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Our old car started out as a dirt track car, where I raced at Thundercross in Okeechobee, Florida winning over 25 feature races, and one Championship. After 7 years,The track closed and the car sat outside rusting away for 12 years.
We heard of a LeMons race at PBIR so we drug her out and threw her together and ran the 24-Hour race. We finished 1st in class, 23rd overall despite a 50-lap penalty, and 3 black flags. The best part was that the car needed absolutely Nothing in repairs for the entire 24-Hour race.....We honestly didn't even need to bring tools.
We have since discovered Chumpcar and found it to be a Jewel for racers like us. After having a Horrific wreck, the old Bug was Totaled at Sebring last year, we built a new 1973 VW Super Beetle, and are back at it when $$ allows it.
Our main core of drivers have been:
Paul Ripa (owner)
Jim Hodgson
Duane Reynolds
Josh Lucas
we've also had a few friends driving. They are: Miles Penn, Pete Gaesser, Mike Ennis, Scott Windecker, and Andrew Marino.

75249-1.jpg The car started out as a Dirt track car


sebringchumpcar2012050.jpgThen it got rebuilt into this.


20130928_174113.jpg And ended up looking like this!

pauls%20phone%20pics%202361.jpg And now we have the New and Improved version.

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