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Our team is based out of Asheville NC, all the members are engineers for BorgWarner Turbo Systems. Ironically we don’t run a turbocharged car, we aren’t even rotary guys except for one member. Of course him and his dad have run rotaries for many years and had a massive number of spare cars and parts so that is where we started. It has been a learning curve for sure, but very interesting.


We ran 5 total races with the grey car before it met its end at Summit Point, we believe that car may have never been a street car and was built as a race car from new, it had lead a hard life maybe it was better to put it out of its misery.


New car is coming along nicely, we should be racing in the spring of 2015. Watching how racing at the pointy end of the field has been lately I am really working to avoid bringing a knife to a gunfight, we will see what you can do with one of these cars if you really push every part of the car…



The good





The bad





The rebirth



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