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(GA) Speedway Creations Racing #84 Mazda RX7


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Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/speedwaycreations


Car Owner: Justin DeVane

Background: I raced dirt oval karts since 1996 with my dad.  In 2012 we began building our Mazda RX7 ChumpCar and entered our first race at Road Atlanta in 2013.  I have participated in the 24 hours of VIR (The Classic) since 2012 with our sister team, the Rotary Rotards and also recently completed the 14 Hours of Road Atlanta in 2015 which resulted in a win in the newly formed Class "B".  I have entered and race a total of 12 ChumpCar events since August 2012 and also volunteered at multiple events.  Our car was build so that my dad and I could share the enjoyment of our favorite hobby, without the expense and hassle of maintaining multiple cars.


Speedway Creations Racing entered and completed its first race in February 2013 at Road Atlanta.  Since that first race, the father and son team have fielded the #84 Mazda Rx7 at other circuits such as Daytona, Sebring and Atlanta Motorsports Park.  The car has logged now over 6,000 race miles and was built to survive the punishment of endurance racing.


Planned 2015 ChumpCar Schedule


May - Daytona 


August - Barber Motorsports Park


September - Sebring


October - Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP)

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Well, considering it is the same caliper I had been working on replacing for 4 weeks (I ordered that caliper 3 times and was sent the wrong one several times) prior to the race... I'm going to assume I did something wrong (either didn't have them tighten enough or the bolts were stretched) at one point I had even considered using the stock bracket and not the one that came with the new caliper, but I didn't...  however, I wasn't going to mention that but you guys just kept on digging...   :P


Anyway, the bracket was trashed (actually bent in half), the caliper may be ok, the piston is pushed out of it from what I remember, I still have the original bracket, I may try to rig it up as a spare...

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Well, 2016 is here...


I decided to begin a new build about the second week of November, so I found a new car and started gutting it after the first of the year.  We are probably going to sit out a few races to start 2016 (means no Road Atlanta or Daytona) but I will be in attendance.


I am hoping that we will offer the RX7 in the future at some races as a driver developmental car for the new car...  I hope to be able to rent seats in it for drivers new to chump, like we were, because it seems to a solid, fairly predictable car.  So we may become a two car team after all is said and done...

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