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MN Racers' Happy Hour!

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(This probably should have been in January, or even February, but unfortunately I have the forward-thinking skills of a 10 year old in front of a new video game. Thankfully we don't have a race in MN for a few months, so this still kinda works. Phew.)


Come on out to Poor Richard's in Bloomington on March 7th at 6pm for the Annual MN Racers' Happy Hour! We'll have screens available for video so bring your race footage for everyone's entertainment and uninvited criticism. There will be good conversation, bench racing, outright lies, and maybe even some bragging. We'll have swag from World Racing League and CHUMPCAR World Series as well as representatives from NASA, SCCA, and anyone else who happens to wander through the door. Rumor has it that Joey Todd will be escaping the brutal winter climate of Texas to join us and that Mike Morrison will also find his way to the land of 10,000 BMW's.


It's free to join in on the fun, but the food and drinks are on your dime until we get enough Surly's in Tubby Butterman to steal his card. If we fail to do that, just raid your brake pad fund or something. It's bound to be a good time, looking forward to seeing everyone there!


Event page for those of you on the book of faces


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