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Homestead Videos

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Understood there is entirely too many Homestead threads, regardless this one is being started to sort right to your footage.


This raw footage was accidental, the camera is a low res $20 ebay dashcam still mounted/hardwired in the car, ignored for the last couple races due to general flakiness, apparently it came to life and recorded some moments the new go pro did not. 


Reason for the 7am fog stoppage, sorry, content trumps camera settings and aim.




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Same crap camera about 1:15pm waffling between 5th and 7th place, running decently for having a blown strut,a couple little issues (loose clamp on the MAF and a BF) not to mention no sleep and a couple team members short..... terminal mechanical about 45 min latr.


Look for a couple forum regular cameos and the blue Nissan of MM Ogren keep me at bay.



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I finally got the video of our midnight stint uploaded.  Of course, I forgot to start the video until after the green flag dropped and the camera battery died before the end of the two hour stint.  Man, I suck with taking video.


But alas, our otherwise uneventful video:



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