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Premium Dudes is a sister team of the Holy Rollers, based in Chicago, IL.

Parts sponsorship from our good friends at EAG http://europeanautogarage.com/, The best place for euro parts, service, and performance. Located in Knoxville, TN.

Engine tuning by https://www.sssquid.com/v3/


We bought the car in late 2013. I spied a "california, rust free" 325is in UP-Michigan as my craigslist searching circle expanded. Drove there to check it out, found to my surprise that it was actually rust free (must not have been in Michigan for long). 189,000 miles showing with broken odometer.

Worked on it all winter, first race was the Autobahn double-7. Just the two of us driving, with pit neighbors (Holy Rollers, and nice Alfa team) helping us refuel.
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We were still running at the end on both days but we were one of the slowest teams there. Looking at the winners in post-race impound gave us a huge list of changes and improvements to implement. We ran the car at Blackhawk Farms and Rockford Speedway to practice, tune suspension, and identify areas of improvement. In august we spent 2 weeks in the Holy Rollers barn leading up to the 14 hour enduro at Michigan.

At MIS we took home the win with Andrew and Charlie driving with us and Dave in the pits. We ran a solid race but we were heavily aided by over half the 30 car field retiring early.

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Livery complete and taking a win at Road America day 2, spring 2016

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Our BMW has given us excellent reliability and it has led to several race wins in the central region. Notable finishes (podiums):

MIS 14hr, 2014 - 1st

Road America double 7, race 2, spring 2016 - 1st

Gingerman double 7, race 1, 2016 - 1st

Gingerman double 7, race 2, 2016 - 3rd

Autobahn 12 + 6, race 1, 2017 - 1st

Autobahn 12 + 6, race 2, 2017 - 1st


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In addition to adding some (unbroken) photo links to the previous post and adding in our finishing record, I have some exciting news to announce!

The Premium Dudes have officially partnered with SSSquid Tuning (https://www.sssquid.com/v3/) for the 2018 season!

Founded in 2009, SSSquid Tuning specializes in tuning and modernizing vintage BMWs. They have 'off the shelf' chips and products for BMWs from e23 to e39, tunes for common mods such as the '2.7 stroker', and do custom tuning work if you have something a bit special like MAF conversion... larger injectors... camshaft... etc. 

SSSquid is tuning our new engine this year and we expect to have better performance than ever!

If you have an older BMW you're looking to get more performance from, or just want a higher redline, or want some unique accessories for it, get started at https://www.sssquid.com/v3/ !

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2 hours ago, Bandit said:

Whats the general deal with track days at Blackhawk? Not ideal for my car but it's not street legal so will need a shakedown run or two.

I haven't been there since 2015... (took registration and insurance off the car and moved further away so it has made getting back there impractical)


They held open track days once per month on a Wednesday. Cars had to be street legal or 'close enough' (no open wheel cars, our car was in the 'close enough' category). You would get 6 or so 20 minutes sessions throughout the day. Point-by passing on straights. They were very insistent that drivers new to Blackhawk be in the 'novice' run group (with instructor assigned to your car) even if they had race experience. I didn't have a 2nd seat in the car so they kinda groaned and said "ok, I guess we won't put an instructor with you". I remember the cost was a bit less than other track days I have been to.

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Ballpark number? May hit a Shelby or other club day at RA, which generally seem pretty reasonable, but Blackhawk is actually closer for me. Much easier for a one day shot.


I'll put the dirt car seat on the other side. Good luck for the guy getting in it. 😂

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