by 24 hour race standards...


A few highlights:


- Made it to and from the track (6 hr tow each way) with zero trailer tire issues - first time ever for an out of town tow for a Chump race with no blown or punctured tires. The switch to LT truck tires looks good so far.


- Finished the entire 24 hours with zero mechanical issues except for consumables, a victory itself...


- Brakes: I doubt we could make it an entire 24 hours on one set due to how heavy the car is, but we had one driver who was a little over zealous and didn't help them, had a couple minor issues that kept the pad swapping from being perfectly smooth and we also had to change the rears twice. We have some better prep plans in place for the future and will also be sure to remind everyone to take a little better care of them.


- Tires: Had some pretty interesting wear on a brand new set. I would have preferred to heat cycle them a few times, I think this would help durability. We put on the best spares we had (lots of heat cycles) and they lasted the rest of the race (approx. 10 hours) with minimal wear. 


Actually having the car running long enough and needing to worry about consumables in the middle of an event was a welcomed change for the team B)


Car ran strong the whole event and was capable of laying down some respectable laps, one of our new drivers (new to our car, not new to driving or Chump) cracked the 1:49's and was driving very good, I was able to run 50-53's pretty consistently while having to baby the brakes a little bit after they got cooked and we realized we were having a longevity issue. Actually, all 4 drivers were capable of running under the 2:00 mark which was nice. Our 5th driver got extremely ill late Tuesday night which lasted the entire race for him (I too was having some sort of stomach issue for a few hours late Tues/early Wed). Don't know if it was something we ate or what... That put us down to 4 drivers, which was really a bear - did not allow for a great rotation schedule to allow for naps. There was always something to do. Mike, our team captain, was up for the entire 24 hours. Definitely need the full 5 drivers and/or additional dedicated pit support for a 24 hour event.


Need to work harder on our car valuation - starting in the hole with over 20 laps is an immediate shot in the foot, add in a few extended pit stops over the course of a 24 hour race and there is no way to compete for a top 10. It took us 45 minutes into the race to even pass cars that didn't show up. But - that gives us some areas to work on.


Fun track, great staff (both Chump and track), great garage/pit layout & lots of paddock parking all made for a really nice event. Enjoyed putting more forum names with some faces!


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After I got home last night I slept for 13 hours and I'm still tired.


As for the race, we had 0 mechanicals for the first time in our Chump careers. The only problems that we didn't cause ourselves were the Direzzas we were running. We changed 3 tires during the race and had we been doing a 26 hour race we'd have had to change another before the end. I think Rivals are in our future.


Aside from the tires and some bad pit stops we had a near-perfect race. Only made contact on two occasions, one doing nothing more than scuffing the driver's side number plate, the other taking a corner of the front bumper off (apologies to those within earshot of me while I was tearing off the loose piece of bodywork)


When our last driver went out we were sitting 11th overall, knowing 9th and 10th still needed to pit. With a fairly large lap margin to 8th we had kind of accepted that 9th would be our best-case scenario. Then the OMP/Condor car had to bow out with overheating issues, followed soon by the retirement of the WRFB Saab. The checkered flag fell and we were 7th. And there was much rejoicing.

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Fellow Chumps


    Happy New Year to everyone. Great event! Starting with the Homestead Miami staff, they were great and very helpful. Mike , Andrea and all the Chumpcar officials put on an excellent event. Being our first attempt at running a 24 hour race, I was not sure what to expect, We prepared for as many failure scenarios as possible, bringing a spare 350 V8, transmission, entire front suspension and steering, driveshaft, ignition systems, 8 spare tires. We needed none of it, the #95 Camaro was mechanically flawless throughout the event, ran same set of brake pads for the entire race, other than a cut tire on the r/r, other 3 tires ran the entire event also. The only thing that caused a problem was the kill switch trying to die and finally dying killing the battery. We bypassed it and the car ran strong the rest of the way including running its fastest lap 1:46.099 on lap #633 ! Getting to the lead in the 14th hour was a first for our team, without the switch failure, can only dream of what may have been possible. Our drivers did a great job, everyone ran fast laps being mindful of not using the car up too much. After the switch failure, Mickey Carter just let it all hang out for the last hour and a half, to a 3rd place finish.  Thanks again to everyone at Chumpcar, 


See you at Road Atlanta!

    Vince  , One Piece at a Time #95 Camaro

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